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Fletcher had painted yet another picture of Chyna, this time she was playing the harmonica and with every stroke her felt his heart pound. He was running out of muse for his other paintings because Chyna occupied his mind. She was so beautiful for him, but she seemed interested in another guy who was a freshmen at their school. He had overheard her giggling with Olive over how her and that guy had plans to eat lunch together. And soon Angus and him had formed the lonely hearts club, for other ANTs like themselves who had a strong unrequited love for the women in the program, but that made him feel even more sorry for himself. It seemed that the only relief was immortalizing her on a canvas, clay, bubble gum, or even wax.

Not far from where Fletcher was Chyna punching up her outfit choices for the next day on her ANT pad while video conferencing with Olive on her personal computer. "Do you think this will look good on me, like really 'way older than six grade good'?"

Olive was reading through a new encyclopedia but she stopped to ponder Chyna's question. "Sure, but why would you want him to think that…you haven't told him you're an ANT? Are you crazy, why does he think you're so short, oh wait maybe he knows Cameron? But our you crazy you can't hide that forever. The truth shall set you free woman!"

China listened to Olive's rant, finding it disturbing that she understood every word, but she still had her insecurities. People at their school treated the ANT's like pond scum and here was a guy she clicked with and wanted to eat lunch with her.

"Olive, it's hard enough being an ANT, but to be around the boys and be invisible is even rougher. This guy might actually like me, and he was the one who suggested catching lunch together. He's cute and he might like me, why ruining it by mentioning a silly little thing, like being an ANT who really should be in middle school instead of high school."

"Sure Chyna, but if this blows up in your face, don't pull me down with you. I'm proud of being an ANT, so what we're smaller than everyone else, we're much more talented than they are. Now let me get back to learning more about the Aboriginals of Australia. Did you know that they're story parallels that of the Native Americans in this country except they had a significant advances in their civil rights in the late 20th century." Olive said talking a mile a minute, and Chyna smiled, her best friend might be walking wiki, giving information just as fast, but she had a good point, something Chyna had to think about herself.