If You're Sure

By Sweetprincipale

A sequel to the Sex and Candy, See You on the Flip Side, Should Have Known Better Trilogy. Please read the trilogy first, or this isn't going to make sense.

Set between seasons five and six in an AU where Buffy and Joyce are alive and well, Riley's gone, and Spike's pretty well accepted into Buffy's life.

Notes: This is going to be fluffy with some smut. People told me the trilogy need a sequel, and I tried not to listen, but you know that goes...

Hope you all enjoy, read and review!

Smuttiness and Mushiness Warning!

Direct quotes from songs and shows are obviously not mine but belong to the enormously talented people who created them. This chapter references Van Morrison's Moondance.

Dedicated to Hannah the Bloody, Lithium Reaper, jmoran319, Methuselah Honeysuckle, Olfactory-Ventriloquism, and McPastey

Nothing of Buffy belongs to me, except my sincere admiration. However, this story is all mine.


The evening of the wedding...

Only a handful of close friends, Joyce's sister and brother-in-law, and the Scoobies remained. Joyce and Giles were hugging, making their final round of farewells before they would go in and change into comfortable traveling gear.

"You can dance, you know." Spike gestured to Buffy's uncle, Giles, and Xander.

"No thanks. I did my obligatory dance with the groom."

"You know I'm not askin' you."

"I know." She laughed softly, and let her hair down.

"It gives the old biddies somethin' to gossip about." He shifted uncomfortably against the folding table he leaned against.

"So true, so true." She giggled again, and slipped her shoes off as well. "Ahhh. Barefoot in the grass. If I step on an earthworm, you better prepared for me to crawl on top of your head."

"I don't get you." He reached for a cigarette, and realized he still didn't have any in that damn suit. "You can take on all manner of the squishy sort, but steppin' on a worm is gonna make you shriek like a -hell, for lack of a better word- a girl?"

"Pretty much." She wriggled her toes in the lawn. "Or if I step in a shrimp puff that someone dropped."

"I love you." He had to laugh.

"Duh." She teased, and ran her hand across his arm.

"Okay...one more song and then it's time to boogie on out of here!" Xander slurred happily, commandeering the stereo.

"Never thought I'd say this, but God bless the boy." Spike sighed.

"You just want to get me upstairs so you can have your wicked way with me."

"I do." Spike smiled. "What's under this little white number?"

"Shelf bra and a white lacy thong." She whispered, making sure no one was close enough to hear them. He stifled a groan and tried to focus his attention elsewhere.

"They look right happy." Spike allowed himself a genuine smile as the bride and groom sauntered out to the cleared place on the lawn.

"Willow and Tara are going out!" Buffy beamed. Her friends hadn't felt comfortable enough to do that at first, but now they were embracing, heads on each other's shoulders. Anya stood, waiting alone for her partner to join her, watching him flip through the song selection with a proud smile on her face.

The first soft notes of a song pulsed out. "Ooh, it's jazzy. Mom's gonna love this." Buffy swayed, a smile lighting up her face.

She's a lovely sight. Silver and flickering in the combination of torches and moonlight. "You remember how you said you thought I'd crack first? With the public display of affection?"

"Yeah." She grinned, feeling his fingers curl firmly with her own.

"If you dance with me- you have to admit we cracked at the same time. Or I'm stayin' right here and gettin' a smoke." He offered a surly deal.

"Agreed. Mutual cracking-ness." She tripped lightly through the cool grass, pulling him after her.

Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance

With the stars up above in your eyes

A fantabulous night to make romance

'Neath the cover of October skies

Spike ignored the knowing smiles of Joyce, Tara, and Willow. Buffy put her head on his chest, and he closed his eyes, blocking out the rest of the world.

And all the leaves on the trees are fallin'

To the sound of the breezes that blow

An' I'm trying to please to the callin'

Of your heart strings that play soft and low

And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush

And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

Can I just make some more romance with you, my love?

"Look who finally came out." Xander's voice teased as he and Anya swayed past.

"Shut up, pillock." Spike muttered, burying his lips in Buffy's sweet scented hair, and twirled her farther away, dancing in their own private patch of moonlight.

Well, I wanna make love to you tonight

I can't wait 'til the morning has come

And I know now the time is just right

And straight in to my arms you will run

"They make really good songs for us." Buffy whispered, looking up at her lover.

And when you come, my heart will be waiting

To make sure that you're never alone

There and then, all my dreams will come true, dear

There and then, I will make you my own

"Mmhmm. You certainly are mine." He brushed a thumb softly across her neck, his loving, if unofficial, claim concealed by makeup.

And every time I touch you, you just tremble inside

And I know how much you want me that you can't hide

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

Can I just make some more romance with you, my love?

"You certainly know how to make a girl tremble." Buffy conceded, fire flooding her when she felt how hard he was against her.

Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance

With the stars up above in your eyes

A fantabulous night to make romance

'Neath the cover of October skies

"Tell you a secret." He gazed into her starry green depths.

And all the leaves on the trees are falling

To the sound of the breezes that blow

And I'm trying to please to the calling

Of your heart strings that play soft and low

"What's that?" She spoke over her thudding heart.

And all the nights magic seems to whisper and hush

And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

He laid a palm to her flushing pink cheek. "The tremblin' is mutual." They shared a smirk.

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

Can I just make some more romance with you, my love?

"Must be what happens when you're in love."

"Must be." He let his smirk be replaced with a softening smile as she stood on her tiptoes to bring her mouth to his.

One more moon dance with you

In the moon light, on a magic night

All the moon light, on a magic night

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

The song ended with a flourish of jazzy brass, leaving four couples scattered around the grass, all of them kissing, in various degrees of chastity.

"Wooooohooooo! That's one for the album!" Dawn's rapid fire camera flashes startled the four couples out of their lip locks.

"Dawn!" Joyce admonished.

"Niblet, I'm gonna come over there an'-" Spike stopped. Buffy's aunt, uncle, and several of Joyce's friends were still in attendance. "Be very upset." He concluded with a glower.

"Oh, come on, big brother-man. It's a party tonight. You need to stop being grumpy." Spike bit back two successive cried of surprise as Dawn called him "brother" and then wrapped her arms around his waist in a violent squeeze.

"Oh, bloody hell." He swallowed and gasped, before letting himself hug her back. "Those end up on the net, an' I'll slit your throat an' drink you for breakfast." He whispered.

"Just in family albums, I swear." She whispered back, grinning.

I'm family. Don't know how. In a million years, I'll never know how. "all right. You live." He grinned back.

Joyce and Rupert made their rounds, hugging and seeing couples off, until at last, only five figures remained on the front porch of the house. "The backyard doesn't seem too bad." Joyce fretted.

"Mom, we'll take care of it." Buffy reassured.

"I know. I know you will." Joyce laughed and shrugged. "You can save the world, why should I be worried about you moving some folding tables and chairs?" Then her eyes turned plaintively to Spike. "Spike?"

"I'll make sure she doesn't mess it up." He let himself be pulled into her arms and returned her hug. "Look after yourself." He whispered in her ear.

"I will. You know we love you, right?'

He kept his voice even with an effort. "Yeah. Love you, too... Mum."

"Thank you." She squeezed his hands and directed him to the groom.

The men regarded each other calmly. "Have a nice time. You-uh-you take good care of her." Spike took Giles' outstretched hand.

"I assuredly will. Your job is far less enviable. Enjoy keeping Dawn and Buffy out of trouble." He gave a smug chuckle

"You're hilarious, Rupert." Spike smirked. "But I'll do my best."

"Now- Dawn, you listen to Buffy and Spike. And- and- there's money for groceries in the envelope on top of the microwave. Oh- the gallery key is on the hook by the coatrack."

"Mom. You did this whole spiel already." Buffy soothed.

"A lot." Dawn crossed her arms. "Go have fun being married! I promise I'll be good."

"I know you will. My baby girl." Joyce hugged Dawn hard and smoothed her shining brunette hair. "I'll bring you a souvenir."

"Goody. Love you. Love you, Giles. Do I have to call you Rupert now?"

"No, please, I'd never get used to that. Call me Giles, as always." He hugged his youngest stepchild quickly, and stroked her smooth cheek. "You know you can reach us if necessary." He peered into her eyes.

"Yuppers." She kissed his cheek, and retreated to Spike's side.

"I'm happy for you, Mom." Buffy locked her mom in her strong arms. "He's a good guy."

"He is. And you have a good guy, too." She looked gravely into her daughter's eyes. "Don't waste time. Make sure he knows."

Buffy gulped, thinking about how abundantly clear things had become to them both in just a few months. How precious, if strange, their comfortable relationship was. How in love they were. "I will. You- you do that, too."

"Oh, I will." Joyce winked, and Buffy pursed her lips.

"Mo-om! Ick. Save it for the ship."

"Speaking of which." Giles tapped his watch. "We've a long drive to our docking point." They would spend the night in a hotel suite near the ship's arrival point, then catch their cruise ship early the next day, sail for five days up and down the coast, and return to port.

"Have fun, Giles." Buffy hugged him with her surprising strength, making him gasp. "You know I love you more now, right?'

"I had hoped so. It's mutual." He brushed his lips to her brow and bent to shoulder their bags. With many tearful, smiling waves, the couple climbed into the red BMW and left for a well deserved week of wed bliss.

Spike's eyes darted nervously between Dawn and Buffy, who flanked him on either side. He heard the strange uptick in breathing, heard the gasping before they did- and found himself in the middle of bawling sandwich. "Oh. Oh, bloody hell! Stop it, stop right now!" He growled severely and shook them both.

"But it's s-s-so sw-sweet!" Dawn explained tremulously.

"B-beautiful." Buffy blubbered.

"There are twenty chairs in the lawn to get folded! An' all the linens need to get put in a bag! Come on, help me stack 'em up on the porch so the rental place can just collect 'em in the morning."

"In this dress?" Dawn sniffled.

"We have to get changed." Buffy shook her head.

"I'm too tired to stack." Dawn whined.

"Damn all the..." Spike had long since shrugged out of his jacket and tie, and now pulled off his shirt. "I'll stack an' fold. You jus' put on the torches, an' bring me some bags for the tablecloths. Niblet, take my togs in an' put 'em back in the suit bag in our room. Last thing I need is frosting all over a hired suit..."

Between the three of them, the yard managed to get cleaned up. Dawn came back from packing Spike's suit in a tee shirt and sleep shorts, and helped with the chairs. Buffy, mindful of her dress, but not wanting to make the effort to change and return, took over collecting all the miscellaneous trash, plastic ware, plastic champagne flutes, etc, and carefully set the trash by the curb.

"We'll have to do more later." Buffy finally called a halt as clouds began to obscure the moon. The torches were put out. "Dawn and I'll finish in the daylight."

"At least it's Sunday. No gallery." Dawn yawned. She reflexively hugged her sister and Spike. "Love you guys. Night." She smiled sleepily and headed inside and upstairs.

"Everybody 'round here loves me. It's oddly disquietin'." Spike shrugged, his shoulders rippling and enticing Buffy.

"Nahhh." Buffy waved the thought away with a broad smile, and tugged him inside. "It's not 'disquieting'." They spent a few minutes locking up and turning off lights throughout the house. "You're a nice guy."

"I am-" Spike began his typical protest.

Buffy cut him off. "Yes, you are. When you want to be." She came back to the living room where Spike was leaning in quiet defeat against the couch.

"And for you lot, I wanna be." He confessed. "Sounds like Dawn's down. Can hear her snorin' away, that fast."

"Let's go." She headed towards the stairs and started up them.

Spike followed her, scooping her up as they reached the top of the stairs. He pressed her to the wall with a kiss. "You wrecked, Baby?"

"Not so much. Kinda jittery. Need to settle."

"I can make you some of my world famous cocoa." Spike sat her down outside the bathroom.

"No thanks." Buffy smiled warmly at him. He kissed her forehead and prepared to walk away. " Hey, stay with me?"

"Hopin' you'd say that." Spike followed her into the bathroom and immediately popped back out.


"Bit- her- underthings are hangin' up with the dress." Spike gestured to the towel rack.

"She was wiped, I'll put them on Mom's bed." Buffy scurried the dress and "underthings" out, returning with a bemused smile on her face. Spike straightened up from turning on the shower.

"Why the cat an' canary grin?"

"You freaked because you saw Dawn's undies."

"Would you rather I acted the way I do when I see yours?" He countered, quirking a brow at her.


"Oh- an' a word of warnin'. I know the Poof loves you, but if he ever gets 'de-souled' he won't go after anyone faster than that little girl in there." Spike's eyes yellowed for a moment and his jaw clenched.

Buffy paused, looking horrified. "What?"

"If he ever loses it- stake him. Or I will. Before he gets to Dawn." His voice was a harsh breath, his eyes glazed with long memorized hate.

"Okay, I understand... it's fine." Buffy soothed. "Thank you for loving her, for caring."

"Oh, God, Luv, I'm sorry. I didn't want to bring up anythin' ugly tonight. I only did because it just- reminded me of somethin'. The different ways we react. Especially to women." Not just young women. Women we loved. Said we loved.

"But you both feel the same about me?" She hazarded quietly.

"Yeah, that's the gist of it." Spike cursed the part of his brain that had ever departed from hunt, kill, drink the blood, an' move on. William made connections. William pondered love an' felt that stupid tug of fear when he thought about what Angelus might do to someone young, female, and dear to Buffy.

"But you don't, Spike. Both of you don't have the same feelings. You love me. You like me. You don't want me to change- not anything major." They shared a grin.

"Like your pitiful taste in music."

"Or your smoking!" She spat back automatically.

"Move on, get to the point." Spike felt himself relax enough to prod her along.

"I like the way you treat me. Like I'm special, but not fragile. Like you'd die for me, but you know I can kick anybody's ass. Like you don't look at the future and say 'no, that won't work'." Her eyes shone. "When you think about the future, you say 'we might as well try'."

"You're a bloody brilliant woman. An' of course, you're right." He felt the gravity of her words, but he allowed a small note of playfulness to enter his tone.

"Ha. Still admitting it." She was glad he hadn't turned this into a more emotional moment than it already was. Emotions were running high, and she loved their mutual passion- but she also liked that they could usually allow each other a little banter to breathe.

"Once every few months won't kill me- anymore than it already has." He shrugged.

She took his hands, ignoring his self-depreciating gesture."Thanks for looking out for Dawn. And Mom." She hesitated. "Even me."

"You're welcome." His grin faded, replaced by a soft, serious expression.

She moved closer than she already was, slipping her bare toes lightly on top of his. "This steam is going to ruin my dress- if I don't get out of it."

"Then by all means, let's get you out of it."

Spike's deft fingers found the few inches of zipper on her extreme lower back, and tugged. The dress fell to the floor. Both of them were careful not to tread on it as they moved. "How the hell does that little thing stay up?" Spike looked at her shelf bra, the kind that only covered her bust, and had no back or straps.

"An ungodly amount of wire." Buffy winced as she leaned back, letting it un-mold from her pert breasts and upper ribcage area.

"Oh, Pet, you got little marks." Spike kissed her indented flesh gently. "Spike'll fix it." He said with a demonic leer and a deep throated laugh that made her moisten further.

"Ah, gentle, just like that." She moaned softly as his lips kissed her red skin. "Wow. I just used the word 'gentle' in the context of you and sex."

"Shhh. That's a sign of apocalypse, an' we're not due until next spring." He mouthed the swollen buds of her nipples, tonguing them more insistently as her hands shoved his zipper down, trousers following in a heartbeat. "Two can play at that game, Missy." He hooked his thumbs into her thong's narrow silk waistband and tugged the slender strip of fabric from between her pouting lips.

"Ow!" She winced, and he recoiled a half step. "No, it's fine, just-"

"I got it." He didn't tease her, although inside he was crowing. She was hot and bothered, and the tiny triangle of cloth had burrowed into her heat. He freed it more slowly, and caressed her with two tender fingertips. "What-"

"Oh. Yeah." Buffy blushed.

"This is new." Spike murmured appreciatively. All the little honey curls were gone, replaced by smooth, pink skin. "For the special weddin' wear?" Maybe girls did that when wearing a little short dress, little bit of lace for a thong, no slip, no stockings...

"Yeah. I'm not planning to keep it like this, major annoyance to get all the little spaces, let me tell you."

"No, it's fine, Luv, Your body, I just visit." Nonetheless his fingertips played over the skin wonderingly, and wondered how far she'd gone. One finger nestled between her legs. Equally smooth, her lips, her mound, all bare. "But it's a nice treat. More skin to love." He reached up with his other hand and freed the bunch of white blossoms from her hair. "Let's get in, we're drivin' up the water bill."

"Mr. Suburbia." She giggled, but obeyed.

"Hot water and hot bodies, God I love this." Spike slid into the stream and snuggled up to his warm lover.

"Feeling so much better." Buffy moaned as his hands started rubbing her shoulders and back.

"All the tension leavin' you?"

"Most of it." She wiggled her wet, curvy rear against him invitingly.

"No, not yet. Fun things to nibble first." Spike lathered her as she lathered him, and they quickly rinsed, eager for what was coming next.

"You stay up." Buffy placed a restraining hand in the center of his chest.

"But-" His mouth was practically watering at the thought of her, all bare and easily lickable, all the juice just for him without any curls catching spare droplets.

"But you have to wait." She slowly licked down to his hardness, teasing the tip with her tongue.

"Patience is becoming one of my strong suits around here." Spike groaned softly.

"Not even close." Buffy mouthed around the shaft, tongue flipping up and down, stroking his sensitive skin. "You had a long exhausting day, too."

"Babysittin' the boy an' Rupes is no picnic."

"Trying to control Anya is nothing fun either. Woman's like Bride magazine on steroids."

"At least- ohhh fuck, Luv." Spike lost interest in the conversation, focusing on her loving mouth instead. Soon his eyes closed and head lolled back, both hands digging in gently to his partner's scalp. "Switch." He gasped momentarily.

"You have more self-control than that." She still slowed her pace.

"Not as much as you'd think. Remember- you said- I had a stressful day." Though he didn't need to breathe, his words were still labored. "Besides-" He crouched, seizing her mouth, "you had more emotional baggage about today an' all that. Your turn." He growled softly, and walked his hands back, forcing her to slide down, giggling as she slipped.

"This bathtub isn't big enough for this." She gasped in a moment as they tried to wrangle into position.

"Then we need to get you out of here. Or go someplace where the bath is a damn sight bigger." Spike made one more futile attempt to pleasure her as she lay and he crouched, only succeeding in skinning his lower back on the faucet. "Shit."

"You get out first- don't step on me."

"I won't, I won't..." He rolled his eyes, stepping out and helping her rise. Once wrapped in towels, they silently padded to their room and locked the door.

"Is Dawn still asleep?"

Spike cocked his head. "Mhmm. Deep sleep, from what I can tell."

"Let me just-" Buffy sorted through the ever present, ever needed "noise cover" music, and put on Pink Floyd with a nostalgic smile. "The first time you spent the whole night." It was a sad night, but he was there for me. And now look how many happy nights we've had since. She scrubbed the water from her body and vigorously rubbed her hair.

"First bite. First time you ever-" He swaggered to her, "let me in your mouth."

"We talked."

"We did."

"I'm glad."

"Me, too." Spike watched her shiver and steered her towards her pajama drawer. "Put on a top. No bottom. I haven't had my pretty peach yet."

"I have something you might like even better." Buffy held up a black silk nighty.

"When did that little bit of naughtiness sneak in?"

"Anya, Tara, and Willow decided to buy Mom lingerie for her honeymoon. They dragged me along on their shopping trip, so I picked this up." She slid into it. "Hmmm. Not too warm. I think you'd better get busy and raise my temperature."

Momentarily having been put off by the words "lingerie" and "Mom" in close connection, Spike made a swift recovery. "Prepare to be warmed up, Pet." He smirked, tongue flickering up behind his teeth in that irrepressible grin, and then out across his pale lips. With a hungry kiss, he grabbed her and spun her to the mattress, kissed his way down the silk that just reached to her thighs, and paused. He looked up from her hemline, still smirking. "Comfy?"

"Uh-huh." She sucked in air, skin flushing in anticipation.

"Good. Because you're going to be here for awhile." He settled between her thighs with a wink, and her head sank back with a groan of lust.

Buffy's skin was softer than the silk nighty, Spike decided. How had he never noticed how perfect this sweet little triangle of flesh was? Even when the curls came back, he vowed not to neglect this patch any longer. As for now... God. Just perfect, slightly plump with a padding of soft, succulent flesh that he just wanted to sink his teeth into.

"Holy crap!" Her cry was breathless and surprised as fangs prickled along her sensitive satin skin. It wasn't painful, but it was unexpected and pushed her adrenaline buzzer. Wetness seeped from her core to her outer lips in a fresh wave.

"Shhh. No biting. Don't wanna hurt my baby. Just wanted to taste you like this." His amber eyes met hers, and he wondered if those predatory ridges and coloring upset her tonight. Maybe on nights like tonight the demon should stay in.

"Vampy senses are enhanced, huh?" Buffy smiled down knowingly, wondering how she could look at his game face and feel nothing more than when she saw his human face, but why all other vampires disgusted her. Must be love.

"You understand." He laughed once in relief. "Don't worry, Pet- keepin' the teeth away from the delicates." His tongue swirled out over her tight pink bead and then wormed its way sinfully into her sopping passage. "You taste so fuckin' good." He growled, and dug in to her spread thighs, losing himself in the velvet texture and the miraculous way that her juice seemed to spread everywhere tonight.

"OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGodSpike!" Buffy's cry was frantic and fast. "God- what're you doing- how?" She was inarticulate with pleasure.

Spike, still in game face, slid one finger deep inside and ignored her cries, worrying her folds with his lips, teeth tucked under his skin. Lapping, pulling, teasing each pink petal until he felt her shudder on his hand, and then lapping at her clit to send her over the edge again.

It was too much, she was getting dizzy from orgasms racking her body. "Spike- come here-" She tangled her hand in his hair and tried to bring him away. He growled warningly and burrowed more deeply between her thighs. "Spike! Take it easy." She panted, and felt him slow his ministrations.

"Sorry, Luv. You taste so damn amazin'. Did you really want me to come up- or can I give you one more?" He asked with a wicked leer.

Well, geez, if a guy asks you like that. Buffy let herself collapse, muscles still quaking. "One more- but- you could give a girl a heart attack like that."

"I can hear your heart. It was chugging along nicely. And blood was rushing- all-down- to- me." Spike punctuated each word with a stroke of his finger, then returned to his succulent feast, this time drawing it out, using only his tongue to please her. Deliberate with each lick and swirl, he savored her salty sweetness.

When she came, the force of it made her sit up with an anguished sounding wail. Spike looked up in surprise, never having heard her make quite that sound, so desperate, almost pained. Her legs were drawing back and she tucked into a kneeling position as soon as she could, shaking. "Luv?"

"I need you in me." She rasped and her hands crashed into his shoulders.

"You can have me." He laughed in relief. "Thought I overdid it."

"You did, but I loved it. I never- not that many powerful ones in a row." She threw herself down on him with a breathless cry, eyes crinkling up in silent laughter as she watched him convulse in pleasure, eyes and heading rolling back as one. "I hope you're comfy- you're going to be here for a while." She turned his own words back on him.

"Not as long as you think. Could've cum just from watchin' you." He cupped her breasts in his hands, looking up at her wonderingly.

"Really?" She blushed.

"No sight I love more." He moved one hand from her breast to her cheek. "That, an' your smile."

"You melt me." She whispered, said smile transforming her face from passionate and aggressive to sweet and adoring.

"No, Buffy. If anyone melted- it was me." Spike sighed, and pulled her from a riding position to a lying position, her body flat on his, while he was still buried inside.

"I felt too far away." Buffy whispered. Spike nodded, and they drank one another in a long kiss, hips rocking gently, steadily as they made love.

"How long did you want me to stay like this?" Spike grunted softly, after having resisted his own release for the second time.

"Until you can't take it anymore." Buffy purred. Her own orgasms were spasms so intense she felt sure she could split in half- and he was withstanding it.

"Did I ever mention you'd be good at torture?" Spike hissed as he felt her start to climax around him again.

"You have. Ohhh. Baby..."

"That's it, Luv. You go- an' I'll go right with you." He wiped her sweating brow with his own, both of them wearing expressions of intense concentration. She nodded, forehead bumping with his, too close to speak. He started pumping up into her, meeting her steady rocking thrusts, feeling her spread open around him, his tip to some soft, unyielding flesh inside her.

"Love you." She gasped and sank her teeth into his neck to stifle her near tearful groans of culmination.

His own release refused to be silenced, ending with a soft, relieved bellow, hands gripping her soft waist hard enough to bruise. His hips locked forward and stayed forward, emptying all of himself into her. "Oh, fuck. Oh, God, Slayer. Buffy. Fuck." He panted as the fog cleared from his brain.

She just nodded and gulped, unmoving on top of him.

"I love you, too. By the way." He realized he hadn't returned the sentiment a moment ago.

"Good to know." She whispered, a laugh in her voice.

After about ten minutes of half-awake petting and praising, the lovers fell asleep, still joined at the waist.

"Ohhh." Something hard was pulsing inside her. "Ohhh?" Something was making her feel good.

"Ungh." Something had him trapped, pulled upright, hard and throbbing.


"Gotta say- somethin' to be said for super powers." Spike blinked in confusion and realized the soft trap around his cock was Buffy's moist tunnel.

"We fell asleep like this? How are you still hard?" She demanded sitting up, puzzled.

"Dunno. You did nearly break me, makin' me close a half dozen times, an' I only came once. Or maybe we just reconnected in the night."

"What time is it?" She looked around blearily.

"Four." Spike found the red digital numbers with a twist of his head. "Come here, settle back down."

"I can't sleep." Buffy protested. She gently slid off of him, tissues sticking painfully together.

"Sorry 'bout that." Spike watched her wince.

"Thanks, Brave Guy. I imagine it wasn't so pain-free for you, either." She slid her nighty on over her head from where it had been thrown off at some point.

"If I can wake up like that every day, I'll take it." Spike grinned. He covered himself with a sheet as Buffy cautiously opened the door and snuck off to the bathroom. Once the door was shut behind her, he stretched and found a pair of his black sweats and put them on. He felt oddly refreshed and excited. We've got the week to ourselves- sort of. Just lookin' forward to havin' some time where it's like- this is our place, just for us. Dawn notwithstanding, this time "alone" is going to be bloody fantastic.

Buffy returned and looked at Spike, sitting up in bed. His hair was a riot of curls and his face was boyish and beaming. "What happened to naked boyfriend?" She hissed, sliding in beside him.

"He put on somethin' in case he happened to bump into your sister."

"Dawn will sleep until noon. Or at least until she smells food." They both laughed.

"It's early. We can get some more kip." Spike reclined, letting her fit into the crook of his arm. "Or... we can finish what we started in our sleep?"

"I was hoping you'd say that." Buffy giggled, and he rolled on top of her.

"I thought that would have tired us out." Buffy mused, straightening her nighty and clambering out of bed, seeking cooler air.

"I'm not sleepy. I could go again, if you give me a few minutes. An' a pint." Spike felt happily depleted, but not at all exhausted. He scooted out of bed and sat on the floor in front of it, beside Buffy. Both of them leaned their heads back against the mattress and shared a triumphant grin. "Good day yesterday, huh?"

"It was. I wonder how Mom and Giles are? I wonder if they're up yet?"

"Prob'ly all shagged out." Spike chuckled. Buffy elbowed him. "In love people tend to take advantage of privacy." He pointed out meaningfully.

"I know." She laced her fingers with his. "Mmm. We have the day off. No gallery. Anya and Willow are working the Magic Box. Nothing to do until patrol."

"Special day indeed." He laughed ruefully, raking his hand through his tumble of curls. Special day. "Hang on." Spike stood up abruptly, and Buffy began to tense, watching him. "Nothin' of the bad variety." He placated, and rooted around in his single drawer in the dresser. Shirts, socks, shirts- there in the back- money, jewelry, a few knives, a stake, a crossbow that needed a new string- there. His fingers closed over the polished garnet and gold ring.


"I got you somethin'." He came back and sat beside her again. Both of them shifted subtly so that they were halfway face to face, but still side by side. Companionable. "I had it for a bit, but I wanted to give it to you on a special day."

"Ohh, Baby! I didn't get you anything." Buffy wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled his head to his in a kiss.

"It's not that kind of a gift." He shook his head. What if she thinks I mean something- more than I do mean? I mean- I would love to -it isn't like I- oh fuck! I'm startin' to sound like her inside my head! "I saw this. It looks a lot like one my mum had." Spike opened his hand and showed Buffy the large opal cut garnet. "It's not valuable. It's actually a garnet, not a ruby, so prolly quite cheap. But Mum had one. So much like this one." Spike's voice drifted off for a moment, eyes fascinated by the ring.

"It's gorgeous." Buffy stared at the ring, his face, and back to the ring again. Her throat was tightening alarmingly.

He blinked himself back to the present. "No big deal. I just wanted you to have it." He spoke in a hardbitten voice, armor back on. He took her hand firmly and pressed the ring to her palm, closing her fingers over it. "It's yours."

She was shocked and pleased, and moved. She watched him watching her, trying to look like he wasn't. With a slight tremble in her hand she tried the ring on. It was a little loose, but fit securely enough on her ring finger. She toyed with placing it on the right hand, so it wouldn't seem so much like a- like another kind of ring- but her heart stubbornly refused. I've got a beautiful ring, the closest thing to an heirloom ring he can give me, and unlike someone else's ring, this won't have to come off when he turns evil. I'm wearing it where it shows I'm loved, that I have a man in my life. "I love it." She finally managed to whisper, holding it up, watching it catch the dull lamp light.

He beamed unashamedly, casual indifference gone. "Good!" He cried emphatically, breaking into a satisfied chuckle before he took her hand with one of his, and used the other to cradle her face for a resounding kiss. He pulled back with a smug grin and a sigh. "I do love you. My Buffy."

I'm his. His love. "I love you, too. My Spike. My William." He looked surprised, but he didn't lose his smile. "This is an amazing gift." She murmured.

"Glad you like it." He softly stroked her hand, watching her eyes transfixed on the ring.

"Slayers don't live very long." She whispered, not looking at him. He peered at her, and saw her eyes filling with tears.

Oh hell. Oh you bloody stupid great prat! Just reminded her, didn't you? That she'll never have a big white wedding and pretty diamond on that hand. That- even if she did- she might not make it past her first anniversary... "I know. An' vamps do." He would love just to lie to her, 'There, there, you and me will get old and gray together.' But I'll be here long after she's gone. His heart reminded him not to start lying to himself. No, I won't last long at all without her. Love her too much.

She looked up at him with liquid green eyes, lips aquiver. "B-but, if you say only I can take you out, and only you can take me out- or we go together...?" She looked so scared and so hopeful.

He turned and got right in front of her, taking both of her hands and meeting her eyes. "Then maybe we have years on us." He squeezed her hands harder. "But, Luv- I don't think- even if I wanted to be- that I'm the kind that you could- marry." He swallowed. "You know that."

She nodded, freeing one hand and stroking his face with frantic fingertips. "I know. I know, but you're here with me. I don't need anything more." She kissed him swiftly, pink lips turning up in a sincere, if shaky, grin.

Someone who just wants me for me. And just as I am. With what I can give. His eyes closed in an expression of exquisite pain. "I wish I could give you more, Luv. Give you everything." I could find a way. I know I could, but she's not saying she wants me to. She's just- in love.

"I will always take whatever you want to give me. If- if you wanted to give it." She stumbled over the words, heart and brain all jumbled.

"You're already my other half, you know." He dug his fingers into her hands and lifted them to her lips, kissing her wrists. "My reflection, even when I don't have one."

"Shh. Shh, I know." They ended up holding one another, kissing, a strange desperation over them. "Why are we freaking?" She finally asked.

"I dunno." He laughed hoarsely, stroking her hair back. "Jus' realizing all over again how much I always want to be with you? And it's mutual."

"Yes, it is." She pinched him for his conceit, but her kisses stayed warm and comforting. She sat back from him, taking a deep breath. "Willow, Tara, and I were talking the other day. When we were shopping."

"Yeah?" He didn't bother to wonder about her strange subject change, he knew- even if it were only in her little California Dreamin' brain- that it made sense to her somehow.

"We're all juniors next year. I'm barely a junior, a junior who's like ten credits behind- but I'm there- junior-ificness." She twisted her hands nervously.

"Good for you." He encouraged, having no idea why he was hearing this now.

"We- um- all of us- can opt to move into the upperclassman dorms. They have bathrooms, a mini fridge and microwave. In the room. You have to pay a little more in your tuition..."

She wants to get out of here. I can understand I guess. But we've been talkin' about all of us workin' under one roof. What's the deal? "I see."

"You don't have to have roommates. Single occupancy." She twisted her hands with renewed vigor, focusing on twirling the brand new ring adorning it. "Y-you wanna come?"

"Do I wanna come with you?" His brow furrowed.

"No. No, it's a dumb idea. We can stay here. There's way less space in a dorm room then a whole house, even though there's a lounge and a rec center in the dorm, and a cafeteria, and- uh." She trailed off. Stupid, stupid, stupid Buffy! Of course he doesn't want to leave this beautiful house and Mom and Dawn and go live in college squalor with you.

"You're staying with me? Where I want to be?"

"Well, I don't really care where we go. And you have your car, you can go wherever you want, see Mom, and Dawn. I know we said it wouldn't matter if there were four or five people under one roof, it was just an idea. Willow and Tara are getting a room in Tara's name- since she's on scholarship, but then they'll be sharing. I thought- maybe if we wanted to be on our own a little more-"

"I should have known better." He closed his eyes. What happened to "you're my reflection", you dumbass? If you wouldn't bail on her, she wouldn't bail on you. Prissy, nancy idiot. "Of course I wanna come. If it's okay with you."

They shared a smile and a rueful glance. We almost jumped to some weird conclusions, didn't we, they seemed to say. For a moment they sat in silence, fingers weaving in and out, both of them staring at her small hands in his roughened ones, the antique ring glaring at them.

He broke the silence. "So. You've got my ring. We're gonna live together, on our own, as it were. Jus' the two of us."

"We're seriously doomed." Buffy smiled into his eyes.

"True." His eyes twinkled back.

"Might as well pull the trigger." She murmured.

"Yeah." He licked his lips slowly. "Can't give you normal."

"Duh." She rolled her eyes. "But that's okay. I can't give you normal either."

"H-how do we do this then?" Because in reality, this can't be happening. It can't work, it will never work. Then again- I think it's impossible to end up in love with Slayer, calling her mother "Mum", havin' her kid sis hug me and call me brother, and about to be sharin' a house with a Watcher. I guess on the Hellmouth we can do whatever we want.

"I don't know how all of it works out. But first, I think you ask me." Her voice was almost inaudible.

He squared his shoulders. "I'm askin'. Will you? Someday?"

"Yes. Whenever you want." Wow. That was surprisingly easy. I guess it just feels right like this.

"Really?" He was openly incredulous. "You're- you're sure about that?"

"Yes, really. I'm really sure." She beamed and tried not to laugh.

He narrowed his eyes. "We are talkin' about the same thing, right?"

"I think so. Did you ask me once before? Under a spell?"

"Yeah, that's it." He didn't get to one knee, but he did reclaim her hand, the one with the ring. "Let's see. I think it went, 'Say yes, and you'll make me the happiest man in the world.'"

In giddy, happy tones that she vaguely recalled, Buffy cried, quoting her earlier self, 'Oh, Spike! Of course it's yes!'"

"It's yes." He whispered, awe in his voice, wonder in his eyes. And of course, he found it reflected in hers as she leaned close enough to kiss him.

"It'll always be yes."

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed our tale.