This story has just got me far to excited, I can't seem to let the characters, and their sitations go.

I've decided to write a series. I don't know how long the series will be. But it will definatly be a trilogy. Here is the third part. I hope you like it.

"Pathway to Parallel"

Chapter 1: Questions

Dark gave a bemused look. He was watching the young Hero of Light twirl his sword around in a mock fight with a thin tree just outside the far walls of Castle Town. Dark sat on one of the fences just beyond the Hero's eye line, resting.

What was it about this boy that made him so much better? Dark thought, a mixture of anger and self-hatred making his thoughts seem sour to even him, What do these beings of Light see in that dim-witted nuisance?

Dark's eyes glittered in the way that only his eyes could, a way that seemed to combine all the light of life in two soulless pools of dark red. It was a paradox of which only the Hero's Shadow was capable of accomplishing; but then Dark himself was a paradox.

Dark, ever the other side of light, was the perfect reflection of the Hero of Time. Dark appeared as if the negative of his other half, his eyes were deep soulless red pools, which would lighten and darken constantly. His skin was steely silver, almost like traces of moonlight, but not nearly as luminescent now that he bore a true body. His hair was like feathery silver, floating down around his pointy Hylain ears, in front of his face, and along the tender nape of his strong neck.

He was known for wearing the Hero's formal tunic and belting structure, only in shades of black and light gray. But lately he had taken to wearing the silk tunics and soft leather boots of his "home," the former house of the sages of darkness. He doubted very much they would miss them. Currently he was sporting a thin silk black open-breasted tunic with a white cotton jerkin underneath and black pants; it was summer after all. And Hyrule Field could get swelteringly hot in the heat of the seventh month.

Dark smirked again when the Hero swung his sword in a well-timed uppercut, lodging the sleek and magical blade half its span deep into the tree's trunk. He gave a sharp laugh when he watched the Hero panic and begin yanking at the blade, desperation making him sweat.

"Nothing like a good torment session to get the body moving." Dark whispered smugly to himself, as he slowly stretched out the sleek muscles of his arms and upper back. He watched the struggling continue for a few more moments before leaping down from his perch on the fence's post. He moved like a cat, like a very large and dark panther, and he slinked right up until he was mere feet behind his prey.

Link was grumbling and mumbling to himself in frustrated and angry tones, his body shaking as he grasped the hilt and yanked at the sword repeatedly. The sword, better known as the great Master Sword, Evil's Bane, the Goddesses' Gift, the Divine Blade, yadda, yadda, yadda, was currently wedged quite well between layers 44 and 45 of the tree's lifecycle. And Dark doubted it had any plans on budging within the next few hours.

Dark slithered around until he was on his Light's left side, a place he normally avoided. However, Dark doubted he'd need to dodge any attacks from the Hero's dominant hand at the moment, what with his main source of power currently taking on the same amount of worth as a rusty axe. Dark smirked when he saw his Light side flinch and look up at him in dismay. The struggling and yanking doubled.

"Wow, I can't believe you did that. That princess of yours is gonna be so pissed." Dark smirked and gave a bored look at his nails, his eyes glittering with dark glee despite his nonchalant statement. Link snarled and yanked harder. "Goddesses above, you really wedged it in there! I don't think it's coming out, Hero."

"Shutup Dark." The Hero of Time didn't even bother to acknowledge his dark half with a look, he simply kept yanking at his sword, the need to free his defense against Dark's Replica evident in the way he had thrown all his force into his effort. Dark laughed at the sight.

"You know, I came to mess with you, maybe make your day a little less enjoyable. But you seem to be quite capable of handling that all on your own." Dark remarked casually. He watched his Light side flinch again before whipping around and reaching for his Megaton Hammer. Dark took a step back. He hated that stupid thing, what a cheap shot. "Don't you dare swing that overgrown Goron monstrosity at me!" He growled as Link took aim with the Hammer, making Dark reach behind himself to form his own blade.

Link gave Dark his own smirk, it was a lot like Dark's, only not so vicious looking. The Hero wasn't capable of appearing vicious, angry and battle-ready maybe, but vicious? No, the Hero was too good-natured and kind-hearted for that. He moved out of his attack position, relaxing his grip on the Hammer slightly, making Dark release the mist that had begun to swirl about his fist.

"What this?" He replied; mockery and innocence making his tones feel sticky and sweet at the same time. He looked over at the Hammer and blinked in mock shock, "Why, I wasn't aware I even had it in my hand! Now how'd that happen?"

"Shut your face." Dark snarled. Poking the Hero with one slender steel finger, red eyes flashing, "No one likes a sarcastic Hero." Link stood up a bit straighter meeting his other half's glare with one of his own.

"What happened to tormenting me?"

"Keep it up and I will."

"Right." Link said the word 'right' as if it were as close to untrue as it was possible for the word to be. He rolled his eyes and replaced the Hammer behind him. Dark watched as it seemingly disappeared before his eyes, how did the Hero manage that anyway?

"Sorry to spoil your fun." Link said a mixture of mirth and frustration making his tones zip around, "But I'm busy right now as you can see, so why don't you go commit mass genocide or whatever it is you do on your days off." Link went back to yanking at his sword, his frustration mounting as the blade continued to remain stuck. Dark made a noise in his throat that was a mix between frustration and anger, and sounded almost animal-like.

"You should be sorry. The one enjoyment I'm capable of possessing, and you have to snatch it away!" Dark crossed his arms and leaned against the side of the tree that wasn't occupied by the Master Sword, rolling his eyes in irritation as he did. "Just like you snatch everything else!" Link paused to give him an unsympathetic glare before returning to his efforts.

"I don't snatch anything from you, you ruin everything you touch."

"That's hurtful."

"I meant every word."

"Lying is a sin."

Link snarled and pointed angrily at his Dark side, who was feeling more exhilarated with every mounting negative emotion his light side was shedding. "Don't you have somewhere, anywhere, to be?"

"No, not really." Dark stood up and walked away from his light side slightly, pretending to look out past the stretches of Hyrule Field in the direction of his "home." "I gave my servants the run of the house for the day, keeps them from thinking." Link looked at him quizzically, curiosity making him war within himself, and suddenly he felt almost drowsy. When had that happened?

"Keeps them from thinking about what?" He asked, his voice shifting between sensible and aware to whispery and compliant. Dark pretended to be lost in some sort of serious thought. Link blushed in slight embarrassment and realization when Dark smirked at him superiorly, knocking him from the small spell as if he'd been thrown from Epona's back.

"Just thinking, I hate when people think on their own. It's so much easier to keep people placated and in control when they don't think, they just do." Link rolled his eyes and snarled at himself for falling for the trap. He shook his head to clear out Dark's presence, and went back to yanking at the tree.

"You are such a sadistic bastard."

"How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not sadistic; I'm practical."

"Well if you were truly practical, you'd realize when you've overstayed your welcome." Link shot at Dark over his shoulder. Dark didn't respond. He just watched almost pleasantly as the Hero of Time continued to wrench and thrash about in an attempt to pry the blade free.

"I have a question for you, my little Hero." Link frowned at his dark side and refused to speak, so Dark went on. "Seeing as you are currently in a position of lowered defense, albeit not without defense." Dark added when the mention of lowered defense made the Hero reach behind him for his Megaton Hammer. "Why don't we have a little chat? I have something I've been meaning to ask you."

Link now turned slowly to face Dark, his deep blue eyes dancing with a mix between curiosity and irritability, but curiosity won.

"What exactly do you want to talk about, Shadow?" Dark flinched, he hated it when people referred to him as a mere shadow; Dark was so much more than that. But he let it slide, and made a motion beckoning Link to follow him over to where a cluster of trees just a few dozen yards away provided shade from the burning heat. Dark began walking towards the cluster, leaving his light side to decide.

Link looked at his Master Sword, its strong blade buried sideways from the tip to the hilt in the tree's trunk. It wasn't going anywhere, so neither was he. And it's not like anyone outside of him could touch it, not even Zelda, she could only move it with her powers of light. Link turned back to watch as Dark lazily sat down on the grass under the trees, his back to one of the trunks and his red eyes closed. He would appear to those who didn't know him to be sleeping, but Dark never rested in an open place; he was always alert if he wasn't certain of his own safety. Link sighed and followed.

Link approached his dark side warily. He sat down on an opposite facing tree, making sure that he was in full reach of his Hammer, and refused to close his eyes nonchalantly as Dark did. They sat there like that for a few minutes. The sun continued to blaze its way down from the soft blue sky of Hyrule. The shifts of the leaves above the Hero and his Shadow's heads barely made a sound as the breeze was almost non-existent.

Link frowned and stared at Dark, who appeared to be asleep, but Link knew better.

"I thought you had a question? Wake that annoying ass of yours up." Link kicked his dark side's leg, making Dark's eyes shoot open and hands grip his arms forcefully. Link's hand went immediately for his Hammer. Dark grunted irritably and rolled his eyes, before regaining his composure.

"I did; I still do." He said silkily, his words seeming to wind their way out from his mouth only to slide and glide around in Link's brain, even going so far as to waltz in there. Link shook his head to free the beginnings of Dark's charm from lingering in his head.

"Then ask it already."

Link waited for Dark to respond in dark mockery, in sadistic glee, in anger or frustration; instead, Dark looked down at his hands which he'd uncrossed. Link leaned away from Dark, this was new, what kind of trick is he playing at now?

"I just wanted to know. When we—we fought together. I thought I might finally—know." Dark's eyes were hidden as he stared down at his hands, which were clenching and unclenching. Link raised an eyebrow, not ready yet to fall for another one of his negative side's infamous tricks.

"You wanted to know what exactly?" Link replied, crossing his arms and leaning back against the tree. It had been awhile since he'd sat here talking to Dark. Not that the two had overly-conversed during Dark's brief stay at the castle, or in the last few months since Dark had been allowed a body of his very own; Sheik had been right.

Dark had messed with his head. The two needed to stay apart from each other; it was the only way that Link could maintain his abilities as the Hero of Time. Dark and Link, although now in two separate forms, were nevertheless still connected to each other. They both still maintained the purposes of their existences, Link as the Hero of Time, and Dark as his Shadow.

Link had been certain that Dark would have quickly used his new form to threaten and devastate Hyrule's lands as soon as he became adjusted to it. But it had been four months already since the battle with Crimodia, and the glittering-eyed demon had been surprisingly quiet. This upset and rattled Link more than if Dark had actually attacked them. It mean Dark was planning something, and that was never good.

"I wanted to know what it felt like to win." Dark almost whispered it, so Link found himself leaning in order to hear his dark side properly. "I never get to win."

Link pulled back, feeling an unexpected and unconscious wave of sympathy wash over him. This was most defiantly a trick. "You—you wanted to—to win?" Link reached for his Hammer, but it was already too late, he should never have let his guard down. Why had he even agreed to talk with Dark? He'd been foolish, and now he'd pay for it.

"Yeah, Hero," Dark's eyes glittered, darkening, a sure sign that he was delving into dark magic, "I always want to win." Dark watched as Link's body tried to fight off the darkness that was pummeling it. Dark could feel Link inwardly screaming and thrashing, but his body was frozen to the spot; incapable of fighting off the darkness without a certain blade in his hand.

Yes, it was true that Dark couldn't touch the sacred blade. Yes, it was true that Dark, even now after months in his own body, was still the red-eyed, silver-haired, moonlight-hued shadow of the Hero. But it was also true, that Dark was not yet finished with his plan. It had been interrupted last time thanks to Crimodia and her affiliates. But that was not likely to happen again, what with her trapped by the powers of light.

Dark had been honest before, a rare thing for him. But he'd been right when he said that Crimodia would never be released so long as light existed in the world. He'd had no reason to lie about that, Crimodia presented as much a problem for him as it did for the beings of Light. However, Dark himself had been spending a lot of time reading, and he'd recently discovered something that he had been previously unaware of, something that was very rare for the wielder of dark and shadow.

Dark smirked wickedly as he watched Link finally slip into unconsciousness; his body slumped down almost completely on the ground. Dark stood up and stretched out his muscles, feeling each of them tighten and finally loosen. He reached down and gripped the front of his light side's heroic green tunic, whistling for his horse, as he did. Dark's horse, which he'd named "Dreaded Coming," was a deep grey color, and it had large white spots coloring its hindquarters and its head. The horse had once belonged to the former owners of Dark's "home," but Dark had taken it too when he'd murdered the sages of darkness months ago.

Dark flung the limp body of the Hero over Dreaded's backside, tying him securely down with bonds of darkness. He then swung himself up and into the saddle, his red eyes glinting triumphantly in the direction of the castle. This was going to be so much fun.

For you see, Dark had figured out something quite useful in the past few months. All that reading and researching inside of the deceased sages' large and well stocked library had given him extensive amounts of information, information he was excited to apply. But what he learned in particular was how to not only enter his other half's mind and gain control, but also how to become his other half, entirely.