Plan: Humiliate Lee!

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Chapter 2

Plan: Show Lee That I Do In Fact Have Hair!

Yes that was the plan . . . plan B, plan A will not be discussed because Gaara has a way of completely forgetting failure. Yes the plan was working perfectly, he had transported Lee to the Leaf village without incident and had escaped the idiotic gaping looks of his comrades and delirious thoughts of his older sister. Love, Pfft! As if! He, Gaara, Kazekage of the Sand did NOT fall in love! Such things did not exist for him and if they did they would obviously NOT involve the large eye browed boy!

Gaara HATED Lee. Lee had gorgeously large eyebrows, an innocent looking expression, enticingly annoying skin tight green clothing, and a way of rambling off about 'youth' for hours off end that was slightly calming. Yes it was obvious to everyone-except Lee because he was oblivious-that Gaara hated Lee. After all how couldn't it be?

Yes the plan had been going rather swimmingly until they were surrounded by the Leaf's ANBU. It turns out that poofing into a powerful village like the Leaf without warning was . . . not smart to say the least. The idiots had actually tried to attack him! He, Gaara, the Kazekage of the Sand! He had nearly killed them for their impertinence and ignorance but then decided that this would upset Lee and he could not have that, no not until he stood stark naked in front of the boy and watched the large eye browed boy flush in embarrassment at the sight of his body hair! Yes humiliation and then he would kill these idiots.

After knocking the men senseless, and hearing the green one gush about his strength and power-he allowed the Strawberry-sama to go un reprimanded only because Lee was complimenting him and NOT because he found the nickname at all cute-he dragged the group toward the Hokage because after all it would look rather unfitting for him to leave them sprawled on the ground like that when he was a guest in her village. The plan would be postponed until further notice.

He arrived at her office only to come face to face with the old hag yelling at Naruto for "Losing the red haired brat." He felt his non-existent eyebrow twitch, if he was a brat she was an annoying, gambling geezer. He threw the men in between them-Gaara had tied them together because they were easier to drag this way-and watched in concealed amusement as they started. The two blondes whipped around to where he and Lee stood, the others had already been doing so since he stepped in.

"There you are brat!" The geezer shouted a vein visible in her misleading face-the lady may look young but she was actual well around sixty.

Gaara couldn't even give a grunt before Lee interrupted. "Please Hokage-sama don't be angered at Strawberry-sama! It was my fault! I challenged him to a test in youth and he could not refuse!"

Naruto snickered at this and Gaara had to remind himself that Naruto was his friend and he couldn't very well go around ripping said friends tongue out, no doing so would be unseemly.

"Strawberry-sama?" She asked softly raising her eyebrow.

"Green-kun stop spouting nonsense." Gaara ordered easily ignoring the geezer completely.

"Yes Strawberry-sama is a cute name isn't it? I think it fits him completely! He is so sweet and red!" Lee replied completely ignoring Gaara in turn. Gaara's eye brow twitch.

"Green-kun?" Gaara asked softly, danger leaking from his voice.

"Yes Strawberry-sama?" Lee asked his eyes big and bright in innocence.

"Did I not tell you to stop spouting nonsense?" Gaara asked easily.

"But Strawberry-samaaaaa! I was just explaining to Hokage-sama what we were doing so that you would not take the fall! Though I am saddened that we could not partake in the glorious test of locating your body hair!" Lee whined.

The whole room seemed to blush except Gaara and Lee because Lee was oblivious and Gaara was Gaara.

"Green-kun stop spouting nonsense such things show be dealt with at a more appropriate time." Gaara answered apparently immune to the uncomfortable silence of the rest of the people there-besides Lee of course.

"Yay! Though you'll have to let me inspect every inch of your skin though!" Lee demanded.

Gaara rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes Green-kun now do shut up."

Lee was apparently deaf. "And perhaps you should be restrained-the bed is soft perhaps there?-so you do not back out! . . ." Lee went on and on while Gaara nodded absently and the rest of the people either got nose bleeds or fainted-or in Tsunade's case left to locate an aspirin-at every suggesting that left Lee's soft, full lips.

Love, pfft! As if Gaara would put up with him because of that! No he was just doing it for the humiliation Lee would feel at the sight of his body hair! Yes that was the sole purpose of listening to the boy's constant chatter. Love it was laughable!

Plan: Humiliate Lee. Failed.

Plan: Show Lee That I Do In Fact Have Hair. Success . . . ?

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