So now Brock's going after HHH…BIG MISTAKE! It's only a matter of time before we see an old school "Game Ass Kicking."! And if we're lucky…We might see Steph back too! Just like you don't mess with a Lioness's Cubs…You don't mess with her man…Don't know why I'm comparing Steph to a Cat, but…It all makes sense of you think about it! LOL!

February 11, 2002

It's here…The day I'd been waiting for since my epiphany…Our Wedding! I was gonna have my Fairy Tale…But it's gonna be on my termsMy way…Like it should've always been! While I was putting on my robe, my cell rang on the coffee table it's resting on. I picked it up, seeing the number on the caller ID…A very familiar number.

"You're supposed to be here…A Girl can't exactly get married without her Brother!" I quipped, sitting down on the couch & crossing my legs.

Shane quipped back. "You don't sound like somebody who's about to get everything she wanted!"

I sighed. "I'm sorry...After Thursday night…I was all for sticking with the plot…But now with the Renewal being tonight…I just wanna "Miscarry."!" I looked down at my Bracelet…The bracelet Hunter gave me all those years ago…And took it off, putting it in the open suitcase on the floor. I put on the pearl bangle I bought for the Ceremony, noticing my Brother's quiet following the mention of the "Baby.", "What's wrong?" I demanded.

"Why's it because I don't answer you back…Something has to be wrong?" He responded…Skeptically.

"Shane Brandon Mcmahon…I may be six years younger than you…But when it comes to hiding one's true feelings…I wrote the fucking book…So spill it!" I yelled.

My Brother huffed into the phone. "Fine, I'll tell you...Mom…She's been noisy lately…More than normal!" He answered.

Dread & anxiety filled the room…My Mother involved in something's never a good sign! "Define "Noisy!"!" I worried, getting off the loveseat & pacing around the room.

"Well ever since your "Big Announcement."…She keeps asking Marissa & I all these questions about the "Baby." & the "Pregnancy."…Like she's quizzing us or something! Not only that, but…Her & Jr've been talking…A lot! Trust me…You might want me there…But I'm doing you a favor by staying!" Shane exclaimed.

I stopped pacing. "Be honest with me…Should I be concerned?" I flat out asked.

"I'm not gonna lie…I'd keep my eyes & ears open…Mom's "Mom!"…We know better than anybody what she's capable of! But at the same time…Don't let on something's wrong!" My Brother explained.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Thanks…I gotta go…I Love You!" I whispered.

"And I Love You too, Pretty Girl!" Shane said.

After my Brother hung up, I pulled myself together…Making sure there's no sign of distress on my face. Shane's right…I'd to relax…And that meant seeing the man I couldn't be without. I opened the door & walked down the corridor towards Hunter's locker room.

I got to the frame, seeing my Husband's watching the TV…Angrier than I've seen him in a very long time. Just when he's about to storm out, I stopped him in his tracks. "Hi!" I beamed.

"Hey!" He replied with a smile before returning to the screen…The same look of fury I saw returning to his face. I gazed over to the TV to see what's making him so upset…That's when I saw it…The footage of Angle pushing him into me on Smackdown. I knew what he wanted to do…And normally, I'd have stood aside & let him to what he'd to do…Especially considering it'd be for my honor. But this's different…This's the night of our renewal...This night's about us!

"Hunter…Please no…Don't go after Kurt tonight! Sit back down…Relax…You promised me! And I know what happened scared me as much as it did you…But our Baby's fine…And I'm fine!" I pleaded, tugging at his hand & putting it on my stomach, "We're renewing our Wedding Vows tonight …No fights…Not with Angle…And not with anybody else!"

Even though it he'd not wanted to, he agreed to my wishes. "Alright, alright…I know what I promised you! I've…Got something I've gotta take care of, though…Okay?" He emphasized.

I was still unconvinced. "Hunter…" I looked at him…Blinking my eyes like I always did, "…Please?"

And like every time before…It worked. "I won't break my promise...Okay…Trust me!" He said, walking out of the room.

I turned my back & watched him leave…Wanting to believe him with all my heart. But I was starting to think this's another thing I'd to worry about…Not only's my possibly catching onto to my scheme …But my Husband's on the war path against someone who's always a thorn in our side.

As I'd soon find out…There's no time to dwell on what's going on around me…I still had to get on the finishing touches. Jan, our makeup Lady, came in a short time later with a couple of her helpers…And once all the pulling & prodding & plucking's done…I truly looked like a Princess. While Jan & the girls fussed over me, Hunter returned from where he'd to go.

"Can you guys give me a second with my Wife?" He asked, glancing around at the women in the room.

They left & I stood from the couch…Not knowing what this's about. My Husband looked nervous… Something I'd seen only a handful of times since we'd been together…And they'd always to do with me. The best way I could describe it's…He'd his "Stephanie ." face on. In the beginning of our Marriage… Before Armageddon & our kiss on the cliff…I'd catch him staring at me for some reason or another…And he'd have the look…The look a thirteen year old Boy'd have when he's waiting for the prettiest Girl in the room to say "Hello!" to him.

"What's up?" I wondered.

Hunter started to explain. "Well…I've had something I've wanted to give you for a very long time…" He sighed, handing me a silver wrapped present, "…This."

My face lit up in surprise & happiness. "Is this what you'd to take care?" I softly questioned, fighting with the box.

"Yes it's." Hunter whispered, watching as I got the present free.

The box's free & I slowly opened it to find the most gorgeous diamond band I'd ever seen: White Gold, Princess Cut, at least four carets. I knew whose it's…Just by glancing at it…Pictures & stories'd not done it justice…It's Hunter's Mom's. A week before Christmas, we'd gotten word his Parents'd passed away in a car accident in Italy…Seeing as if this's during one of our "Bad Weeks."…He demanded I stay behind while he went for the Funeral. Once my Husband returned, that's when everything changed…I went to Raw to see my Father…He'd not approved…The World knows the rest.

It took what felt like forever to form some actual words. "Oh my gosh, Hunter…It's so…Big! It's beautiful!" I smiled.

"Do you like it?" He enquired.

"I love it!" I said with glee, my heart swelling up with pride & tears welling in my eyes.

Hunter brought his hands down to mine, seeing the difficulty I was having. "I wanted you to have something like this for a long time." He uttered, my fingers shaking while he slipped the new band on.

I started to cry, not being able to hold my emotions back anymore. This night's gonna be perfect…Even with us losing the "Baby."…Everything's gonna be perfect! Any fear I was having earlier's gone… Whatever Mom wanted to do…She could bring it on! "Thank you so much…" I cried, hugging my Husband. I pulled back in his embrace to gaze, "…I can't look at it enough!"

The rest of night progressed like clockwork…And pretty soon, it's time for me get ready. After Hunter'd given me his present, I stared at it the rest of the night…And that made me think of someone I'd not thought about the whole weekend…Dad. I'd not heard from him at all…Even following the altercation with Kurt…Not one word. As much as it killed me…I was starting to face the facts…My Father wanted nothing to do with me. I went to get up from the chair, taking a minute to soak in the hardening truth.

"I…I guess Dad's not gonna walk me down the aisle." I sighed.

Hunter, who's sitting on the loveseat next to me and'd scooted closer, saw the pain & hurt in my eyes. "Hey…Come here…" He pulled me up so we're standing face to face with each other, "…I want you to understand something…Okay?" He stated firmly. I nodded while he continued…Saying the words I needed to here, "Tonight's not about your Father…Tonight's about me & you…" He put a hand on my stomach, "…And our Baby!"

I couldn't contain the love I'd for my Husband. I leaned for the most passionate kiss Hunter & I'd ever shared…Bigger than of our other kisses…That seemed to be happening lately. Before, it always used to be part pure & part intense…But ever since I told him I was "Pregnant."…It's like I was trying to hold onto him with everything I'd…Like somewhere in my subconscious…I knew how wrong my plot could go. "See you out there!" I smiled, turning away to go my locker room.

I got back to the Bridal Suite & very quickly slipped into my dress. Despite the events of Smackdown, I was able to pick out one over the weekend…And this time…It's what I wanted…Short & Tight &…So not what Mom'd planned when I was engaged to Andrew! I opted to leave the veil until right before I went out. Once I was done, I stood there & looked myself in the mirror…Giving myself one final pep talk:

"Screw the something old, something new shit…I didn't need it the first time Hunter & I did this…And I don't need it tonight! I'm Stephanie Mcmahon Helmsley…I'm always gonna be Stephanie Mcmahon Helmsley! Years from now…Hunter & I'll have tons of Children & tons of Grandchildren &…We're gonna grow old together! And screw Dad too…It's not about him tonight anyway, right…It's about my Husband & I! Following tonight, it'll be "Us Against The World." again…As God as my witness it'll be!"

I grabbed my veil & my bouquet off the vanity & headed to where the Singers're getting ready. I was lucky enough to get the same Vocalists for Macho Man & Miss. Elizabeth! It's perfect…The two of them're the WWF power couple of the 80's & 90's…And Hunter & I're the WWF power couple of the 2000's! I introduced myself, thanking them for their time & showing off my dress.

Just when I started explaining how my Husband & I're renewing our Vows & I was "Pregnant." …Both of the Singers got quiet. I stopped laughing when I heard a throat clearing behind me… I turned to see what's true…It's my Father. The Vocalists saw that as their cue to leave…Once they did, I faced him for the first time since Christmas Eve.

"Hi, Dad." I spoke softly, noticing he's in a tux…I'd not wanted to get my hopes up, but…I couldn't help but grinning ever so slightly.

"You look nice." He stated coldly, trying not to make eye contact with me.

I nodded gratefully. "So do you." I still wasn't sure why he's here. "If he's not gonna walk me down the aisle…Why'd he come…To mess with my head…He's done that for the past twenty five years?" I thought, careful not to make a fool of myself.

Thankfully, my Father decided to cut to the chase. "Just for record…I'm not gonna forget the fact you tried to put me out of business…I'm not gonna forget the fact you said you wanted to watch me die!" He informed. I nodded solemnly in agreement while he continued, "But I'll forgive you…Because down deep…I know you're really a "Mcmahon."…And I know no matter what…You're "Daddy's Little Girl."! So yes…I'll walk you down the aisle tonight!"

I jumped into Dad's arm, hugging him like I'd not in such a long time. This's a new start…For all of us …For Hunter & my Father & I…And it really's the happiest night of my life. Amidst our reunion, Howard Finkel, the Announcer, stormed into the room in a hurry.

"Mr. Mcmahon…Mr. Mcmahon…I need to talk to you right away…I've got news for you!" He shouted, totally out of breath.

"Get the hell out of here…I don't give a damn what your news's…Can't you see I'm reconciling with my Daughter…Get out of my sight!" Dad scolded, still holding me in his embrace.

Once we're done reuniting…It's showtime. My Father helped me put my veil on & I grabbed my bouquet of red roses…Starting the walk towards the Gorilla position. On the way there, I caught a glimpse of Hunter on the screen…The sound so low I couldn't hear it. I could see there's something changed in his eyes…Something from before…I couldn't quite put a finger on it. He's smiling, but…It's different than before. I shook it off…Thinking it's just my Husband not wanting to do the Ceremony the way we're.

Dad & I got to the entrance ramp right while the music started playing. Like any Girl could've ever wanted, my Father's walking me down the aisle…Our Family may've been crazy…But it's my Family…And it worked! I was grinning from ear to ear…Seeing my Husband waiting for me. Dad & I got to the chapel & he let go of my arm, watching me walk up to the mantle...The Priest beginning the Wedding:

"We're gathered here tonight to celebrate one of life's greatest moments…To give recognition to the worth & beauty of love…And to add our best wishes to the words which'll once again unite Hunter & Stephanie in Marriage! Allow them to be true without bringing shame into their union…Temper their hearts with kindness & understanding…Rid them of all pretense & jealously…And help them remember to be each other's Sweetheart & Best Friend!"

Next's the singing of our song…Which turned out to be an absolute disaster…Time'd not been good to the Singers! While the Vocalists're butchering the beautiful melody…I kept looking at my Husband… The same grin back on his face from earlier. I beamed with glee at him…Not letting his mood get to me. "Just a few more minutes, Honey…And then you can get out of your tux…And get me out of my dress!" I thought, hoping Hunter could somehow read my mind. Once the Singers're done, it's time for the reading of our own Vows…Which I was adamant about. I got to go first, looking right into his eyes while tears began to well in mine. I may've been faking the pregnancy…But what I was saying…Like my feelings towards my Husband & my Father…Was real:

"Hunter, I take thee as my Husband…Again…And I wanna do it in front of the entire World because I wanna share how I've felt about you since the first moment I laid eyes on you…And how I feel about you right now! Your smile lights up my heart...Your touch makes me feel safe & secure…Your words give me encouragement…And when I speak I know you're truly listening…Because you're the only one who ever hears me! I believe we're destined to be together because I feel blessed…And no other words could sum up how I feel besides…I Love You!"

After I was finished, the Minister announced my Husband's turn to speak. Suddenly…The dormant & offensive crowd started erupting with cheers & interest over the ceremony! "God these people're so rude…I know they love Hunter, but…Have a little decency…This's our Wedding damn it!" I thought, waiting to hear what he wrote about me:

"God…That's so beautiful, Steph…I'm overwhelmed! I too wanna stand here in front of the World & tell you how I feel about you…Tell you how I felt about you since the moment I saw you…And tell you how I feel about you right now!"

As if it's even possible…The arena got louder…But Hunter pressed on…Almost feeding off the reaction:

"You see Steph, we've been together for two & half years…And we've had our ups & our downs, but…Despite all of that…Last week when you told me I was gonna be a father…It's the greatest moment of my life!"

I put my hand on my stomach in feign…On the "Baby.":

"The emotion I felt's unbelievable…And since that day…I've looked at you in a different way! When I look at you, I see you not just as my loving Wife…But I see you as the Mother of my Child! When your Wife's pregnant…You love her more!And today…Standing here in front of the World…After hearing the beautiful words you said…I see you in a different light again…Not as my loving Wife & not as the Mother of my Child!"

Hunter took my hand, bringing me closer to him:

"Stephanie…As I look into your eyes tonight…I see you for what you truly are…"

I'm grinning & beaming at the thought of what else he's gonna say. Hearing my Husband already talk about loving me more when I was "Pregnant." made it official…I'd done the right thing by lying...It's a total success…Five words'd tell me otherwise:

"A no good lying Bitch!"

The thoughts starting going through my head from the minute my jaw fell…Not one of them being whether or not Hunter knew about my scheme. "What the hell's gotten into him…What did I do this time…Is he on drugs…Should he be on drugs?"…Nothing's make sense! Ever since last Monday night & my "Announcement.", we'd been "Hunter & Stephanie." again…Even following Smackdown …It's like we'd taken a time machine back to 1999 or something…Things're that good! We'd been inseparable & happy…Really happy! I mean…He gave me his dead Mother's fucking Engagement band…Why'd he do that if he's angry at me? The panic's making it impossible to say what I'm thinking while my Husband grabbed the mic from it's stand.

"How could you do this…How could you do this to me?" He yelled at me.

"Do what to you?" I asked. "Good Stephanie…Words're good…Very good…Keep forming words!" I thought, pain forming in my head from all the thinking.

Instead of answering my question, Hunter continued on his tirade. "You wanted this so bad you'd lie & use my emotions against me? You wanted this so bad you'd hire an Actor to play a Doctor & you'd show me a picture of our unborn child?"

That's when it hit me…The jig's up! "Shit…Fuck…Fuck…Shit! How the hell does he know…Who told him…What the hell's he talking about? An Actor…Dr. Richards's real…Just not my pregnancy!" I thought, trying to convince my Husband I'd never do what he's accusing me of…And two years ago…I'd not lied…But two years ago's two years ago!

Meanwhile, Hunter's letting into me like never before…Worse than the night I told him I was "Pregnant.". "Steph…I've done some pretty bad things in my life…I admit it…I'm an asshole…But even I'd not go this low! You disgust me…You care about nothing but yourself…You never gave a crap about us…It's always about you!" He accused me.

"That's not true!" I screamed.

But it's like I never said a word. "Well I tell you what…You don't have to worry about us any longer!" He bellowed. Tears started falling from my eyes…Tears I wanted to ignore with everything I had. "He's not saying what I think he's saying…Is he? Why's this happening…Wait…It's not happening! No…I'm dreaming…I'm gonna wake up & be in bed with Hunter & be in love & really be pregnant! What the hell am I saying…It's not a dream…It's a nightmare!" I thought, hearing the words I never thought I would, "Because as of this moment…Our Marriage…It's over! We…Are…Through!" He shouted, violently letting go of the arm he'd been grabbing.

Before I could speak up, Dad came out of nowhere & shoved my Husband…Not a good idea…That pushed Hunter over the edge. He started beating the shit out of my Father, destroying the chapel & decorations before finishing him off with a Pedigree.

Watching Hunter attack Dad the way he did pushed me over the edge too…I was done crying…I'd had enough. As soon as I saw my Husband get up, I was in his face. "Oh my God…What the hell's wrong with you? This's how it's gonna end for you & I…In front of all these fucking people…All I did's ever love you…And this's how you betray me!" I yelled, jumping up & down in fury.

He snapped, covering my face while I was talking & shoving me to the mat. When my body made contact, I looked up…Seeing the final indication my Marriage's over…Hunter taking off his band & throwing it at me before leaving! I was hurt & angry & confused & shocked…I was all those feelings & a hundred more.

I got up onto my knees, seeing Hunter's band on the mat…I picked it up & clutched it tightly…And that's when I looked up towards the entrance ramp…Towards the man I loved…The man I used to love. My emotions changed…It's no longer a mixture…It's one…Pure hate! Words & thoughts escaped me…Instinct took control of everything in me & came out in a bloodcurdling scream!

As I was going through my meltdown, the EMT's had come down to the ring to help my Father. Once I knew he's okay, I picked myself up & stormed towards the backstage area…Hearing the crowd's approval over my breakup. Immediately, I looked for any sign of Hunter…Not giving a second glance to the condescending looks I was getting. When I got to his locker room, it's empty & torn to shreds…The balloons from not even a hour ago're popped & thrown around the room…The vases of flowers're now shards of glass & ripped apart petals…My Husband's tux's now scraps of cloth. I start screaming at the top of my lungs, throwing & kicking anything that's still left…That's when I hear a man's voice behind me:

"I see your Mother gotta talk to Hunter…And I see he opened the envelope that's sent to him too."

I turned around quickly to see Arn Anderson, Ric Flair's right hand man, standing in the frame & taking in the damaged room. I'd saw earlier during Raw him handing my Husband a Fed Ex package, but I didn't know what it's…I figured it's for the ceremony. Suddenly, the words he'd said sink in…"Your Mother…The package that's sent to him."! I went after Arn, grabbing him by the collar & pushing him against the door.

"What do you know?" I shouted.

"Your Mom'd been trying to call Hunter all night…He said he'd talk to her." He answered.

"When's that?" I demanded, holding the lapel tighter.

"It's before the Wedding…" Arn defended, pointing towards the floor by the couch, "…And must've involved that!"

I looked to where he's pointing, seeing an opened video box. I let go of Arn's collar, going towards the TV & turning it on. That's when I saw it…Dr. Richards…My Gynecologist…The man I paid $250,000 to… Doing a fucking commercial for a trip to St. Ives! I stagger back & sit down onto the loveseat, watching the commercial play over & over. I couldn't believe my Mother'd done this to me…Scratch thatI could believe it…Because like my Brother'd said three hours prior..."Mom's "Mom!"…We know better than anybody what she's capable of!"!

"Stephanie." Dad whispered, breaking through my thoughts.

I looked up in surprise to see Arn Anderson gone from the frame…And in his place's my Father. "I know what you're gonna ask…" I sighed bitterly, my voice still rough and dry from my tantrum, "And the answer's "Yes."…I lied about being pregnant…I'm just sorry you got beat up because of it!"

Dad slowly walked into the room, sitting down on the couch next to me. "I meant what I said earlier…" He insisted, "…I'll never forget what you did…But I forgive you…And it may take time, but…Hunter'll forgive you too."

I shook my head. "No he won't…He's all about "The People." & what "The people." think about him…It's been like living with The Rock!" I laughed sadly, "But you know what…Even if you're right & my Husband does forgive me…I don't care…It doesn't matter anymore…I'm done! Hunter's hurt me more in two & half years than our entire Family's done in twenty five…BRAVO TO HIM!"

Soon, I felt my Father pulling me into his embrace…Letting me finally fall apart & sob. "It's okay, Stephanie…" He comforted, "…He'll pay…I'll make sure of it!

I shook my head & continued to cry as Dad took me to my Bridal suite…From that moment on…I knew my whole life's been changed forever. Before I knew it, it's after three o'clock the next morning & I'd refused to eat anything since I landed on my Father's bed at the hotel hours before…Dad taking the loveseat. He & I'd not spoken a word to each other since we left the arena…But he'd insisted I stay with him. The tears'd continued to fall even after we'd left Raw & every now & then, I'd think about the times I'd spent with Hunter…The amazing times…And they'd just make me burst out crying even harder. I couldn't sleep despite my utter exhaustion & I soon found myself yearning for a drink…And not my usual Cherry Coke & Rum…I wanted something strong…Something to numb the pain…And only one thing'd ever done that for me. I got out of the bed slowly…My eyes salty & my mouth dry…Still in my dress from the Ceremony… Making sure not to wake my Father when I lugged my bags out of the room. I made my way down the hall towards the elevator, being slow & quiet even after I got to the lobby. I left the hotel, hailing a taxi in the early morning darkness.

"Where to Ma'am?" The Driver asked, looking straight ahead at the traffic in front of him.

I smiled to myself…Remembering the last time I'd been called "Ma'am."…The night the Cops'd been called on my Husband. "The Fairfield Inn." I whispered, surprised he even heard me.

When the Taxi arrived a short time later, I threw my money at the Driver & went up to my room. When I opened the door, the room's quiet with no sign of Hunter…Just like in his locker room…All that's left to let me know he's there's his t-shirt…The t-shirt I'd been wearing the morning of the Wedding. I immediately regretted going back there…The memories of Christmas Eve slapping me in the face:

"Things…Things I never expected…Happened!"

I made my way over to the liquor cabinet:

"I'm not very good at saying how I feel when it comes to stuff like this…"

I pried it opened & found the clear liquid:

"I figured I could show you instead!"

I unscrewed the lid quickly, pouring a glass to the rim:

"As scary as it's & as surprising as it's…Yes!"

I downed it quickly, letting the Vodka comfort me before I reached for the bottle again…Taking it to bed with me:

"Stephanie…I love you…I'm in love with you!"

So now they're broken up, it's time for the big confrontation I've been promising between the "Happy." Couple! Trust me, you might just be changing your mind about who's team you're on! Also...FIVE DAYS BEFORE I TURN THE BIG 25…PLEASE GIVE THIS BIRTHDAY GIRL LOTS OF REVIEWS AS A PRESENT! :)