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Prompt: I had the strangest dream last night…

The forest was overgrown. Trees were jutting out with their spindly branches, reaching forward trying to grab onto me. Green leaves mixed with fiery orange and bright yellow as the autumn season descended upon the area.

I had been here before. I could feel it in my bones, but I wasn't sure why I was here now. I trudged through the thick overgrowth my sneakers sinking into the soft, mossy ground. The air was thick with moisture and the sun was absent from the heavy canopy of leaves.

Trudging forward I could see an open area where the sun poked through in beams. My mouth dropped open in a gasp as a man stood in the middle of the grassy area shirtless. Heat rushed to my cheeks as I gazed at him.

"Bella," the man said in a soft whisper. "Don't be afraid," he added with a smirk. He motioned me forward and I stepped into the treeless circle. I moved closer like a rope was pulling me towards him. He cupped my cheek once I neared him and smiled a warm smile.

"Happy Birthday," he grinned. I was transfixed with his amber colored eyes. As my eyes wandered down I noticed that his skin glistened. It wasn't the same way sweat soaked skin would glisten it was like there were diamonds sitting on the surface glinting and sparkling.

"Who are you?" I said taken back by the way my voice sounded so melodic.

"You'll find out soon enough," he chuckled quietly. "I might fight you and try to resist, but it will be futile. It's all part of the plan. Just promise me that you'll be safe."

I stared at him in awe. I felt like my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders. He was breathtakingly beautiful. His chest was chiseled and taught. He had a strong jaw with high cheekbones and a slightly crooked nose. His hair was an auburn mess on top of his head.

"Promise me," he spoke lowly drawing my attention to his mouth. His lips were crimson red pillows that looked so invitingly soft.

"Bella," he called. "Promise me."

"Bella," he said again urgently. "Please," he pled.

"Bella," his voice was changing and sounded much more feminine.

"Bella," the trees around us started to disappear and everything turned white.


I gasped and opened my eyes to see my mom hovering over me.

"Sweetie, come on," my mom, Renee, called.

"Mom?" I questioned feeling disoriented.

"Your guests will be here soon. It's not every day that you turn sixteen," she giggled. "Plus your daddy is supposed to call soon. He's so excited about you moving in with him next year."

I groaned in put my head in my hands. I'd tried to forget about moving to Forks, Washington, but mom always brought it up whenever she could. It's not that she wanted to move, but she had a new husband and I wanted them to have a proper honeymoon phase. I hadn't visited dad since I was six-years-old.

The forest. The trees. The humid air.

"Bella?" she asked concerned.

"I had the strangest dream," I told her my brain and heart racing.

"It's probably just the excitement of turning sixteen," she smiled widely.

"Yeah," I nodded as she exited my room.

I don't even know what his name is.

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