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The sunrise in West Texas was always the most awing thing in the day to Kara. The soft mixture of red and yellow hues that lit up the Eastern sky left her breathless each time, even though she had woken up to it for the past sixteen years. The rising sun shining in through her bay window illuminated her evenly tan skin as she stretched, satisfied with the start to her morning. This was something she was going to miss when she moved to Japan. Just below the horizon she could see her horses waking up to the new day and hear them hungrily whinnying for their breakfast.

With a little hop off the window-seat, she light-heartedly skipped to her walk-in closet. One of the many large luxuries in the oversized room. The clothing racks were filled with empty hangers, just another bitter reminder of her leaving. 'What a way to ruin the morning.'

It was decided by her parents that Kara was to attend the prestigious Ouran Academy in Japan so she could finally be surrounded by equally as wealthy peers for her final years of schooling. To "immerse" her in the proper ways of the well-mannered and rich, as it had been similarly said. 'It would've been nice if they had bothered to inform me earlier than the four days that they had though.'

Kara's bags were packed and loaded into the family's company car so she could leave immediately after her final day of school today. No tennis practice when school was released or hanging out with her best and only close friend Kiersten. This was it. This was when final good-byes were to be said and buckets of tears were to be shed. 'Maybe I could just run away? I doubt Kiersten's parents would mind me living at their house. I'm there most of the time any way.'

No, there really was no escaping this. If she was to remain heir to her family's pharmaceutical empire, she would have to follow through. There was no way she could be the third disappointment her family had. Her eldest sibling and sister, an absolute genius, dropped out of college to do her own thing, her brother turned down the company flat to follow his dreams of becoming an explosives engineer, and all that left was her. There were no younger siblings to burden the pressure of having to give up any personal dreams to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Just her.

Kara pulled the one remaining outfit from the barren closet and shut it with a bit more force than was truly necessary. She slipped on the emerald blouse that complimented her honey-colored hair and green eyes so well and donned a pair of dark-wash jeans. There was one pair of shoes that remained unpacked, and unfortunately, they did not match the rest of the ensemble. That just went to show how scatter-brained she could be. 'God, I have got to quit being the poster child for all that is blonde.' With a sigh, she stuffed her feet into the safety-vest orange Converse with blue laces that were bought by her best friend, who had a matching pair. The shoes were loved, and proof could be seen in the worn side-walls that didn't exactly lay flat against the material any more. A fate that all Converse that were actually worn more than once a month seemed to encounter.

Now fully dressed, she ran a brush through her slightly wavy, shoulder length mop of hair and studied the room one last time. Her once poster plastered walls were now a bare white, and the only furniture that remained was a vanity dresser and that lavish queen-sized bed. All the other stuff had been moved to the closet vacation house which was lacking in nicer furniture. The sun had risen a little more, letting more light into the void space and it washed it out even more. Hair brushed, and now fashioned into a loose side braid she deemed herself presentable, minus the footgear, and made her way down the grand staircase down the hall from her bedroom. 'I will not miss these stairs,' she thought and she rubbed her sore knee. Gymnastics even at age six, was never her smartest move considering her family history of weak joints.

"Good morning Young Missus," her long-time housemaid Maria said cheerfully. This was the woman who had raised her and her siblings since birth. She was family in the eyes of everyone in the house-hold.

"Morning Mary! Beautiful sunrise, as always this morning. Even if there's nothing else you like, it's one thing you gotta love about Texas," Kara exclaimed with her passionate smile. Maria could be seen rolling her tired eyes playfully by all who could have observed except for Kara. The silly girl loved the morning way more than could possibly be healthy.

Kara passed through the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar to satiate her hunger till lunch time at school. The damned thing had raisins. That's five minutes of the wonderful morning to be wasted picking the blasted things out. After grimacing at the breakfast bar one more time she turned on her heel towards the counter where a freshly chilled bottle of orange juice had been laid out for her. 'Ah, at least this will help in making the impending sad day to come a little better.' She juggled the cold beverage between her hands and finally set off through the arched doorway of the kitchen to the grand entrance-way of the home, mansion, rather. The home stuck out oddly against the empty desert terrain that surrounded the beautiful manor.

The time on her phone read 7:00 a.m. She would have just enough time to say a few goodbyes before the first bell rang by the time she got there. It was a half-hour drive from the estate situated on a ranch to the small town in which her school resided. The car that would take her to school sat in the recently swept driveway and her chauffer held the back door open for her for climb in. Her school bag had already been pre-packed and was in the back seat waiting for her.

With one last look, she took in everything. The adobe colored bricks that made up the walls of her home, the cacti that flowered beautifully in place of where rose bushes might have been if any other person was living here. This Western stuff was just her mom's style. It certainly was in her blood, being the result of several generations of cowboys and Comanche heritage. To think that her mother had not only started, but built up the company to the empire it had become in just a short twenty-seven years was amazing considering the history of the family. She and her brother were the first to break away from the ranching ways and become a pharmacist and a lawyer.

Kara stopped day-dreaming and clambered into the car, hitting her shin on the running board. She certainly wasn't very graceful, despite the etiquette classes her mother insisted she go through. This was the last time she'd see this place for a while because she planned on staying in Japan throughout the holidays to try and capture some of the culture there. 'What's the point in going if I'm not going to relish the experience completely?'

Kara stared at the third floor window where she assumed her parents still slumbered. She loved them, but it would have been nice if they had at least come to say good bye.

The scrub pastures flew by the windows as the car sped towards the small town. The abandoned buildings on the outskirts of town were coming into view and the vehicle could be felt slowing down to legal in-town limits. It was almost time.

The horrendous 70's architecture of the school was soon in sight as the car rolled up to the front. Students in clothing varying from cute spring style dresses to dark garb were scattered throughout the campus front. That was one thing she would miss about this place. No uniform. Sure, there was a pretty strict dress code; no "distracting hair," ripped jeans, cleavage. 'I'm actually pretty thankful for the last one considering most of the sluts in this place let their boobs hang out enough outside of school as it is.' This new school though, Ouran, apparently had these God-awful yellow poofy things that looked like a rip off of Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast.

Kara gulped as she placed a firm grip on the door handle. She personally asked her chauffer to not open the door for her in places like this so as not to not draw too much attention. The door shuddered as it caught on the seat belt and after some rearranging of the safety device, finally opened. One jean covered leg stepped out and the other followed in suit. She stood up the rest of the way, making careful note as to not hit her head on what her driving instructor from the previous year referred to as the 'oh shit handle,' and stretched from the long ride as she closed the door to the car with her foot. Before the driver had a chance to pull away, she checked her pocket for her phone and realized it was still sitting in the cup holder in the back seat. With a tap on the window, the door was unlocked and she opened it once more to retrieve her cell with a giggle at the driver who was simply shaking his head.

"Got everything this time ma'am?"

"Let's hope so!" Kara jokingly said as she accepted the fact that she was hopelessly blonde. The driver pulled away from the curb and kind of saluted with two fingers; a gesture that Kara returned.


Kara heard her name from somewhere, but couldn't deduce where.

"Dammit Kara, auditorium!"

Kara turned in the direction of the auditorium entrance where her best friend Kiersten could be found hanging out with the rest of her theater buddies. Good friends, but no-where as close to her as Kara was. Kiersten trotted up to Kara while trying to hold back tears. Kara started to speak but was hopelessly interrupted by a wave of Kiersten's sobs. Kiersten's 5'8" form enveloped Kara's mere 5'5" in a death-grip hug.

Maybe she wouldn't make it to Japan after all.

"You can't go!" Kiersten insisted for the thousandth time since she was told of Kara's leaving, her brunette hair hanging in her face I a desperate attempt to cover tear-stained eyes.

"You know I don't want to, but I don't have a choice. My stupid parents claim this is what's "right" for a young lady to do."

"Young lady my ass. You swear more than a sailor hopped up on rum and cocaine and if I ever saw you curtsey, Hell I'd probably laugh myself into oblivion."

"Har har, so hilarious," Kara shot Kiersten a look, "I can assure I don't want to go any more than you want me to. But again, still not my option."

Kiersten sighed, still not content with the answer. "You know, if you're gone I can finally move up to number two in class ranking. That would also mean that bitch Megan would be number one though. Ugh. How about this: I'll pay somebody to kidnap you at lunch today, Nick would probably do it. No guarantee he'd give you back though, so scratch that."

Kara palm-faced. Nick had been probably more devastated than Kiersten when he found out she was leaving, probably just because he never got the chance to ask her out or try to get in her pants.

"Yep, no unnecessary rape. So either way, I'll find someone to kidnap you, and then I'll just hide you in my room and you can just eat the mac n' cheese I leave under my bed."

"You're positively disgusting, but I love you anyway," Kara said with a grin as she mockingly pat Kiersten on the head.

The two set off to go say goodbye to some special teachers, and to let the office ladies know that this was her last day. First was Mrs. Ivy, the Latin teacher who would never know the meaning of too much work and was definitely one of her most beloved teachers.

"Mrs. Ivy," Kara greeted politely as she walked into the small classroom. The elderly woman stood up from her desk and enveloped Kara in a hug, not saying anything yet. The woman pulled back and put her hands on the girl's slender shoulders, "I'll miss you. You were one of the four students in this class that kept me from going bonkers." Kara laughed lightly at the choice of word and hugged her mentor once more, Well, I'll see you in class today, but I've got a few more people to say farewell to."

"Good luck! And don't you dare go and forget all the Latin you've learned!" Mrs. Ivy said with a wag of her finger.

"Don't worry, I'd hate to have you haunt me about it later in life," the blonde girl said with a wink. And off Kara was drug by Kiersten who had been patiently standing in the doorframe.

After three more tearful goodbyes, the girls made their way to their separate first periods; the only class time the two didn't share.

The two had grown so close probably because they were different. Sure, they each had the same kooky and twisted personalities, but also there was this race thing. In the small town of only nine-thousand, most of the population was made up of dark skin and brown or black hair. Neither of them had anything against other races, but both being two of just seven white kids in the entire school kind of brought them together. Both had amazing friends that were both white and Hispanic, but each other were really the only best friend they had. Kara would trust her life with Kiersten, depending on what had to be done to save her that is… If Kiersten had to draw something, then Kara would be screwed.

As Kara walked across the long parking lot to her first period, a girl in a bright orange dress that complimented her dark skin well stopped Kara.

"So it's true, you're really moving?" the girl asked sincerely, but Kara knew better. This was Megan, who probably would have had Kara hit-off if she could afford it if it meant becoming valedictorian in the future. The girl was a genius and number two in the sophomore class, no surprise considering how hard she worked on her grades, but regardless, she had a personal vendetta against anyone who managed to get a higher grade than her in anything and quite frankly, she only managed to stay afloat in advanced placement English due to some serious ass-kissing and a good stroke of luck.

"Yeah, it's true. Just can't wait for me to be gone, eh? Don't worry, Kiersten will wipe the floor with you as soon as I'm gone. She already promised me to do so," Kara said, "and she's never broken a promise to me to this day."

Megan scoffed, "We'll see then, Rich Brat."

Being picked on for the wealth she tried to hide was something that always kind of bothered her. Not too deeply, but it hit a nerve somewhere not too far under the skin.

Most people at the small school of just 400 students either didn't know, or didn't care.

Kara really hated the thought of leaving Kiersten to face such an awful prat such as Megan alone, but good ol' Mummy and Daddy insisted she leave to Ouran before the school year in Texas was over.

The rest of the school day passed slowly as she dread the thought of that car coming that would take her away to the airport in a close-ish city.

Fury still built up in her stomach from time to time throughout the school hours, especially when it came time for tennis seven class periods later and she had to sit out. This sport was her passion, and now she'd never get to work at making number one varsity and showing up all the people who would say, "Rich kids can't play sports, they might scuff their thousand dollar shoes!' or things along those lines.

'Maybe going to this rich school won't be so bad after all,' Kara tried to convince herself, but failed.

The final bell for the day rang and Kara, along with the other athletes who were "not feeling well enough to work out" stood and started back towards the school. Some would be returning home to be greeted by their parents, others would be going out with friends. Neither were being done by Kara. She walked slowly across the track circling the football field that separated the school and the tennis courts as she waited for Kiersten to be released from softball.

Kara was suddenly torn from her place on the rubber track and was sliding across the astro-turf; sure to leave a nasty burn. Kiersten was on top of her in another one of her famous death-holds as Kara choked for air.

"So," Kara managed to squeak out from under Kiersten, "did you find a candidate to kidnap me or are you just gonna do the deed yourself?"Kiersten chuckled solemnly, she really couldn't just let her best friend fly off to some foreign country without a fight, could she?

"I'm gonna miss you," Kirsten choked out after a few moments of dreadful, tear-filled silence.


"And don't you go off forgetting me."

"Of course."

"And remember, if you ever come to visit I damn-well better be the first person to know. Got it?" Kiersten said with a small smile poised on her face.

"Absolutely," Kara said, a glistening tear rolling down her cheek. "I love you, and you will always be my best friend. And I'll call you every night so you better pick up your damn phone for once!"

A sharp car horn interrupted the blissfully-bitter moment. The chauffer had apparently grown tired of waiting and started circling the school in search of Kara.

"Go on, you're gonna be late for your flight," Kiersten said with a final hug and then a light shove in the direction of the car.

Kara kept going towards the car, not looking back so nobody would have to see the ugly tears running down her face.

It was an hour and a half drive to the airport where her flight would depart. The heat waves could be seen coming off the runway, distorting the view of the natural plant-life that grew along the edges of the tar. Planes of all sizes, shapes and colors were taking off and rolling in in perfect synchronization; quite a sight for any plane nut that may have been around.

The car eased into a spot not too far from the front doors of the airport where two armed guards stood alert, protecting the airport from possible threat. As Kara helped herself out of the car, she grabber small carry-on items: Her backpack from school that day which contained the sketchbook that would help her make it through the near twelve-hour flight. She wasn't really looking forward to jetlag. Kara took her one suitcase of clothes from the driver who had removed it from the trunk for her, and told him goodbye with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which in turn made the old man blush. The rest of her clothing and belongings had been mailed to her uncle's vacation home in Tokyo where she would be residing.

With some self-reassurance, her right foot began towards the airport doors with her other foot following in suit.

'This is gonna be a loooooong flight.'


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