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The door let out a loud, "Bang!" as Jimmy enthusiastically opened it. He always enjoyed hearing the sound produced by the door when he kicked it in. It made him feel like something exciting was happening.

What he was going to do wasn't really exciting, but he enjoyed the feeling all the same.

Jimmy's four legged and one eyed 'dog' came bounding up to him from the other room. He energetically bounced his egg shaped body around Jimmy; yapping his little horned head off. Jimmy knelt and affectionately rubbed the dog-like creature's dark green head, "Hey, Cerbee! How're ya doing, bud?"

The dog responded with a couple of happy yaps. Jimmy couldn't understand them, but he could infer that they were happy barks. The teen smiled, "That's good. I'm glad to hear that."

Cerbee snuggled up close to Jimmy, enjoying his owner's presence. One of his horns accidentally nicked Jimmy on the chin. The teen winced, "Ouch." Cerbee stopped his excited wriggling and looked worriedly at Jimmy with his one eye. Jimmy smiled softly, "Don't worry, Cerbs. It's just a scratch. See?" Jimmy pointed at the little red line quickly fading until smooth peach skin was left.

It was a strange occurrence for someone to just instantly heal after being hurt on Earth, but on Miseryville, it was not. No one was exactly sure why everyone on the planet just healed when hurt, popular theory being that was that the planet itself that wanted the people to suffer and always be ready to suffer, but no one was complaining. Most people didn't want to die, even if they lived a miserable life. (With Lucius Heinous the 7th ruling though, it had become a lot less miserable. He couldn't reach the same level of misery as his forefathers.) If it hadn't been set up like that, then two-thirds of the population would have probably been dead; having been burned, chopped to pieces, torn apart, eaten, dumped in lava or acid (their choice, lucky them) , or just flat out murdered. Miseryville was a very dangerous place; you could even be eaten by your own food or beaten to a pulp by babies. Fortunately though, when someone died, they just simply reappeared in their homes, perfectly fine. The only people who really died in Miseryville were the elderly. They died of old age. Go figure.

Whatever it was, the incredible healing in Miseryville was a blessing for Jimmy, as he often got hurt playing and performing extreme stunts.

Or, being nicked by a loving pet. Jimmy ruffled Cerbee in between his horns, "Okay, pal, you've had your snuggle time. I have to take a nap now, because I've been misbehaving all day from sleepiness." The blond haired boy picked up his dog and walked into his room. He gently set Cerbee into his pet bed, "Why don't you nap with me?" The dog happily yapped, an agreement of sorts. Cerbee then circled a couple of times, finding a comfortable position and laid down, curling up into a ball.

Jimmy laughed a little; Cerbee was such a good dog. He listened to him most of the time and was there for him.

Welp! Time for himself to get to bed! Jimmy hopped up, leaving his shoes spinning behind him and dived into the bed.

Jimmy reached over and turned off his lamp. Jimmy snuggled under his covers, getting comfortable, trying to enjoy his before noon nap.

Soon, he was drifting off into slumberland.

The rest was anything but peaceful though.

Jimmy tossed and turned, letting out little grunts of distress as he dreamed.

"No, go away!"

"Please, man, leave us alone!"

"no..NO! AGH!"

"Gasp!" Jimmy shot straight up drenched in sweat. He drew his knees close to himself, what was that craziness all about?

He scooted back straight into the wall for support. As he leaned his head back into the headboard of the bed, he heard a small 'tic' and felt something push at the center of his head.

What? He reached up and felt carefully in his hair. What was that? Felt like an acorn was glued to his scalp or something.

He tried pulling on it and was rewarded with a sharp pain.

He looked at his hand to see if something had come off.


"Hmm..." Well, sitting here and wondering what was sitting on his head wasn't doing him any good. Jimmy tip toed out of bed to avoid waking Cerbee and went to his bathroom.

He turned on the light and checked himself in the mirror. Let's see…hair, fine, a little messy, horn…glossy, pointy, all seemed okay…face, ew...a bit greasy…

WAIT. Back up.

Horn? Jimmy leaned in close to the mirror. When had that gotten there?

Jimmy just stood there for a couple of minutes, dumbfounded at what he was looking at.

Why was it there? Jimmy put a finger on his lip. Was there a reason for this?

… "Gasp!"

Jimmy's eyes dilated, what if his bad behavior was what caused the horn?

This was Miseryville; it was possible that people who went bad grew horns.

"Hmmm…" There seemed to be something missing in his reasoning, but this was the most plausible reason to him at the moment.

Well, when his reasoning was off and he needed help, there was always someone he could depend on.


Jimmy was just about to run out the door when he suddenly remembered an important memory." You may never wear horns again!" Oh right, he'd been banned from ever wearing horns again by the horn fairies…ironic now that he grew his own. The horn fairies had banned him about a month ago when he had admitted that he used fake horns to get fairy gold. It hadn't really been his fault, stupid Beezy had roped him into it and then he had felt guilty for tricking the fairies and confessed.

The uni-horned teen frowned, he should have kept the gold instead of confessing, they gave him a lot of trouble over that fake horn.

He'd better put on a hat to prevent unwanted fairy attention then. Hey, if they could be fooled by fake horns, then a hat would fool them just as well. Stupid fairies.

The teenager ran out the door in the direction of Heloise's house.

Meanwhile, Lucius was planning a new Misery Inc. product. He was rifling through employee suggestions trying to find a decent idea. No, no, no, that's hideous, no, NO, stupid, NOOOO!

"Ragh!" Lucius furiously ripped and tossed the suggestions his subordinates had given him. "None of these are nearly as miserable as they should be!" He stood on his desk and fumed.

Samy meekly shrugged his shoulders, "Well, it was the best everyone could think of."

Lucius glared at Samy and the little goblin shrank back.

Lucius groaned to himself, "I knew employee participation was a bad idea."

He sighed, "Well, forget this; I can always go to my reliable source of misery."

Samy raised a clawed finger, "Heloise?"

Lucius rolled his eyes, "Of course! Who else could it be? LuciuSanta? Numbskull!"

The tiny devil hopped off his desk, "I'm going to see her now, while the suns are still up."

Samy waved, "Have a good time, sir!" The red man dismissed him, "Yeah, Yeah."

Lucius walked down the sidewalk, as Jimmy ran from the other side.

They both came face to face in the middle.

Lucius raised an eyebrow, the boy was wearing a thick winter hat for some reason, even though it was still 95 degrees at 5' o'clock.

Whatever. Lucius made a sweeping gesture, "Move, Two-Shoes!"

Jimmy frowned, how annoying, he had no right to command him. Jimmy pointed a finger at Lucius' bulbous nose, "No, you move!"

The Heinous' jaw dropped, what the Misery? He quickly recovered; he couldn't have the little goody-goody pushing him around for whatever strange reason, "No, YOU move!" The tiny man pushed at Jimmy's knees.

Jimmy growled and took a few steps back, "No…" He ran forward and punted the tiny man, "YOU MOVE!"

Lucius sailed through the air in a graceful arc, clearing several buildings, "Waaaaaaahhh!"

Jimmy laughed as he heard Lucius crash into something obviously hard.

Jimmy's breath caught in his throat, Darn it! He'd done it again, although this time, someone actually got hurt. Lucy would be okay though probably, he'd gotten up from worse.

He should have kicked the man harder then, if that was the case…Oh! Jimmy winced at that mean thought, that was blatantly malicious. Sheesh, he really needed to talk to Heloise and sort this out.

Jimmy quickly ran across the street to Heloise's house.

He banged on Heloise's door, "Hey, Heloise! I need your help!"

The door slammed open to reveal an angry girl with a laser gun pointed at him.

Jimmy was normally frightened by things like this from Heloise, but for some reason today, he found this was actually…sort of cute.

Heloise instantly recognized the boy who she was threatening, "Jimmy?"

She tossed the laser gun away, "Sorry, I heard banging and I jumped to conclusions."

The red robed girl looked at Jimmy with rapt attention, "So, what do you need?"

Jimmy rubbed the back of his head, "Well, I need to tell you something, but it needs to be in a more private place."

Heloise's heart skipped a beat; HE needed to talk to her in private? What could it be? Confessing his love? Asking to be her boyfriend? Asking for her hand in MARRIAGE?

She forced herself to calm down. Her imagination was getting away from her(WAY away from her.). The excited girl took a couple of deep breaths, this was probably nothing. Jimmy probably just wanted to mess with her inventions again.

Heloise smiled at Jimmy, "Of course! Come in! We can talk down in my lab."

Meanwhile, Lucius painfully crawled out of the Sharp Metal Things Museum and began hobbling towards Heloise's house. He was going to get his miserable ideas, no matter what!

Machinery whirred and beeped in the quiet underground laboratory. Its expansive white walls made the inside feel like a giant coffin. A tall cylinder filled with a mysterious liquid bubbled in the center of the room, changing colors every few seconds.

Two teens, one tall and one short walked into the room.

Heloise shut the door, "There, no one should be able to come in through here, it's password protected."

Jimmy smiled, "That's good."

The small teen turned towards Jimmy, "So, what did you have to say?"

Jimmy bit his lip, "Well, I think that, well…um…"

Heloise leaned closer, "Yes?"

Jimmy looked at her, "Well…I think I'm turning bad."

Heloise paused and stared ahead, those words were just so silly that she had to process them. She fell over and rolled on the floor laughing, "You? Bad? Ha! Don't be silly!"

The hat wearing teen's eyes darkened into unfamiliar frozen orbs and pointed at the girl, "Don't you dare laugh at me!" He growled.

Heloise looked from the floor and gasped at Jimmy's eyes and face. "so...handsome..." She thought in shock.

Jimmy blinked several times, shaking off the sudden fury and coldness he felt. Not being able to control these outbursts was starting to get really scary.

He raised his hands in exasperation, "See! I'm not joking! Look, I'm even growing a horn like bad guys do!"

He pulled his hat off. Heloise gasped once more, that was new. She'd been so busy recently with work that she'd neglected watching the tapes from her Jimmy Cams which she had hidden around his house and frequent hang outs. It'd been just her luck that she miss an incredibly important event happening to her love on the one week she doesn't watch the tapes.

Jimmy continued, "I've been thinking mean thoughts and acting badly recently, and then this horn showed up, so that must mean I'm turning bad or something."

Heloise shook off the shock and sighed, "Jimmy, if you acting badly was what caused that horn, then why don't I have one? I think that the cause of your behavior is the horn."

Jimmy narrowed his eyes, "Hmmm…I think you just whittle your evil horns down because you'd look like a demon with them, but yeah, maybe it is the horn."

Heloise frowned a little at the slight insult from Jimmy, but brushed it off. She'd look cute as a demon anyway.

Jimmy looked expectantly at Heloise, "So, what is it then? The horn, I mean."

Heloise slithered over to him with a scalpel and a test tube, "I'll need a sample to find out!" She hissed excitedly, always eager for lab tests, no matter the situation.

Jimmy shrank back a little in fright, though he found the snake like girl a bit endearing.

The boy bent over so Heloise could reach, "W-well, okay, make it quick."

He winced as Heloise scraped some shavings from his horn; after a moment, he shivered and shot straight up, "Okay! That should be plenty, right? Right?" He protectively kept his hands around the horn; he felt utterly terrified when she had scraped at it.

Heloise looked at him with slight worry, "Yeah, this is plenty." She went to the opposite side of the lab to work on the shavings.

Jimmy shivered violently; it had felt like Heloise had been carving out his skull with that scalpel. Not a very enjoyable experience.

Jimmy pondered for a second, why didn't Lucy or Beezy panic when their horns were cut? They must be used to it. Or, maybe he was feeling what the horn felt?

Hmm...Hopefully Heloise would have the answer.

Lucius limped down the secret passageway that was meant for Heinouses only to Heloise's lab. After a couple of failed attempts and subsequent hammerings from the security system, he entered the password correctly for the secret door and fell into the room.

He lifted himself on his arms and noticed two people in the lab. Heloise and…Two-Shoes.

The Heinous scowled deeply, a few sharp edged teeth poking through his thin lips.

He'd have his revenge on the teenage boy soon enough. Right now, he needed to focus on his business. (Plus, the Heinous didn't want to upset the boy, because he was afraid he'd be kicked again, but he would never admit that.)

Lucius stood up and brushed himself off. He walked over to Heloise looking as dignified as he could with all the cuts and scrapes on him.

Jimmy silently watched the Heinous traverse the room, he kind of wanted to apologize, but at the same time, he wanted to kick the tiny man again, so he sat and did nothing...Didn't Heloise say that no one could possibly come in? Guess she was only talking about the entrance that they came through.

Lucius was a bit confused at the boy's silence, but he wasn't complaining, less trouble for him.

Lucius stepped behind the obviously busy girl and curtly asked, "What are you doing?"

Heloise jumped slightly at being disturbed so suddenly. She turned around annoyed, recognizing the voice of her boss, the father of stupid, Lucius.

"I'm working on something for Jimmy." She replied to the annoyance.

The Heinous raised an eyebrow, "What, are you building him a new brain? Oh wait, he doesn't have a brain! So you must be building him a brain for him to have in the first place! Ahahaha!" Lucius fell over laughing at his own joke.

Jimmy growled at being insulted like that, but restrained himself. He was trying his best to be conscious of, at the very least, his new violent tendencies.

Lucius' gaze went over to Jimmy at the slight growling noise. He jumped back when he saw the boy's face. "Wah!" It had those same cold hard eyes from before!

Heloise looked up, "What?" She turned around and looked at Jimmy's face.

Jimmy wondered what Lucy was panicking over. The confused boy didn't realize that his face was starting to look sinister. Even though he wasn't mad, his eyes had kept their cold angry look.

Heloise melted. Oooh, he was so handsome like that. It was even better the second time around. She stared at him lovingly.

Lucius turned around pulled at Heloise's sleeve, "Pst!"

The evil inventor groaned and turned away from the confused hunky boy.

"What is wrong with Two-Shoes? He looks scarier than usual!" Lucius whispered in a frantic tone.

Heloise looked at him with a bored look, "See that horn on Jimmy's head?"

Lucius glanced back at the boy's scary face, and then he looked just a little higher.
"Misery Nibblets! When did that get there?"

Heloise rolled her eyes; these Heinouses sure were oblivious at times.

"He's most likely being influenced by that horn, it's turning him bad."

"and making him so much more attractive." She added in her mind.

"Yeah, but why the scary eyes? I mean, what can a horn do?"

Heloise groaned, the man wouldn't leave her alone! "The horn is connected to his brain, and it's sending out it's own sort of thoughts through the connection. I'm pretty sure Jimmy hasn't been fully taken over, as he keeps bouncing back and forth between a cold personality and a warm one."

Lucius rubbed his chin, "Oh, I guess that explains the weird mood swings."

"Before you bothered me, I was running DNA tests on shavings I got from the horn."

Lucius make a hurry up gesture, "Well, go on, finish the tests! After you're done, I want to discuss Misery Inc. products with you!"

Heloise sighed in irritation, "Fine. Just wait there."

She turned around and continued working for a couple of minutes. Lucius impatiently tapped his foot, purposely turned around to avoid looking at Jimmy.

Jimmy just sat there confused. He wanted to know what was going on, but he didn't trust himself. He was afraid he was going to do something he'd regret later.

Lucius and Jimmy both looked at Heloise in surprise when she dropped the notebook she was taking notes in. In any other setting that sound would have been unnoticeable, but in the huge quiet lab, it sounded like a bomb had just gone off.

Lucius looked curiously over her shoulder, "What is it? Something interesting?"

Heloise pushed the Heinous away. "No way was it possible." She thought. She double checked her conclusions. Gah! Still there!

She slouched her shoulders in defeat, well, looked like she was finally wrong about something.

She flashed back to a memory a year ago.

Jimmy sat with her at the tea table, a lava worm cutout sitting at his feet.

"So, Heloise, that whole hair horn swap thing, it's over right? It sure was crazy trying to get everything back in order."

Heloise sipped her lava brewed tea, "It should be, my machines are very accurate. You don't feel Heinous-like do you?"

Jimmy paused, focusing on himself, "Hmmm…No, not really,but are you sure it's okay?"

Heloise leaned back in her seat, "Well, you should be fine, but if you really want, I'll scan your brain for anything weird."

In her lab, Heloise strapped the scan helmet to Jimmy's head.

"Okay, stay still..." Ding! "Done."

Heloise turned to the results monitor and scrutinized the images. The scanners seemed to have picked up nothing.

She turned to Jimmy, "Nothing there. My machine's incredibly accurate, so you don't have to worry."

Jimmy smiled, "Phew, that's a relief. It'd be a disaster if I was like that again."

The present Heloise sighed, looks like her machine wasn't as accurate as she had confidently sliver in Jimmy's head must have been near microscopic, but that didn't excuse her failure. She'd have to start double checking and triple checking her machines. Her pride was her machines supposed infallibility, and this mess was just down right embarrassing.

What was strange was how the tiny Heinous wasn't expressing Jimmy-like symptoms.

Perhaps his genes? That would explain how a tiny sliver of horn of his could take over an entire person like Jimmy.

Lucius poked her head impatiently, "Well?" He was getting really curious.

"Well? What is it?" He pushed.

Heloise growled, "If I tell you will you stop bothering me?"

Lucius growled back, but nodded. The suspense was killing him!

"Well, it seems that the horn has your DNA in it." Heloise explained.

"WHAT?" Lucius exclaimed.

Jimmy looked up from his daydreaming. What were they talking about?

He really wanted to go over there, but Lucy was still there. And the feeling of wanting to kick the small ball like man was still there.

Jimmy huffed in annoyance; being stuck in a moral conflict stank!

The bored and stuck teen sat back. Oh well, back to his daydreams of Super Slug Meister.

"SHHH!" Heloise hushed the tiny man. "Honestly, your voice echoes in here! It really hurts when you shout like that."

Lucius was flabbergasted, "But…But how?"

"Remember the hair horn swap deal? When you tricked Jimmy into giving you his hair in exchange for your horns?"

Lucius tapped his chin with a pointy finger, "Oh yeah, I remember that. That was fun until I started acting like Two-Shoes."

Heloise continued, "Yeah well, apparently, a sliver of your horn was left in his head. It took root and it's now changing him."

Lucius responded, "Hmm, I remember having a hair left over from that. I had it removed though. What do you mean exactly by change?"

Heloise sighed. Did she have to spell out everything for him? "It's your DNA, so obviously, he's becoming like you! You know, evil, misery-loving, etc., honestly!"

Lucius stared at Jimmy who was spaced out gazing at the ceiling.

Becoming more like him...?

Suddenly, that information really hit home with him. That meant…that no one would be preventing his misery anymore! He might even have a new partner in misery if what Heloise was saying was true! Just think, another person who thought just like him! Even if it was Two-Shoes! In fact, that made it even better!

Lucius giggled quietly inside. This was a true victory for him! He'd heard gossip from all of the townsfolk that Jimmy was influencing him, changing him for the better, making him weak and soft. Oh the irony, it looks like HE influenced the little twerp first!

Heloise raised a beaker, "I can't get rid of the horn immediately, as it's too deeply integrated with him now, but I can get rid of it with constant treatments from this solution. This is filled with liquid nanobots that I'm going to program to carefully remove your DNA from his system."

Lucius was snapped from his happy thoughts, a cure? No!

Lucius looked Heloise dead in the eyes, "Heloise, we can't do that! Just think of what an asset to Misery Inc. Two-Shoes could be!"

Heloise rebuffed him, "Yeah, but we do a good enough job don't we?"

Lucius frustrated replied, "Of course we do, but I think we could do better with him!"

Heloise raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, so?" She saw no reason to leave her mistake unfixed.

Lucius growled, frustrated with Heloise's uncooperativeness. Suddenly, he remembered an important fact about Heloise. Of course, He was going about this the wrong way!

Lucius smiled, "And, with him becoming evil, he won't be scared away by you any more. Maybe he'll even fall in love with you."

Heloise jumped in shock and sharply replied, "I don't scare him!" She glared at the man with a beet red face.

"Oh, no?" Lucius pulled out one of his multi-purpose remotes and pressed a button. A TV rose out of the floor. The screen flickered to life.

Jimmy was playing with Cerbee. "Hey, Jimmy!" A huge shadow covered him. "Ahhh! It's Godzilla!" Jimmy picked up Cerbee and hid under a rock. Heloise sighed in irritation from inside her huge robot. What annoyed her more was that the robot looked like herself.

-Bztsh! - The scene changed.

"Dum de dum…" Jimmy was just walking happily. "Hi, Jimmy!" Jimmy turned towards the voice, "Hey, Helooo…." Jimmy stared in fear at the menacing half robot, half bear next to Heloise.

"He's cute isn't he?" Jimmy laughed nervously, "Heh, uh, yeah…" The bear growled and snapped at him. "Ahhhh!" Jimmy ran away and hid under a bigger rock.

-Bztsh! - The scene changed again.

"Hello Jimmy!" "AAAHHHH!" Jimmy ran away and hid under a mountain.

The T.V. Heloise raised her arms in exasperation, "Oh, Come on! I look perfectly normal!" As she said, she looked perfectly normal. Just simply Heloise.

The TV screen blinked off.

Lucius smiled at the girl, "Well, isn't it obvious? You're never going to get any where with him if he practically fears who you are! If you still doubt me, I have other clips I can show you."

Heloise bit her lip. It looked like the little devil was right. She wasn't stupid. She could ignore the facts all she wanted, but it seemed that it was really unlikely that she could have a relationship with the good natured boy as long as he was afraid of her evilness. That's probably why he hung out with Beezy more than her. Beezy was way less evil...and now that she thought of it, that's probably why he fell in love with Schmeloise! And Arriana! Arriana was understandable, but Schmeloise looked almost exactly like her! She was just completely ignored because of who she was...

It broke Heloise's withered black heart, just thinking that she had no chance at all with Jimmy.

Heloise hesitantly replied, "O-okay, you win, but I'm still creating that cure. Just in case something goes wrong."

Lucius smiled charismatically, "No need to worry, everything will be fine!"

The tiny businessman walked over to the now sleeping Jimmy who had fallen asleep from boredom. He poked the teen's leg.

"Two-Shoes! Hey, Two-Shoes!"

Jimmy started awake, "Snerk! Z...nuh, wah?"

The Heinous poked the teen's leg harder, "Wake up!" Jimmy instantly recognized who was in front of him and kicked, finally satisfying his urge.

"Waaahhh!" "CRASH!"

Jimmy giggled in delight at Lucius' pain.

Lucius calmly walked back over to the teen, sporting a couple more bruises.

The red man paced in front of Jimmy. "You know that horn on your head?"

Jimmy lightly touched his horn, "Yeah?"

Lucius leaned close to the teen, "Well, I'd like to tell you something about it."

The teen raised his eyebrows curiously, "Yeah? What is it?"

The manipulative man stared Jimmy in the eyes, "I put it there."

Jimmy jumped, "What? but...but...What?"

The devil took on what he hoped was a loving look, "Remember when I let you be a Heinous for a day?"

The curious teen leaned closer, "Yes?"

"Well, I thought you did such a good job that I wanted to make you a full Heinous!"

Jimmy smiled excitedly the horn not being able to affect his happiness, "Really? What part would I be in the family? Can I be the grandpa? Oh, wait, Beezy's grandpa has that covered. Oh! I know! I can be the crazy uncle!"

Lucius hopped up next to Jimmy on the bench he was sitting on and put his arm around his shoulders. "No, I was thinking along the lines of…son."

Jimmy's eyes became huge and tear filled, he'd always thought of Lucy as the father he'd never had. He was so happy that the tiny man felt the same.

Jimmy had always wanted a family he could call his own. When he was very little, his parents were killed in a bus accident. A little old lady had been trying to cross the street and walked straight into the buses' path. Because there had been no one to push the old lady out of the way, the driver swerved to avoid hitting her and totaled the bus, killing all inside.

After that, Jimmy was sent to live with his rich aunt and uncle. They were constantly busy or working on something. They barely spent any time with the small lonely boy.

The servants in the house were nice, but they were too formal and distant. There was one servant who played with him, but he didn't get to spend as much time as he would have liked with him.

Despite being lonely at home, Jimmy made friends easily at school and had lots of good times.

He'd been really sad when his rich aunt and uncle decided to send him to a school on another planet. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the ship he was on was hit by an asteroid and crash landed on the planet of Miseryville. Jimmy and the pilot were fine, of course, because of the planet's strange healing powers. During his stay, Jimmy spent time on Miseryville and became friends with Heloise and Beezy. He even found Cerbee as a pup in a trashcan. He had his first exciting adventure messing up Lucy's factory. Heloise and Beezy even helped set up a house for Jimmy, although it took a while because of their fighting. When the rescue team arrived, Jimmy told the rescuers that he was staying, because he liked the place. When his aunt and uncle found out, they were fine with it. They had really just wanted him out of their hair. They just sent his aid check to him every month to Miseryville, instead of the school.

Even though he had great friends, he had always wished for a family, and now, Lucy was giving him that chance to have one.

Jimmy squeezed Lucius tightly, "Of course I'll be your son!"

Lucius gasped out, "Too…TIGHT!" Jimmy smiled happily and squeezed tighter.


Jimmy dropped the half strangled man on the soft bench.

"So, what do we do now?"

Lucius pulled himself up, "Now, we prepare. I'm going to train you to create misery!"

Jimmy froze, suddenly realizing the implications of bring a Heinous. "Gee, uh, I don't know...Wouldn't I hurt people like that?"

Lucius rolled his eyes, "Of course! But, you're a Heinous now, you like misery, yes? And you want to be my son right?"

Jimmy looked down, "Well, I don't really know if that's the case..." Jimmy was very unsure of what to do. Sure, he'd admit that he was beginning to enjoy other people's misery, but his code of morals was getting in the way of it.

The confused boy looked back at the businessman, "I kind of came here to fix my evil streak. That's why I came to Heloise."

Heloise waved from where she was watching the two.

Lucius frowned, stupid boy and his morals. Looked like his horn still couldn't keep those down. Well, it looked like he would have to give the boy a little push.

"Well, I was just talking with Heloise and it seems that it's impossible to get rid of that horn, RIGHT, Heloise?" He stared at her pointedly.

Jimmy turned to the short girl, "Is that true, Heloise?"

Heloise's eyes flitted between the two, her love and her boss. What should she say?

Heloise knew it would be the right thing to tell Jimmy the truth, but her heart told her to lie. She was almost sure that she'd never have a chance with her love as a good guy. Heloise mentally sighed, "Forgive me Jimmy, you'll understand later when we are married and have a happy evil family".

Heloise kept the straightest face she could muster, "Yup, it seems like that thing's there to stay."

The teen stared at her, stunned. "What? Not a single thing can help? Are you absolutely sure?"

Heloise kept her poker face on resolutely, for her future love and family, " Yes, I'm sure. I've scanned it from top to bottom, and it looks like if we remove it, you'll die."

Jimmy looked up at his horn fearfully, "Die? How's that possible?"

"Well, more like serious brain damage, but it should be considered as bad as death."

Heloise pressed a button, and a TV with a diagram of a Heinous' x ray on it's screen rose up from the ground. She pointed at the horns, they had roots that blanketed the entire brain. "See, Heinous horns are like plants, in fact, if they grow big enough, they become like trees. They're meant mostly to attract a mate and intimidate enemies, but the Heinouses seem to have their luck cut out for them. Theirs are very tiny,very,very tiny. Whatever, back to business, the horns, have an intricate root system that connects directly to the nervous system via the brain and spinal cord. If we just took out the horn, there could be serious risks for brain damage." What Heloise was saying was somewhat true. It could effect his brain if it was roughly pulled out. But, that would most likely not happen, as the roots near the horn were small and weak on purpose. That way, if the horn broke off or was pulled off, most likely, the owner of said horn wouldn't be hurt. For Jimmy though, the roots would still be there to influence him if the horn was knocked off and it would grow back anyway.

Jimmy scratched his head, "Miseryville can't heal brain damage?"

The evil snake like girl responded, "Physically, yes. Mentally, no. If it's just yanked straight out, then there could be serious consequences. Just breaking it probably won't effect you though, it's mostly the roots of the horn that complicate things."

The horned teen gazed slowly down, "Oh...I see..." Tears pooled in his eyes, he was changing for the worst and he couldn't do a thing about it. This really sucked. Heloise looked at her love sadly. She kept telling herself that he would be happy and in evil love with her later over and over, just to keep herself from running over to him and telling him the truth.

Lucius clopped up to the boy and put his arm around the boy's legs, as he couldn't reach his shoulders when standing, "Don't be so down, just think of all the fun we will have together creating misery! All of us! You, me, Heloise and Beezy!"

Jimmy looked at Lucy sadly, "Like a family?"

Lucius grinned a shark's grin, "Yes, one happy misery causing family." He cackled evilly.

Jimmy gazed at the small man. He didn't really have a choice did he? Even if he refused Lucy's offer, he'd soon alienate all of the townspeople because of his ever growing urge to hurt people because of the stupid horn. Sure, he'd have Beezy and Heloise, but they'd probably push him to join them anyway. It was really easy to see that happening, Heloise was Lucy's #1 misery causing employee and Beezy was his son. Well, Heloise would probably be the one pushing the most, as Beezy was extremely lazy. But, Heloise could be really persuasive when she wanted to be.

Jimmy wiped at his eyes, "O-okay, I'll join and train under you."

Lucius smiled darkly, "Yes, you've made the best decision one could make in your situation."

Lucius turned around, "Come along, there is so much to teach you."

Jimmy quietly padded behind Lucy, his head slightly down. "Bye, Heloise." He said morosely.

Heloise waved at Jimmy, sort of surprised at how depressed he was over this. "He'll be okay, he away gets back up." Heloise asserted in her mind.

Lucius giggled excitedly to himself. This day went from bad, to the best day of his life! Finally, real misery could be done! And he'd have the last person he thought helping him!

As he walked, a new idea for a painting sprang into his mind. He'd tell his painter to paint a picture of him, as a magnificent eagle helping poor and insignificant Jimmy Two-Shoes to learn to soar, just like the great eagle Lucius was. That would be the perfect thing to commemorate today.

Yes, today would go down as his greatest accomplishment, and he barely even had to do anything!

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