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A certain fifteen year old greenette smiled as he stepped off the plane and onto Japanese soil for the first time in two years.

Looking around, the boy relaxed a little as he saw himself surrounded by other Japanese people instead of the foreigners he had gotten accustomed to in his time in America.

Following his parents to the luggage carousel, he smiled a little as he let the sounds of the airport wash over him, filling his ears; the sound of people conversing in Japanese instead of English.

"Oi! Gaki! Stop loitering and hurry up!" shouted Ryoma's father. Irritated at the man for interrupting his reverie, Ryoma walked forward and grabbed Karupin's cat carrier (he'd sent all his other belongings ahead). Ending down, he pulled the Himalayan out of the carrier and held him in the crook of his arm, holding the carrier in his other hand.

As Ryoma walked along behind his parents on their way to the taxi, Karupin licked his master's chin and purred, seeming as happy as Ryoma was to be back in Japan.

Before he knew it, Ryoma had already arrived at a taxi and was climbing in beside his mother with Karupin in his lap.

During the whole ride home, he kept his eyes glued to the window of the cab as if it were the most interesting television show on the face of the planet, and the moment the car stopped in front of the temple, he jumped out without a second glance and rushed towards the familiar building.

Before he could get inside, though, there was a shout of, "There he is!"

Turning to see who it was, Ryoma saw all his former team mates from junior high. Fuji-sempai had been the one to call out.

"Kya! Ochibi-chan!" shouted Eiji, running up and grabbing Ryoma into a bone-crushing embrace. "We missed you so much! You are never allowed to leave again!" he shouted.

When he noticed that aforementioned ochibi-chan was too busy suffocating to respond to what he had said, he reluctantly loosened his grip a little.

Ryoma immediately took a gulp of much needed air, but was attacked again almost immediately by his best friend, who had captured him in yet another lethal embrace.

As Oishi came over with a worried look, he said, "Momo, let go of Ryoma-kun! He's turning blue!"

Looking sheepish, the second-year immediately let go, and the others came to greet the newly returned rookie of their team.

After all the greetings were done, Ryoma invited his friends inside so they could catch up, and all of them eagerly agreed.

With a smile on his face, Ryoma led his sempai-tachi towards his house, and the moment he stepped over the threshold, he said the one word he hadn't tasted on his lips for a long time now.