Lexi was doing a video chat as she prepared for the party that evening.

"So tonight I'm going to come between Travis and Chyna in a BIG way!" Lexi said as she held up another outfit for consideration. Knowing that she had to be flawless, it was a part of her big scheme, because while she wanted to show how superior she was to the little ANT.

"But you're not that big. Maybe we can use my mom, she's pretty fat!" Paisley said as she glanced over to the dress she had hanging on her door. She was excited to go to the fancy event at the other girl's house though she knew that she would just be roped into the other girl's schemes. But what else could a best friend do but sigh and go along with it.

"Paisley! I mean that I'm going to work to break them up. Though I'm not sure I want Travis, I just don't want her to have him." 'Like she gets everything elseā€¦' Lexi thought in her head as she decided on the outfit. It was already obvious that Lexi was often jealous of Chyna, in many ways she just could not help it. What had once came so easy for her was now ripped away and she had to work twice as hard so that she could achieve the same amount of recognition.

If Lexi cared to pay attention to her animosity towards Travis and Chyna's relationship, she would realize that it was founded in her own single state, with Travis being her ex for good measure. She felt like she was always being compared to Chyna, and since she didn't have a boyfriend, at least not a serious one, sand in that light she was failing. But if she broke them up, they would be on equal ground, plus a crushed Chyna would be a bonus!

"So what's your plan?" Paisley asked inwardly sighing and knowing that she really didn't care one way or another what her plan was, because she knew that she would be roped in regardless of plan. Just like she had with the hero scheme, and the torture they had put Chyna through when she was on the cheer squad. Some of it was fun, but really it meant that she was just there to make Lexi look good. These favors and schemes seemed to be a one way street, with Lexi being the only benefactor. She never wanted to have tea parties, go to the zoo, or play hop scotch, which were some of Paisley's favorite activities.

"Well they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and I think it's time we got 'close' to Chyna. If Travis doesn't like what I turned into he'll absolutely hate what Chyna turns into!" Lexi said followed by her vicious little giggle.

Not too far across the interwebs Chyna was also having a video chat with Olive. She had already decided what she was going to wear for her date, though it felt very weird to be going out with Travis and then a cocktail party. Part of her was filled with excitement, another part felt like she was Carrie preparing for the prom.

"I just know that she's up to something, I just don't know what. Something that will humiliate me in front of Travis I'm sure." Chyna said as she examined her makeup options, remembering warning of archaic proportions about not wanting a painted woman leaving the Parks residence. She would have to make sure that her father didn't cause a scene for this date, and that meant getting herself and Travis out of the house as soon as possible.

"I'm sure he's seen you embarrass yourself more than once by now." Olive said nonchalantly, knowing that right now she was just a sounding board for Chyna, since the girl was obviously besotted with her boyfriend and wasn't really asking for her advice. Olive was concerned because of the age difference and because she didn't know Travis. Olive did not like what she didn't know , especially when it came to her best friend. The last thing she wanted was for her Chyna to get hurt especially when it came to the unknown and Lexi. Though not so much of a concern before Chyna's arrival , Lexi was now a constant threat to all A.N.T.s, making her Puberty Enemy Number One.

" But I don't want him to be embarrassed because of me, and think 'Why did I bring the baby to the party'. So I want to anticipate what she might try to do, and at least do some recovery. What if she spills something all over my dress, should I take an extra dress? What if she pushes me in the punch bowl? Should I carry extra makeup? What if she tricks me into performing again, but gives me a drink first that makes my voice really high pitched and squeaky?" Chyna said in a whirl of words making little sense to most people but to Olive's eidetic memory it was fine, just a minor annoyance.

"Chyna enough!" Olive almost flailed at the screen, with both parties being able to see the anxious face of the other, it was clear that Chyna was over reacting while Olive had heard too much mostly irrational fear from Chyna. "You are going to have an awful time at that party, and during your date with Travis if you worry about Lexi tonight. As much as I don't like the bubble you and Travis seem to be in, you need to be in that bubble tonight. Just focus on him and forget about Lexi, and just have a good time. Lexi will be Lexi and Travis knows that. He dated the sociopathic Pageant Queen after all." Olive said hoping that Chyna would take her advice and not worry about Lexi. She'd be doing enough worry for the both of them.

"You're right Olive, I will just focus on Travis and have a good time." Chyna said wearing a smile for the first time that night.

"Of course I'm right. I am Olive!" Olive said as they both laughed at how true that statement was.

Across the interwebs watching the same footage from both video chats sat Angus and Fletcher. In front of Angus was a varying pile of computers and junk food, while in front of Fletcher there was a lone can of orange soda and a large bowl of kernels. They had been listening to both video chats finding one encouraging and the other one kind of distracting. At the same time Angus was working on one of his 'secret projects' which may or may not include a scheme to get a bill for short school semesters through congress by blackmailing several congressmen about their internet use. Fletcher on the other hand was using the popcorn to scope another sculpture of Chyna, sighing painfully during Chyna and Olive's chat.

As Angus closed out the chats he smiled ruefully debating on how to approach what had been said during the chats. "Well it seems that we now have Double Agent Scary Face and Double Agent Dim Wit included in our allies." Angus said trying to figure out how to avoid talking about the other chat, where it hadn't seemed like Olive was pushing Team Fletcher at all. "But I guess that's not unexpected with Lexi kind of being Chyna's arch nemesis."

"Yeah, guess it's nice to know that we don't have to do all the work, especially since somebody isn't doing their share." Fletcher said gesturing to the large digital picture frame that held lots of pictures of Olive on the wall in Angus' basement. "I'm just wondering why you are spoofing Lexi's computer?"

"Not Lexi, Paisley's!" Angus said with a laugh, not realizing that Fletcher was still very much so confused about the whole setup.

"But why Paisley? I thought you only liked Olive." Fletcher said as he got closer to finishing his sculpture.

"I do, but when you compare her to Paisley, my Olliekins looks even more brilliant!" Angus said thinking back to some other conversations he had overheard from their video chats, all of them causing him to smile.

Fletcher finished his sculpture of Chyna while Angus brought up the video feed of Olive who was working on memorizing yet another encyclopedia, or what she would call 'light reading'. As they both stared at the girls they both let out a sigh of longing, before Angus let out a very loud belch.

"You said it!" Fletcher said before he started working on a sculpture of Tyler with horns and big fangs coming out of his mouth.

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