Epilogue 1

In Mab's Realm

"Mab the movie. What do we still need?"

"A director. We will have to kidnap one. "

"That could be difficult. "

"Not at all. One of Mab's hobbies is abducting men. "

"Right. Actors?"

"We have got Queen Mab, that's the most important part."

"Let's kidnap half the Harry Potter cast. This can't go wrong."


"Almost done."



"Excellent, we'll present everything we've got to Mab."

Epilogue 2

All the characters were covered in dust, crawling out of the ruins of Frik's top secret bunker.

Merlin pushed some rocks aside. He took his crying Nimue in his arms. "You know, the author of this fic is no exception. She does not understand me. Nor anyone else, for disliking that evil witch."

"I know my love. "He softly kissed her.

"They are gone now. Everything will turn back to normal."

Loke: "Normal life does not exist, Merlin.

Prepare for the worst. I see more fan fun coming up for years to come."