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Chapter 2.

A few years later.

Sam's POV

Dean never did recover from Katie's death. Neither did Bobby or myself for that matter. After we left the hospital that day, Dean started drifting away from everyone; he started drinking a lot more and well he just got back from hell, and he won't talk about it to anyone. Not even me or Bobby. So now we're headed up to Bobby's to get another case.

"Dean did you call ahead? Bobby does know we're coming right?" All I got in response was a nod from Dean.

I sighed and leaned back in my seat. Bobby had called us a few days ago saying that Cas told him there was a new Angel and we needed to find her before Uriel did. Cas then contacted us saying that we would need Bobby for this case, he didn't say why, typical for Cas, though this time he seemed to be more interested in the case than usual. It was almost as if this case was going to be personal for all of us.

We pulled into Bobby's long driveway and got out of the Impala. I saw Dean glance at Katie's old Comaro, it was dusty from being left there for so long. Walking up to the front door, we just walked right in. Seeing Bobby walk again had been a miracle; it was as if he had never been in a wheelchair at all.

"Hey boys, so the new case is gonna take us to a little town called Claremont Oklahoma. Cas told me that we'll be looking for a girl about your age Dean, black hair, blue eyes. She's the incarnation of Lyrica, the Fate of the future. So we need to be on our toes around this one." Bobby said bringing in a bag of weapons. "If this case should go south we need to subdue her and bring her back here to the panic room. Cas has offered to transport her here if it comes to that. So everything clear?" he looked at Dean.

Dean nodded. "Let's go."

In Claremont a few days later…

Normal POV

"Alright so Cas can you point us in a semi-correct direction?" Sam asked as they got out of the Impala. They had stopped near a grove of trees.

"You're looking for a river. Follow it and you'll find the girl." Cas said and then vanished.

"Well that was a lot of help. Come on guys, let's find this river." Dean said grabbing a backpack full of weapons and starting on the trail in front of them.

Bobby and Sam followed behind him. "So Sammy is he doing any better?" Bobby asked as they stepped over logs and fallen trees.

Sam shook his head. "No he started getting better a few months back, but then…" he stopped talking as they all heard a scream. "Let's go!" they started running towards the sound and soon came upon the river that Cas was talking about. Dean had gotten there first, and had found a shocking sight. A girl, who looked a lot like the girl they were looking for, was fighting a ghost.

"Alright that's it. Confringo!" Flames sprouted and erupted around the ghost. "Duro!" suddenly the ghost turned to stone. The girl breathed a sigh of relief. She shoved a hand into her black hair which was in her eyes. She finally noticed the boys and Bobby. "Who in the bleeding blazes of hell are you?" she asked with an eyebrow raised. The boys were in shock, Bobby felt as if he was about to collapse. Surprisingly it was Dean who spoke up first. "Kate?" he asked not believing his eyes. The girl simply cocked her head. Then her eyes went wide. "Winchester?" she turned to Bobby. "Dad." Suddenly Castiel and another Angel appeared. "Sariel, Castiel, you have some serious s'plaining to do. NOW. Like why didn't I remember everything when I was brought back?"

"I would like to know that as well Castiel." Sariel turned to the Angel. "As the fate of the past it's my right to know when my sister is in trouble and when she is not going to get her memories back!" she said lifting him by his collar.

Katie just sighed and turned to the boys. "It looks like we all have some explaining to do." She looked at Dean, the look in his eyes made her heart break. She saw him sigh and walk away. "Sara I'm gonna follow him." She said as she walked after Dean out of the woods. "Dean! Wait!"

Dean turned to see who was calling him, though he had a pretty good idea who it was. He sighed and as he walked up to the Impala he turned to face her. "I just have one question."

Katie looked at him. "What?"

"Why didn't you tell me who you were? Kate if I had known that you wouldn't really die…"

"You would've what Dean? Not have been worried about finding me?" She shook her head. "If you hadn't taken me out of those woods and gotten me to the hospital Alistair would have found me and I would be under Lucifer's hold right now! Dean you and Sam had to believe that I was dead in order for Sariel to find me at the hospital." She looked him in the eye and saw the sadness that had been trapped behind his tough shield for the past three years was starting to show itself. She walked over to him. "That and…I didn't remember anything from before I was born here on Earth…" she whispered.

Dean looked up at her. "So do I call you Lyrica or Kate?" he said smiling.

Her eyes snapped up to his. Dean noticed the sadness that had been in her eyes just moments before was gone. She smiled at him. "Kate's fine. Only the Angels and Demons call me Lyrica. Sides as far as I'm concerned I was Kate before I was Lyrica." She reached over to him and hugged him. "I'm sorry Dean, I…Cas told me what happened to you in the pit…"she whispered this as she felt him tense. "Dean, before I was allowed to return to my fate status I was sent down to the pit as well…Sariel had to pull me out." She pulled away from him and frowned, sadness once again in her eyes. "The reason for this is that we…we were originally on Lucifer's side. The myth about the Greek fates living in Hades is correct. We lived in Hell for a long time before we were able to find a way out of Lucifer's hold." She explained. "But…Dean I was shown a future that…was hard for me to work towards while still having my sense of right and wrong, the future that Lucy has planned for everyone –especially you and Sammy-…it's not pretty Dean. I see everyone's future heck there's an entire volume about this big," she spread her arms out almost all the way, "just on you. There's another one that big on Sammy as well." She looked past him at something in the distance. "When I was shown a possible future where you and Sammy turned evil…I volunteered to come to earth and be Bobby's daughter, if only to steer you and Sammy on the right path and be your guardian angel of sorts…I didn't expect to forget everything in the process or…" she looked away from him her eyes distant.

Dean had a pretty good idea of what she meant but pressed her anyway. "Or what? Kate?"

She sighed and looked at him. "I'm sure Cas has told you but it's kinda forbidden for Angels -or Fates for that matter- to fall in love. It's like a conflict of interest thing. Dean when I was dying I began to remember things about my life as Lyrica, I-I" she sighed again. "Dean I…I can't" she bit her lip and looked away again.

Dean went to put his hand on her shoulder but they heard a rustle in the trees. Kate's head shot up and her eyes turned black while her irises took on a golden look. "Dean. You need to get behind me." She whispered.

"Why? Whatever it is-" she cut him off.

"Dean this isn't just another supernatural baddie. This is a spawn of Cerberus, a three headed dog that has the demeanor of a hell hound and the playfulness of a rabid demon controlled dog."

"So it's like a fluffy kitten?"

Her eyes turned on him, they narrowed. "This is no time for jokes Dean. You need to get out of here."

"What about you? Kate we can't lose you again."

"I'll be fine. I've dealt with these…shit." All of a sudden her left arm became a blazing archangel blade. "Dean get behind me!" she threw him what looked like a regular Angel blade. "We need to get out of this forest. This must be their hunting grounds or…" She looked to her right. "Oh great Dean on the count of three run forward, don't argue. I can get us out of here; Sara and Cas have already gotten Bobby and Sammy out. I know you don't like flying, but you are just going to have to suck it up for now." She said as they started backing up. "Ready?" they could hear growls coming from all around them. "Three." She said and grabbed his waist and spread her black and white wings launching them both into the air. They could hear the snarls below them.