Summary: Kevin notices something odd about his friend Ryoma. Two-shot. No pairings.

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"I'm back!" shouted Ryoma in English as he entered his home in America.

"Sorry to intrude!" shouted Kevin, who had picked up his old habit from when he had stayed in Japan after he had started hanging out with Ryoma. Even though they were always conversing in English, they would sometimes use Japanese gestures (thank you for the food, sorry to intrude, please take care of me, etc).

About five minutes later, both boys had made themselves comfortable in Ryoma's room, "studying" for their upcoming exams.

"Gah! I hate exams!" Kevin suddenly blurted out of nowhere, falling on his back and staring at the ceiling. "I can't wait 'til summer starts!"

An amused smirk spread across Ryoma's face as he stared at his blond friend. "It's only been five minutes, Kevin. Anyways, at least you don't have to go to summer school."

Still lying on his back, Kevin smirked at the ceiling. "Oh yeah, the Japanese school year finished in March, didn't it?"

"That's right," said Ryoma, sitting back with a sigh. "Which means I'm 3 months behind."

"Then why don't you stay in America, instead of moving back? You can live with my family, and that way you have the whole summer free," said the blonde teen, giving a half-hearted attempt at convincing his friend to not move.

Ryoma's smirk morphed into a genuine smile, and the boy said, "No way in hell." Even if the American school year was only just finishing, and even if he would have to study all summer to catch up to where his classmates (who had already graduated junior high three months ago) were, there was nothing that could stop him moving back to his homeland.

Suddenly sitting up, Kevin changed the topic (whether it was intentional or not, Ryoma would never know).

"You're pretty weird though, Ryoma," he said, with a half smile tugging at his lips. "Even though you've been living here for the past two years, and you only lived in Japan for even less than a year, you still consider it your home, don't you?"

"What makes you think that?" asked Ryoma, curious at his friend's line of reasoning.

Kevin shrugged. "Well," he said. "Even though we always speak in English, you're still weirdly polite, in a . . . Japanese way. You always speak respectfully towards the teachers, and when we were 8th graders, you were pretty damn polite to the upperclassmen . . . in comparison." He had added the "in comparison" part because, even though Ryoma had never done anything to openly provoke the older kids (which was more than he could say for some), his natural arrogance had still annoyed much of the 9th graders, which Ryoma himself was obviously aware of but didn't do anything to improve.

"Yeah," said Ryoma, looking more than a little confused. "And?"

"And I don't remember you ever saying 'I'm home' or 'welcome home' these past two years," replied Kevin, referring to the tradition of saying 'tadaima' or 'okaeri'. "It's always 'I'm back' or 'welcome back'."

The greenette* didn't reply, surprised at his friend's perceptiveness. He hadn't been doing it consciously; it was just that he couldn't bring himself to say the word 'home' in relation to anything but that temple in Japan he'd lived in for such a short amount of time.

"Wow," he said, sounding incredulous. "For once in your life, you're actually right."

"Of course I am," said Kevin, smirking. Then, realizing that he'd just been insulted, he said, "Hey!"

Throwing his head back, Ryoma let out a laugh. It was so much fun teasing the blonde.

Kevin, frustrated that he couldn't think of anything to retort back with, decided to keep quiet.

A few moments of companionable silence passed by before the blonde said in a pondering voice, "You'll say it next week, though, won't you? When you go back to Japan?"

For a moment, Ryoma sat in silence, staring into space and already thinking of the trip he would go on next week which would take him halfway around the world.

Then, in the same, pondering tone as his friend, he said, "Probably. . ."

*Greenette: one with green hair. Yes, I know it's not a real word, but if people use silverette to describe Gokudera from KHR or blunette for Dawn from Pokemon, then I do believe I deserve some leniency here.

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