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I growled low, thinking of my husband Royce. Everything I used to think was so dreamy about him now left me wanting to smother him in his sleep. I should have listened to the tiny voice in my head screaming 'I don't' the day of the wedding, I should have waited like my parents told me to, but I'd simply ignored everything and strutted my way into marital bliss. The ink had barely been dry on the paper before I'd realized what a mistake I'd made. But I was a Hale and Hales didn't quit; they also didn't do manual labor, according to my father. So here I was four years later, shackled to a desk job I hated instead of working as a mechanic as I'd always wanted, and married to a man I despised.

"Hey, Beautiful!" A cheerful voice broke through my miserable thoughts "Working late?"

"Hey yourself," I smiled, looking up at the one bright spot in my day.

Peter Whitlock.

He'd started working for Cullen & Platt Law Firm a few months ago and we'd become fast friends, always talking and laughing when we encountered each other. On my worst days, he could make me smile with his outrageous flirting; I even flirted back on occasion. Peter was one fine looking man. He was six-one with the body of a swimmer, dark blonde hair, and the most amazing hazel-green eyes I'd ever seen. I often found myself getting lost in them when we were talking. Lately, I'd started fantasizing about attaching myself to those delicious looking lips of his, but the ring on my finger kept me from launching myself at him.

"I offered to work," I finally answered as he propped a hip against the corner of my desk.

"That husband of yours still getting on your nerves," he drawled with a knowing smile.

My stomach fluttered. There was just something about a southern accent that made me want to purr like a kitten.

"Let's put it this way," I sighed dramatically. "I wouldn't cry if he got lost on the way home and never came back."

Peter chuckled swinging his booted foot. I tried not to stare, but it was absolutely impossible with him looking the way he does.

"Sugar I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to come home to you."

"Ha you don't know my husband. Royce views me as nothing more than a piece of furniture!"

"Then he's a damn fool," he spoke with conviction.

My eyes widened at his tone.

"Then what does that make me?" I couldn't help but ask.

"An angel for putting up with his shit," he said a little softer now. I practically melted into my seat as he continued, "He doesn't know how to handle you."

"Ha, and you do?" I asked with a smirk.

Peter was always talking shit. It was what he did best.

"Wouldn't you like to know…" he drawled and my heart stuttered a step.

I sure as hell wanted to know! God, I hated my husband!

"Hales don't get divorces," I quoted, mimicking my mother.

A slow smile crossed his rugged face, "I wonder what else Hales don't do," he said softly.

Had someone turned down the air because it suddenly felt hot in here?

"Well since I'm a King I guess you'll never know," I joked trying to defuse the heat spreading through my body. My panties were damp. Rose, get a hold of yourself, I chastised myself silently.

He leaned in closer until our noses almost touched and my stomach clenched in anticipation.

"What a damn shame," he breathed staring into my eyes.

His breath ghosted over my lips like a lover's caress and a slight moan escaped my lips. What a damn shame indeed.

"I better finish this filing so I can get home," I mumbled pushing away from him reluctantly.

On one shoulder, I had the good angel reminding me of my marriage vows. On the other shoulder, the bad angel was telling me to mount up and ride that stallion. My pussy walls quivered at the thought of his cock sliding in and out of me as he took me from behind, slapping my ass in time to his strokes as I screamed my way to ecstasy. Choking back a moan, I grabbed the files, mumbled a see you later, and hauled ass to the filing room before I did something stupid.

I was bent over putting some files away, still trying to calm my hormones when a hard body pressed up against my backside. I bite my lip as an even harder cock pushed against me.

"Let me give you a hand," Peter whispered in a smoky voice and my eyes rolled back as he grinded into me.

"Oh my fuck," I groaned as his lips attacked my neck finding that spot that turned me into a wildcat.

There's no turning back now, I thought lustfully as his lips and hands trailed over my body. I started rubbing my ass against his cock harder and faster when his hands slipped under my dress to massage my pussy through the silk of my panties. The combination of his fingers and silk created a delicious friction that had me panting and begging him for more.

My hands found my way to my breast and started toying with them as his fingers danced over my clit. I was mumbling to him incoherently as pressure started to build between my legs. I was close to cumming when he suddenly stopped. He spun me around and took my mouth in a ravenous kiss. My pulse skyrocketed as I lifted one leg along the outside of his. My hands ran over his shoulders, chest, and down his stomach, loving the feel of his toned body twitching under my fingertips.

His hands moved to my thigh, pulling me hard against him and I nearly moaned from the contact. My dress bunched around my hips as he cupped and kneaded my ass in his big hands. Heat rushed through me when he suddenly picked me up by the back of my thighs and carried me over to the desk we kept in the room. He sat me down on it and reached under my dress ripping my panties off in one fluid movement. The action caused blood to rush to my ears in shock and I barely noticed he'd dropped his pants until I felt the tip of his cock nudging my wet entrance.

We both groaned as he rubbed the tip along my dripping slit.

"Is this ok," he grunted pushing into me a little.

"God yes," I groaned, wanting more.

"That didn't sound convincing," he said with a sexy smirk, withdrawing completely.

"Please," I whispered wiggling closer, trying to get him all the way in.

He chuckled at my efforts, pissing me off.

"Gotta do better than that Rosie baby."

I growled, pushing him away, hopped off the desk and leaned over with my ass in the air.

"Peter Whitlock, quit playing around and fuck me hard," I ordered slapping my own ass in the process.

"With pleasure baby," he pushed into me roughly causing us both to groan in pleasure as his pumped in and out of me at a fast pace. My hands skidded over the smooth surface for leverage as I pushed back riding the waves of pleasure his cock was producing. One hand held onto my hip as the other slid around to play with my clit. I was moaning and sobbing his name, urging him to quicken his pace, calling him my daddy and whatever the fuck else came to mind. We both stiffened at the same time and I rode out the waves of my orgasm as he thrust into me one last time. A curse escaped his lips as he collapsed against my back.

"Thanks for the hand," I murmured when I finally caught my breath.

He nipped playfully at the back of my neck "Anytime sugar."