First up we have a special man. The locker-room slut. Right about here I would usually explain this to you, his motivations and such but, quite simply, I can't. See he gets passed around so much that no-one really knows why he allows it to happen. There are of course rumours as to why he allows it to happen. There are some who say it is a rebellion against his brother and others who say that he just enjoys being passed around like a two-dollar whore but no-one but the man himself truly knows.

Oh look there he goes again. He seems to be approaching a new man, one that he hasn't slept with yet, the Undertaker of all people. A man who prides himself on his self-control, on being able to resist anyone who approaches him. Apparently our slut has previously gone to him, several times in fact, but he has never taken him up on the offer. This situation that he is putting himself into openly disproves the theory that he is too weak to prevent this happening. It's a very weak theory but it was certainly flying around.

Watch him closely now. He has approached and is entrapping him, tempting him with his body. Look at him. The hand running down his chest to blatantly grope his victims crotch; the coy looks; the almost shy way he chews on his bottom lip; the way he swings his hips as he walks towards the showers. All purposely done in order to attract his latest conquest.

And look, apparently even the mighty Undertaker isn't permanently invulnerable against his charms. He's striding forward and pinning his slut to the row of lockers. He captures his mouth before he drags his bitch into the showers.

If you believe the rumours Jeff Hardy has been with almost all of the male locker room. He appears to have even slept with men who have publicly claimed that they wouldn't go near the Divas (although several of them frequently substitute the word 'Diva' with the word 'slut') with a ten foot pole. If you ask me being with Hardy is a lot more dangerous than sleeping with any of the Divas. Of course most men don't see it that way, what with the lack of ability to get pregnant.

And here he comes again. Obviously finished his session with 'Taker hits time for the second part of his nightly ritual. After getting fucked by someone after a match in the showers he finds someone else and takes them back to his hotel room for the night. The ones who come out say that he is insatiable, that they have to fuck him literally all night before he will throw them out. They claim that it's an other worldly experience so they all try to get an invitation back to his room. Who knows who he will choose to hunt tonight? One thing is for sure, I'm going to be in that line so until next time.

Yes I know this is ridiculous, its just a little parody of sorts of something that irritates me in Fanfiction. This time it's the constant portrayal of Locker Room Slut Jeff