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Witfit Prompt: Skill

Late October 2011

When you live in an area that gets snow as early as October, you learn to take advantage of the warmer weather while you have it. That's why my husband, Edward, is now on our roof installing the brand new LED Christmas lights on our eaves. He's not happy about it, but it's a balmy sixty-seven degrees out so I insisted that we spend the afternoon putting up the Christmas lights.

"I need more of those clip things, Bella," Edward yelled down from the upper most portion of our roof.

"I'm not getting up there," I yelled back.

"You don't have to princess," he snapped. "I'll come down to the lower roof and you can throw the box up to me."

"Okay," I sighed grabbing the box of the plastic clips that secured the lights to the house.

Edward smirked when I threw the box and it only made it halfway to the roof.

"Come on slugger I know you can throw harder than that," he taunted me. Bastard.

"Bite me," I growled whipping the box at his head.

"It will be my pleasure to do so once I'm done with this," he laughed.

Late November 2006

"Did you see the Stanley's house?" I growled throwing my coat on the old church pew we had in our mudroom.

"I didn't really pay attention, why?" Edward asked distractedly. He was cooking dinner and watching ESPN at the same time. If nothing else, he was a great multitasker.

"They have two blow ups and lights all around their porch and the house," I stomped my foot like a twelve year old girl.

"Okay," he furrowed his brow and glanced at me. "What's the big deal?"

"The big deal, Edward, is that we only have lights on the eaves. We don't have anything else. I want more stuff!"

He looked at me like I was crazy. "I don't think it matters how much stuff we have out for Christmas, Bella."

"It does," I huffed. "That bitch did it on purpose. She hates me because she wants you."

"Really, Bella? She doesn't want me. It wouldn't matter even if she did because I don't want anyone else but you."

"Thank you, that's very sweet, but I want more stuff."

"What if I said I didn't know how to hook it all up?" he questioned with an eyebrow raised.

"You can hook it up, Edward. You have skills when it comes to that stuff."

"We're not getting more Christmas decorations. The lights we have are just fine."

"Edward," I whined keeping up with the twelve-year-old girl persona.

"No," he said with finality.

Two Days Later

I turned onto our street and gasped at our house. It was like a beacon of Christmas joy. A huge smile spread across my face as I spotted Edward standing in our front yard. As I pulled into the driveway, my smile turned into a frown once I realized he was talking to Jessica Stanley.

I don't think I'd ever gotten out of my car so fast. I pulled my coat tighter against me to fight the frigid wind and approached them.

"Oh that's so funny," Jessica giggled sounding entirely too fake.

"Yeah," Edward chuckled as he placed the last candy cane light into the ground at the end of our walkway to the front door.

"Hey Bella," Jessica sneered and rolled her eyes.

"Stanley," I growled threading my arm through Edward's.

"Thank you," I whispered into his ear pressing my lips against his skin lightly.

"You're welcome," he grinned squeezing my waist.

"I was just telling Edward about the neighborhood Christmas light contest," Jessica interrupted excitedly. "Mike is going to finish putting up our decorations this weekend, but I don't think it'll beat what you guys have. We may have to go buy more," she laughed and flipped her hair over her shoulder.

"Well I'm done with the decorations. What you see is what you get," Edward replied.

"I'll tell Mike to come grab you if he needs help," she cackled.

"Yeah that's cool," Edward said and nodded.

"I'll even have cookies and hot chocolate for payment," she whined and batted her eyelashes.

"We have plans this weekend," I snapped and tugged on Edward's arm. "Sorry," I said with a smirk and wiggled my fingers at her as we walked into the house.

Edward laughed taking off his coat and shoes. "That girl is a piranha. She came over a couple of hours ago wanting to know if I could fix her leaky faucet."

"Are you kidding me?" I gasped.

"Nope," he laughed, "I told her I wasn't any good with plumbing. That's Emmett's specialty. She kept trying to get into the house. She kept putting her hand on my arm as well."

"She's horrible."

"I don't think I realized it until you said something a couple of days ago. I've never really given her a second thought. After she came over here I went out and bought the rest of the crap that Home Depot had for decorations."

"Thank you," I exclaimed peppering his face with kisses. "I love all of it and maybe now we'll win the contest."

"We better. I spent a boat load of money and time on that stupid shit."

"If we win it'll be all thanks to your skills," I laughed. "I'll show you my gratitude later tonight," I winked and pranced into the kitchen to start dinner.

"I'm holding you to that," Edward said huskily.

A/N: Did you enjoy? Yeah, so I'm not normally a competitive person, but this year...the Christmas lights have done me in. I'm pretty sure hubs is sick of me asking him to go buy more. Every day someone else in our neighborhood puts up lights and decorations and I have to inspect and decide if it's better than ours or not. LOL! It's ridiculous!

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