I'll Be Your Man

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I'll Be Your Man - Tony's point of view

To many voices, to many noises

Invisible wires keeping us apart

So many choices, but they're all disappointments

And they only steal me away from you

EJ had just left me. She had other places to go anyway. Maybe this was the beat for me. Not all the time was she the greatest person to be around. I mean EJ, yeah she was great sometimes, but Ziva. Well Ziva was always there for me. She was there for me the moment EJ had left too. After EJ had left I was sad, but Ziva would always make me smile like she always had before. Granted, Mr. C. was there, but only for a short time. All these people, trying to get between us. Well now it's midsummer and both EJ and Ray are long gone. For now that is. Things started to go back to normal too. Like a couple years ago when Ziva would come over to my place and we would watch movies until the late hours of the night. Tonight, Ziva was at my place again and we were watching "No Strings Attached".

Climb into our own private bubble

Let's get into all kinds of trouble

I sat there quietly most of the movie. Ziva occasionally would look at me, smile and then move just a bit closer to me. I wanted her so bad. I didn't care what happened. By the end of the night I wanted Ziva. I wanted to prove to her that I was the right man for her and she needed to realize it too.

Slide over here, let your hands feel the way

There's no better way to communicate

Girl stop, you're talking words just get in the way

I'll be your man

So baby come over from the end of the sofa

I'll be your man, I'll be your man

Ziva started to move closer to me. Yes. Yes. Closer. She was testing new and uncharted waters. She was trying to discover what we once had. Her hands started to work their way up my legs. It took everything I had not to flinch or smile. Ziva started to ramble things to me. I really didn't hear it but I just kept thinking on how I wanted the night to end. I want her to come closer to me. Then I will be hers.

So many faces staring at their shoelaces

When all anyone wants is to be seen

So tonight let's be honest

We only want to be wanted

And darlin' you got me wanting you

I started talking to her about how she didn't have a boyfriend and I didn't have a girlfriend. She agreed to the fact that we both were ready to move on. Then she said it. She wanted what I wanted. She wanted me. Tonight. And boy did I want her bad.

Everything I'm trying to say

Sounds like a worn out cliché

"You know I love you." The words sounded as if they were too simple to get the real meaning across. The same three words used millions of times meant everything though.

What are we all looking for?

Someone we just can't ignore

It's real love dripping from my heart

You've got me tripping

What are we all looking for?

Ziva sat there explaining to me on why she decided to tell me now that she had loved me. She just needed someone to be here for her. I understood what she wanted too. I mean I loved her of course. I'd do anything she asked. We both needed some love.

So baby come over from the end of the sofa

I'll be your man

I'll be your man

"Okay Ziva." I agreed to what she had asked of me. She came over closer and rested her body against mine. She inhaled into my shirt and grabbed me tight. And that is how we fell asleep that night. That was the start of me being her man.

The End.

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