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"Ginny, you wouldn't mind telling that moronic brother of yours to stop trying to talk to me, would you?" I asked, impatiently brushing my bushy brown hair out of my face as I hurried down the halls with Ginny Weasley.

"No problem, Hermione. Do you want me to kick him too?" asked Ginny, a smile on her lips.

"That'd be appreciated." I said, laughing. "I mean, I get that he's rejecting me for Lavender. Isn't he smart enough to know that I need time to get over the rejection?"

"Hermione," said Ginny, stopping. She put her hand on my shoulder. "This is my brother Ron we're talking about."

"Good point." I said, thoughtfully.

"But I'll tell him. It's obvious, after all, that you're trying to ignore him. That brother of mine...he's so thick headed. Why Lavender?" asked Ginny. She brushed her long orange hair behind her shoulder. "Anyway, you'd better get to Transfiguration."

"Alright then! See you, Ginny!" I waved.

"Well, Granger, a little bit tardy, are we? Never thought I'd live to see the day that I'd get to class before the famous mudblood bookworm." sneered my least favorite voice in the world (excluding Ronald's of course). I looked into the grey eyes of the horrid ferret demon I was forced to sit next to in Transfiguration.

"Who knows? Maybe you're turning into a teacher's pet, Death Eater." I retorted.

He smirked. "Ouch. That hurt, mudblood."

"Do you know what'd hurt more, Death Eater?" I asked.

"Pray tell." he said, taking the bait.

"If I kicked you in the balls." I said, glaring at him.

The people sitting around us burst into a fit of giggles, and I heard a quiet cough. I spun around to see Professor McGonagall staring at Malfoy and I with a strict, but amused expression.

"Is there something you'd like to share, Miss Granger? Mr. Malfoy?" she asked, calmly.

"Uh, no professor." I stuttered, sitting down.

"Very well. Then please keep your hands and feet to yourselves." she said, with a tiny bit of a smile on her face.

"Hear that? Keep your hands and feet to yourself, Granger." mocked Malfoy. I glared at him.

"Now, before we are to begin, Headmaster Dumbledore has asked that I remind you all about the Masquerade Ball that is to be held in tomorrow. Remember, the goal is to make it a mystery as to who you are. There will be no classes tomorrow either." said Professor McGonagall. A lot of people whooped and cheered.

"Psst. Psst. Granger." whispered Draco. I ignored him. In a couple of seconds he threw a wadded piece of parchment at me. He mimed opening it. I sighed and opened it.

You going to the ball?

I looked at him. Then the parchment. I picked up my quill and wrote a reply.

Well, it's required that we do, isn't it? Why do you care?

I threw it back to him, managing to hit him in the face. Score!

Within seconds, the parchment hit the side of my face. I looked at it.

I just want to know if I should be cautious. Even a mask can't conceal your ugliness.

I scowled, and wrote back.

A mask can't conceal much. For instance, if you wear one, you're still the big annoying prat who everyone hates. Nothing's changed.

He read the note and smiled.

Touché. Oh hey, speaking of which, heard the Weasel rejected you. Am I sympathetic? Not at all. Amused, more like. I don't know who to side with. You could do so much better than the Weasel, but he's got a good point, choosing Lavender Brown over you. She's much prettier than you, which should mean a lot, because Lavender Brown is a remarkably unattractive person.

I was furious.

Looks aren't everything, you know. Like you, for instance. You don't look half bad, but you're the biggest prat the wizarding world has ever seen, Death Eater.

I'll take that as a compliment because you said I didn't look half bad.

I rolled my eyes. He was not worth my time.

"Now, Mr. Malfoy, could you please demonstrate turning a fork into a violin for us?" asked McGonagall, interrupting our note passing.

"Of course." he said, smirking at me.

Class was dismissed, and I headed straight for the Great Hall. I took a seat next to my favorite scar-headed, green-eyed "hero", Harry Potter.

"Hey Harry. Seen Ginny?" I asked.

"Yeah, unfortunately. She's with Luna at the Ravenclaw table. They're talking about the masquerade ball tomorrow." said Harry, with a sour expression.

"Why are you upset about it?" I smiled.

"Remember the Yule Ball? That was the worst time of my life." groaned Harry.

I can tell you that the Patil twins agree." I laughed. "Which one did you go with?"

"I don't even remember." said Harry. I laughed again.

"Hey Harry. Hello, Hermione." said that redheaded prat. He took a seat next to me, but as soon as he sat down, I stood up.

"It was good talking to you, Harry. Oh, and if you see Ronald, tell him to shove off, ok?" I said, sweetly.

"You bet!. See you soon, Hermione!" responded Harry, with the same level of faked innocence as I was using. Ronald just glared at the both of us.

I headed over to the Ravenclaw table.

"Hermione! Over here!" called Ginny. Luna waved her arms to catch my attention.

"Hi." I said, sliding into the seat next to Luna. It was slightly awkward to be sitting at the Ravenclaw table.

"So would you like a mask? I doubt that Fred and George would mind if I gave you a free mask." said Ginny.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"The ball tomorrow, of course." said Luna, in her dreamy voice. "Ginny's brothers have designed a sort of mask that changes your eye color and the sound of your voice if you wear it."

"They're selling like hot cauldron cakes! They've been owling me packs, and I've been selling them. We've only got a few left. Everyone's buying them." she said.

"Alright then, I'll take one." I said, smiling. Ginny handed me a light pink mask that covered the top half of my face decorated with rhinestones, glitter, and lace.

"You're going to waste that mask, Weaselette. Granger's so ugly, when she puts it on, it'll probably burst into flames. Either that, or it'll explode on her face." sneered the dreaded voice that I had to put up with everyday.

"Do you have nothing better to do than to annoy me?" I asked, irritated.

"Of course not. I just find insulting you more interesting than it is to insult Potty over there. You actually give me a bit of a challenge, whereas Potty gets all angsty." he chuckled.

"Care to buy a mask, Malfoy?" asked Luna, calmly. I stared at her.

"I'll take one. Consider it a donation, to help your family, Weaslette." he smirked. Ginny gave me a "hit-him-with-your-best-shot" look.

"Thanks, Malfoy. Remember to thank your parents in Azkaban for us." I said, smiling.

Draco's smirk turned into a frown immediately. "Very funny, mudblood." His face smoothened out again. "I'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I can't wait to watch your face explode into flames. And do try not to make yourself a sore sight for eyes. I like being able to see." he smirked.

I glared at him, hoping I could possibly explode his head with my mind. Unfortunately, his head remained whole and intact.

"Well, Hermione, I don't know about you, but I take that as a challenge." smiled Ginny.

"I'm not going to let him get to me." I said, sitting back down.

"Well, I am! I'm going to make you stunning for the ball!" she said.

"I'll help, if you'd like. I'm pretty good at doing hair." said Luna, thoughtfully. I looked at her. For some reason, I didn't believe her.

"Alright! It's settled! We're going to dress her up tomorrow!" cheered Ginny.

I groaned.

The next day arrived quickly, and Ginny didn't let me off. My the time that the ball was to start, I had just finished being pampered for hours.

Although, I had to admit, they were impressive.

I looked almost completely different. My eyes stayed a chocolatey brown, but my voice was much higher-pitched than I was used to.

Luna wasn't kidding when she said she was good at doing hair. My bushy brown hair had been tamed and straightened, then colored black for the night. Ginny picked out an off-the-shoulder light pink dress that was made of a sort of satin fabric, which was very smooth.

"Come on, Hermione." said Ginny, who didn't sound like herself at all, thanks to the voice changing mask. She was wearing a white strapless dress and her hair had been colored blonde.

"Ginny, could you change my hair to a brown, please?" asked Luna, in a voice that wasn't her's.

Ginny nodded. "Colovaria."

Luna's blonde hair turned brown in an instant.

"And to think muggles actually put some sort of 'dye' into their hair to do this. Apparently it's also quite messy." said Ginny. "This spell makes it so much faster."

"Well, we're wizards, Ginny. Almost every thing's a lot faster for us." I pointed out.

"True. But come on, Hermione! Let's get going! I have a bet with Malfoy!" said Ginny.

"What bet?" I asked.

"Well, I bet him 10 galleons that he'd be speechless at how stunning you are at the ball, if he can find you." she smiled.

"Ginny...you have way too much faith in me. And obviously, he's going to lie!" I said.

"I was thinking about that, but he's a Malfoy. Too proud to lie, remember?" she said.

I groaned. "You're going to waste 10 galleons. It also says to FIND ME, remember?"

"I have faith in you." she said, simply.

I groaned again. "Come on."

We arrived in the Great Hall, and I was amazed. People were everywhere, all festively dressed up in a costume. The Great Hall was also transformed into a sort of ballroom.

As I walked in, heads turned towards me. It was so clichéd, I couldn't help but laugh.

"Who's that girl?" whispered someone.

"How should I know? And who are you?" whispered another.

It was really quite awkward. I didn't have a date, really, so I was really just standing around.

I looked around. Ginny was dancing with some boy, whose hair I recognized to be Harry's despite his blue, not green, eyes. I found Luna dancing with someone, who I didn't recognize.

I looked around. People came up to me, complimenting me, which was quite surprising. I forced laughs and faked smiles.

This was so boring, I thought.

Suddenly, someone caught my eye. The guy seemed...different. Confident, but also quiet. His eyes locked in with mine, and they gave me a sort of "have we met?" sort of glance. I looked away, my face hot.

I looked down, but I saw his silhouette make it's way, dodging people, to me. When I looked up, he was standing right over me.

"Hello." said the guy. His voice was smooth, with an edge of danger to it. I was trying to think if I've heard his voice before, but then I remembered that Ginny said just about everyone had the eye color and voice changing masks.

I looked into his eyes-they were grey. I immediately thought of Draco, but then again, it probably wasn't. You could change your eye color to anything you wanted. His brown hair was also quite messy, but in a really cute way. He had a smile on his face.

"Uh, hi." I said, in my high pitched voice.

"And what's your name?" he asked, taking my hand and kissing it. It was gentlemanly. Yep, it most definitely was not Malfoy.

"It's a masquerade ball. I thought we weren't supposed to know who one another is?" I said.

"Good point." he laughed. The way he laughed...it was familiar.

"I guess you could call me...Mya, though." I said. Mya would be a shortened version of my nickname, "Mione".

"Good enough. Then call me...Abraxas." he smirked. Funny, it looked like Draco's smirk. I mentally hit myself. Why would I be relating this cute, sweet, gentleman in front of me to the most annoying prat in the world? I needed to stop letting him get to me.

"Well, then, Mya, if I can't ask you your name, can you give me clues as to who you are?" he asked. I nodded.

"Are you a seventh year too?" he asked. I nodded.

"A...Ravenclaw?" he asked. I shook my head, still smiling.

"Hufflepuff." I shook my head again.

"Slytherin?" I shook my head.

"Dammit. You're a Gryffindor?" he asked.

"Bingo." I smiled. "What about you? You're a seventh year...are you a Hufflepuff?"

"What the hell is a Hufflepuff?" he asked, smiling.

"Particularly good finders." I said, quoting my friend, Hannah Abbott.

"I'm a Slytherin." he said.

"Ah. So you know that prat, Draco Malfoy?" I asked. It just sort of, popped out on accident.

He smiled. "We've met."

"Sorry, I don't know why that just came out. You sort of...remind me of him." I said.

"In a good or bad way?" he asked.

"Good." I smiled. He laughed.

"Care to dance, Granger?" he asked.

I stared at him. "How...how'd you know?"

"I've been...watching you for a while-"

"You've been stalking me?"

"I never said that."

"But you aren't denying it."

"Denial just makes it look even more suspicious."

"Touché." I said.

He smiled. "But I do get a chance to see you every day. And your personality stands out."

"In a good or bad way?" I asked, quoting him.

"Good." he laughed. He held his hand out, and I took it.

We danced the rest of the night. When the ball was finally over, he looked at me.

"This was fun." he chuckled.

"So do I get to know who you really are?" I asked. "The Masquerade Ball is over, Abraxas."

"Nope. For the brightest-witch-of-our-time, I'd expect you'd be able to figure it out." he said, smiling, his grey eyes almost twinkling with amusement. He kissed my hand.

"See you, Hermione. It was...enchanting. It was enchanting to meet you." he said, smiling.

The way he said it sent shivers up my spine. I turned around and headed back to my dorm, blushing madly. I was still dancing, slightly. The only thing that was on my mind was his name. I took off my mask and my hair changed back to brown.

"Hey Hermione! How was your night? Oh Merlin, it was so easy to spot Harry-eh? Hermione? Your face is redder than my hair." said Ginny.

I looked at her, and smiled. "I met a boy."

She looked at me. "Well who cares about my night, spill!" she urged.

I quickly did a charm that got me ready for bed and sat down on Ginny's bed. "He was tall...sweet...his eyes were grey, and his hair was brown...he was the most gentlemanly person I've ever met...he figured out who I was...he stalks me, apparently, and...he's a great dancer with an absolutely adorable smile." I giggled. I never giggled, but just thinking about him made my heart pound.

"Was it Malfoy?" asked Ginny.

"No, well, I doubt it. He's a seventh year Slytherin, but I said he was sweet and gentlemanly, remember? And why'd you think it was him?" I asked.

"Well, when I got back, I found a school owl in front of my window. Carrying an envelope."

"What was in it?" I asked.

"10 Galleons."

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