'Once there was a small dream.

No one really knew who had dreamt it. Such a tiny dream it was.

The little dream thought,

"I don't want to disappear like this. How can I make people dream me?"

For a while, the dream pondered on this issue until it finally reached a solution.

"I will make humans dream me, and they shall create my world."'


"No!" The young woman screamed. Her blood-red eyes, distorted with rage. "I am 'Alice'! I am the 'Alice' of this world!" She screeched. The last anyone saw of her, was a pale hand marked with a red spade, reaching out desperately for salvation.


"I am 'Alice' of this world" The man laughed maniacally. Eyes crossed, gun to his head. A blue diamond marked his hand. Red blood then stained aqua hair.


"No… No!" Emerald eyes flashed in fear as she held a shaking hand to her face… "I am queen. 'Alice' of this world." She muttered to herself, long, green hair flayed messily. A beautiful yet contorted face looked up. A green clover marked her trembling hand.


"We've been on this boat for a while now…" A young boy sat looking up to the sky, half of a golden heart sat upon his left hand.

"And? Is there anything else we can do?" His elder twin replied. She also had half of a golden heart, but this time it sat upon her right hand. She was gently rowing across the lake, while her brother dangled his legs in the water.

"Rin..." His sister grunted in acknowledgement. "Why don't we explore?" Rin's head jerked up.

"Len…" She looked at her brother with a mischievous grin. "Yes, let's explore!" She jumped up with a huge grin.

"Rin!" Len called in distress as the boat swayed. "Don't stand up on boats like this! It'll capsize!"

"Ah…" Rin sat back down and pulled the oars in so they wouldn't get lost while she neglected them. "Sorry!" She giggled.

"Look, now you're bow's messed up…" Len commented. He crawled over to straighten out the large white bow which sat upon his sister's short blonde hair. She may be the older twin, but Len was the smarter of the two, and always took care of his stubborn sister. Rin sat quietly, with her head bowed, as he fixed her bow. As soon as Len's hands drew away, her head bounced up. She smiled warmly.

"Thank you." She smiled. Len, smiling back, drew away again and looked around. Their surroundings contained the silver river they rode on, a forest on both sides, a small yellow boat with brown oars, a misty light from behind and a blinding sun up in front. The sky was a clear blue, and the warmth of the sun made it a beautiful day.

"I wonder where we are…" Len muttered to himself. They had been floating across the river for a while, and nothing had really changed. They had come through a small door, but before that they had no memory.

"Well wherever it is, I'm starting to get bored." Rin grumped. Len sighed. "And…" Rin spoke quietly, almost to herself. Len looked up in curiosity. "Where were we before this…?" She wondered. Len's eyes widened and soft tears quietly streamed down Rin's lost face.

"Rin…" Len frowned in concern as he called his sister's name, a single, unknown tear slid down his face.

"Ah!" Rin looked up in surprise, suddenly brought back to reality. "Hehe… I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me…" She giggled, wiping the tears away with her arm, leaving wet marks on her black sleeve. Len wiped his tear away, coughed then straightened his tie. Following his lead, Rin also coughed, and straightened the bow she wore loosely around her neck.

"Why don't we park the boat on the shore and explore?" Len asked trying to bring back their recently lost positivity. Rin nodded, a small smile forcing her to go back to being happy.

They pulled the boat up high onto the shore so it would not be swept away, then started to wonder around the glistening forest. Soon they found a small red door and the curious children stepped inside. There wasn't much difference between the forest they had come from and the one they were now in, except that it was not glistening in the light, and the path was not as neat and clear as before.

Len walked slightly in front of Rin, cautious of the mysterious forest, but intruiged all the same. The further they walked, the deeper they got caught up in the forest, and the darker it became. The trees thickened out and the leaves blocked the light. Rin had moved behind Len and held onto a small part of his white shirt. She regretted wearing shorts as it allowed the branches to prick her thighs, and the bugs to tickle her knees. Her white shoes were dirtied with the mud, and her short hair caught twigs and tangled.

"Maybe we should head back…" Len muttered. It was only getting darker, and he feared he could not protect his sister from whatever beasts lurked within. Rin was trembling, but her curiosity edged her on.

"No. We've come this far, we should carry on!" Determined, she bravely stepped away from her brother.

"It's too dangerous!" Len called out as Rin began to stride forwards.

"It's fine!" She called back, skillfully keeping the fear out of her voice.

Len watched worriedly and just as Rin went out of site behind a tree, a scream filled the air.

"Rin!" He yelled, running forwards in desperation. As he swung around the tree, he froze. They had reached a town, a small town with buildings and a brick road. It was just like any other town, except for the fact it was a morgue. Every inch of the town was filled with blood, splattered across the roads. Men, woman and children lay dead across streets. Heads lay far from bodies, and insides were splattered across corpses they did not belong too. Sat on the floor, surrounded by blood was Rin. Terror cursed her face as tears overflowed from amber eyes.

"Rin!" Len spun around, looking down towards the roots of the tree, examining every inch of his elder sister in distress. She appeared unharmed, only shocked. The yellow heart on her hand glowed. "Rin…" He whispered. In an instant she was clinging to him. Pushing her head into his shoulder, she gripped the front of his shirt, sobbing in fear. Len wrapped his arms around her as he looked back to the town. Whoever had done this seemed to either be one of the dead, or no longer here. Either one, the danger had passed.


"Everyone… the fourth 'Alice'… has arrived." Crimson eyes glared at the speaker. A pair of oceanic-blue eyes looked up in curiosity. While deep green eyes flashed in surprise. "I'm sure you'll find this 'Alice' interesting…." The eyes averted their gazes to a small screen, where two young children were walking through a town, trying their best to avoid walking on the dead bodies which surrounded them.


Len and Rin had decided to find out the reason for all the dead bodies, against Len's better judgments. Rin, walked in front, creating a small path for Len to follow. Len gripped Rin's hand, ready to pull her back at any sign of danger. They had argued on who should lead the way. Len had wanted to go first as he believed it could be dangerous, while Rin, determined to prove she was the elder and stronger, therefore better, had refused out of stubbornness. Len had soon given up, knowing there was no point in fighting, she'd do what she wanted and if he told her not to, then she'd simply do it herself.

It had also been Rin's idea to wonder around and find out what had happened. After calming down, curiosity had yet again overcome her. Striding confidently, they hopped over bodies and walked along the bloody road.

"Ah!" Rin's mouth opened. Len leaned to look around her, and saw that standing in front of them, was a large cathedral. Guards stood, stationed at the entrances. It looked so cleanly out of place in this 'town of the dead' that Len nearly fell over. Instead he stood gaping like a goldfish. "They're… They're alive!" Rin exclaimed in amazement.

"So they are…" Len commented, equally shocked. A huge grin broke across Rin's face.

"Oii!" She yelled, running up to the guards with her hands stretched high. "Oiii!" The guard's gaped at the small girl running over to them, they had not expected anyone to arrive.

"Rin!" Len called out. Knowing he'd be ignored, he also ended up running towards the cathedral. Rin was already excitedly talking to the men by then.

"I didn't know anyone else was here! I'm so glad you people survived! Do you have any idea who did this though?" Her speech was rushed, and the guards were just getting even more confused. As Len finally arrived, he reached out his left hand and gripped Rin's shoulder.

"Rin!" Len's harsh voice echoed across the near-empty town and caused the young girl to freeze. Pulling her back he whispered sharply, "No one could have truly escaped something like this, if they have injuries, they seem well hidden. These men could well be the cause for this mass-murder!" Rin oh-ed and looked blankly at the men, whose eyes had grown wide in shock. Rin tipped her head to the side in confusion, and Len looked up frowning. 'There's no way they could have heard me…' he thought.

But the men were staring in shocked horror at Len's hand, the hand which still rested on Rin's shoulder.

"Please wait here." One of them said and hurried inside, leaving the other guard to nod uncertainly at the twins, who in reply looked at each other and tipped their heads to the side. The first guard soon returned and spoke with his chin high, trying to regain superiority. "Please, come inside." He gestured to the now open door. "The bishop would like to meet you."

The twins paused. "Bishop?" They asked together.

"Yes, the bishop." The guard replied, unthawed by their synchronized answer. The twins nodded, and followed the guard, silently observing the walls and exits of the newly met room. An average-sized man stood in the middle. The guard left them standing a meter from this man.

"Welcome!" The bishop called, stretching his arms wide. "I apologize for what you had to see upon entering out humble town." He bowed deeply. Rin scowled. Something about this man rubbed her the wrong way.

"What caused it?" She asked bitterly. The bishop looked up in surprise. He had not expected such a sour tone, but he then quickly proceeded to collect himself.

"A red woman. A so-called… 'Alice' of this world." Upon the word 'Alice' his eyes glinted, waiting to see a reaction from the two children, whom simply blinked, awaiting more.

"Okay…" Len wondered if he was missing something. "And?" He raised his eyebrow critically.

"Your hand?" The bishop held out his own as he spoke. Len began to raise his right hand. "Other." The bishop snapped. Len apologized and placed his left hand into the bishop's. Rin growled under her breath. "Oh?" The bishop's eyes widened slightly. "Only half?" Len looked at his hand, only to see half of the golden heart which had appeared when the twins arrived in this world. Rin hesitantly raised her right hand to show her half of the heart.

"My, my…" The bishop commented. "Then, that would mean it is both of you together…" The children blinked up at him. "Together, you are an 'Alice'."

"'Alice'? You mean like whatever killed those people outside?" Rin's eyes widened. The bishop nodded. Scowling, she snatched away her hand. "We are nothing like that thing!" She grabbed Len's hand and stomped away.

"That 'thing' is one person, a red warrior whom holds a ruby sword." He called after them. "She who wishes to escape the woods…" He whispered to himself as the door slammed shut behind the children.

"The nerve of that man!" Rin stropped. "To think we're anything like the person who did this!" She gestured to the floor around them and then froze. Suddenly being brought back to the reality of their horrendous neighbors, Rin collapsed to the ground, throwing up in disgust. Len patiently held her hair out of the way and decided that they would head back to the boat no matter what she said.


This time, Rin had allowed Len to lead the way, as she fussed, moaned and complained about what had happened, acting like a spoilt child, Len quietly held her hand and nodded in agreement, more concerned about getting back to the boat safely. He too, was suspicious of the bishop, but to completely ignore his warning would be stupid and pointless.

A high pitched laughter filled the air. Len froze, petrified, and gripped his sister's hand tighter. The sound danced around his mind and, spinning around, his heart missed a beat. The forest disappeared, and instead a white mist enclosed them. There stood a young woman with short brown hair and ruby eyes. Her pale face was splattered with blood, her red dress swayed in the breeze and in her hand she held a long sword with a ruby encrusted in the hilt. She smiled sweetly down at them.


Suddenly her face twisted with rage. Blindly swinging her sword at the two children, she screamed for them to move out of her path, and to save her from the forest's evil grasp. Her dress swayed, wrapping around her legs, as she ran towards the children. Inches from slicing Rin's throat, the woman jerked and fell back. A long, thin vine had curved around her limbs, slowly but sufficiently dragging her into the mist.

"That's not right." A young voice floated in the air. The woman screamed for help, as a vine wrapped itself around her waist and compressed, crushing her ribs. Her hand flashed out in desperation and the spade on her hand glowed, emitting a red tint to the mist. "Meiko, behave." The voice whispered. "It's your fault for killing all those people." A vine slapped around her throat, strangling the struggling warrior.

"No! You placed me there! I didn't want to be there! It's your fault! What else could I have done?" She hysterically blamed the previous speaker, "You selfish" Her last screech was cut off and the forest once again replaced the mist and woman. The two children stood frozen in shock. Eyes wide and mouth hanging, they had watched the scene unfold, and were now left alone in the forest.


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