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Written by LunarChan

(A Gakuen Alice One Shot – Kokoro Yome)

The funny thing about being close with your friend is that you insult each other all the time…
And yet you never get offended.

Halloween. Where everybody wants to dress up scary characters and go trick or treating. Well not everybody – just almost everybody.

Even though Narumi-sensei gave them a challenge called, Be the scariest character and you'll get an A+ on the final exams, it still wasn't enough to get Natsume a costume.

But it was different for Koko. He wanted to have an A+ - for his family and…

Koko stole a glance at a certain green-haired girl and smiled.

… some personal reasons.

He wanted to impress someone, maybe.

"I'll be a fairy!" Someone loudly said. Guess who? Right. None other than Mikan Sakura.

"That's not even scary." Natsume remarked, annoyed by her loud voice.

'Why does she have to be so freaking loud and annoying?' Natsume thought. But there was an edge to his thought. Almost touchy. Yes. And Koko heard it and his lips formed a smile.

The Sakura girl just stuck her tongue out at Natsume. "I'm not asking for your opinion." She turned the other way, but her lip was twitching. She was fighting a smile. She liked that Natsume changed a little bit. A teeny tiny weeny bit. And she was determined to change him, which amused Koko.

But Koko wasn't interested in them at the moment. He was really bothered about what to wear, obviously. Someone was Frankenstein. The other one was a witch. A scary ghost. A moving skeleton. And some sort of the usual Halloween scary get-ups.

Then, one idea crossed his mind.

He smirked and got to work, putting all the necessary things he needed for his costume.

He came out and went back to the room where all his classmates would be.

He opened the door with a bang and posed himself and shouted. "ZOMBIE! I'M A ZOMBIE!"

They laughed at him.

"I'll be a zombie at the Plants vs. Zombies game!" He shouted proudly.

"Suits you." Mochu muttered under his breath and laughed.

'Great idea. I wished I've thought of that before he did.' Was what Mochu thought and Koko was even more proud by what he heard on his mind.

"ZOMBIE!" He kept on saying and walking like a zombie. "I'm a ZOMBIE!"

His classmates was just smiling and laughing at him. "BRAINS! BRAINS!" Koko then shouted.

And he did the moonwalk and raised his arm like the Dancing Zombie on the game. But his costume was the simple zombie. Just a white long-sleeved shirt with red necktie and brown leather jacket with faded blue jeans that were cut. And he made the green shower cap to be on his head and some of his hair sticking out to look like he really is a zombie. The only thing that wasn't right was his face. But he'll do it later. He'll make someone put prosthetics or something like makeup on his face.

And so he kept walking around yelling, "BRAINS! BRAINS!"

"Why are you walking around yelling brains?" The innocent auburn haired girl asked Koko. "Do you want to eat brains?"

"No." It was Natsume who answered. "He wanted to have one."

And they all laughed.

It seemed like it wasn't only Koko who wanted to impress someone. Maybe even the not-smiling Natsume.

Koko smiled.

'That was just a joke.' Natsume thought, looking at Koko and Koko nodded and smiled at him.

That's one crazy thing about friends. They insult you, but you don't get offended.


Author's Notes:

This was actually written for the BestFriend's Day.

I just tweaked and edited it a bit. :)

Thanks. Hope it's funny. 'Cause I really suck at humorous moments. XDD

Review? Wow, thanks. :)

~ LunarChan (10-16-2011)