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Chapter One

"Harry! Harry! Come on! Wake up, mate!"

Fuck. Of course Ron had to wake him up now. Wake him up during the one good no; make that bloody fantastic dream he has ever had in his whole life. Thank Merlin for blankets or this situation could have gotten so awkward so quickly.

"Harry! Is he - what did him- Oh bloody hell Harry, wake up?"

Dammit... he wasn't leaving.

"Ron... what do you want?"


I reached for my glasses on the side table, finally finding them and placing them on their rightful place. I looked up to see my best mate's eyes staring at me clouded with worry.

"Ron, what's wrong... what happened?"

"You tell me."

What the... this is not the time to be speaking in riddles. I can't concentrate because of my problem. A problem I need to fix. Now.

"Ron, seriously, why did you wake me up?"

"You don't know."

Ron has never been the brightest, but he had to have more sense than this.

"You were moaning Harry."

Oh damn, he heard me. This is bound to be one awkward conversation.

"Harry, what did you see? What was your dream about?"


I mumbled. Hoping he would just give up and go away.

"What? Didn't hear you mate?"


I said again slightly louder.

"Harry, I can't hear you and if he did something bad we need to go save whoev-"


Ron's face contorted with confusion and the turned bright red as he realized the meaning behind them.

"Your face is as red as your hair, mate."

"Harry, I'm sorry... I just thought... moaning and what your dreams are usually about."

This couldn't get any bloody worse. I might as well have said "Hey mate! I was just having a really enjoyable wet dream about your sister, now excuse me while I wank off in the bathroom."

"If you know... I mean if you want help with problem..."


What the fuck was he saying? He wanted to... oh...

"I mean you know... a friend helping a friend. I know we haven't... but you probably did with Seamus...or Dean or somebody..."

"What are you even talking about?"

"You've never jerked off with someone before?"

A blush covered my face. I mean was it normal to do that? I It couldn't be... could it?

"Have you... you know... ever... with a friend?"

"Yeah... plenty of times."

Thanks, I really needed to know that.

"I mean everyone does it... I mean I've done it with Dean and Seamus, even Neville."

Even Neville? I mean Neville.

"But isn't it sort"

"Harry, it is just me helping you release some pressure, what's wrong with that?"

Well when he put it that way. And did I need some pressure relief.

"Harry, neither of our girlfriends is putting out, which is good for you or you would be dead right now. We both need relief, just say yes or no, so we can either do it or we can go back to bed.

Oh, was I going to regret this tomorrow.