Save The Last Dance For Me

Set at the end of Season 1 as the yellow cab drives away with Henry.

Suzy turned after a long moment and walked back into the foyer. Her feet felt heavy, like her heart. 'So he really has gone' she though to herself as she waited for the lift. No more would she see his handsome face or chuckle at his inappropriate comments while bent over a patient. No more shared cheese platters or cups of tea. No more shared dreams of whispered words and soft touches but most of all no more dancing in their dreams.

Moving back into her apartment Suzy paid no attention to the clutter of dishes beside the sink or the pile of paper on the table. Passing Elvis's room she failed to notice the chaos that was his sheet music and clothes. Nothing was noticed as she moved back towards her bed and buried herself under the blankets and pillows. And it was here that the ever calm and ever composed Suzy Darling opened the flood gates and wept a river of tears. Out poured all the pain and anguish that had been bottled up inside her for so long. The anger of Stephan's never ending narcissism, the frustration of Jonquil's never ending drama but most of all it was the pain of losing Henry, of knowing that he would never be back. Hours later when the tears had stopped and her eyes felt brittle and dry she fell asleep clutching the medallion, her last link to Henry.

Somewhere in another place Henry's head lolled back against the headrest of the back seat, his eyes closing as the rhythmic movement of the cab lulled him to sleep.

Moving a little to relieve the cramp in her side Suzy brushed against something warm and solid. Opening her eyes she found herself staring in the warm liquid depths of Henry's. Smiling she reached out and touched her hand to his check. He felt warm, solid and so very, very real. Her mouth pulled upwards even more into a grin that lit up her face and made her eye's sparkle. He was here and she was dreaming.

Henry felt his stomach flip as she smiled up at him, her face filled with much warmth and love. How had he ever deserved this he thought to himself. This beautiful and most wondrous woman. "Hi babe" he whispered to her.

"Hi yourself", she whispered back. "You're here, your really here. I thought that was it, the end".

"Me too love, me too. But it looks like we might have just one more left, one last dance. So what do you say?" he asked.

"I say yes" and with that she let him pull her gently into his arms and held on tight as they shared just one last dance.