Human Paraphernalia

Summary: Bishop intends to create a new race of super mutants and aliens to conquer Earth. Women are kept as slaves and reproductive vessels while men are murdered. The guys find themselves traveling into the future to save the remaining humans from extinction but find themselves under the mercy of Bishop when they are captured for their genetic makeup. A war is brewing between Cody's rebellion and Bishop's army.

Reader Warning: Extreme adult content – violence, gore, rape, and sensual situations.

It has been seven years to the day since the turtles returned to their time. They readjusted to the year 2005…now it was 2012.

Donatello was seated at his computer desk, looking through paperwork and assorted machine parts. Now that he had a taste of the future and saw his own accomplishments, he had motivation to work harder than ever. He already started the blueprints for the futuristic hover shell and the materials to begin work on the alloy, Donatellium. It would take him years to complete both of these tasks. He spent hours in the lab today.

There was a knock on the lab door.

"Come in," Don said, not taking his eyes off his work.

It was his brother Raphael, "Hey bro, ya gonna hide in here all day?"

"That's the idea," Don replied and placed a pair of goggles over his eyes.

"Well, Leo's demanding a trainin' expedition topside. Ya need to get out and get some fresh air anyways."

"Let me just get this thing adjusted," Don stated and started tightening a few cables into a large screen.

"What're ya buildin'?"

"I'm fixing up a time window so we can get back in touch with Cody."

"It's not gonna transport us into the future again is it? I can't stand the updated tech…it fuckin' annoyed me."

"I'd have to make a lot of adjustments for that to happen. I have no plans to send us there."

"Good, now hurry up."

Raph turned for the lab exit but stopped in his tracks when he heard a high-pitched screech come from the time window. His hands rushed for his ears and he spun around to see Don doing the same, "What the fuck is that?" Raph shouted. The machine Don had been building switched itself on and showed a massive amount of static and distortion.

"I don't know! I connected it correctly. It's a signal coming from the other side!" Don cried.

The two turtles ran to the back of the lab, still covering their ears.

The lab door burst open and Leonardo and Michelangelo rushed in. Seconds after, they also covered their ears, trying to block the noise.

"Donny! What did you do?" Mikey screamed.

Donatello removed one hand long enough to smack his own forehead.

"Can you stop it?" Leo shouted.

"I don't know!" Don replied.

The screeching was getting louder and the turtles were slowly dropping to their knees, each grabbing at items scattered all over the floor. They threw them at the screen but nothing would stop it.

Don was beginning to think he would have to destroy the screen in order to make it stop, at least until the static on the screen started to lessen and a blurry image was coming through. The screeching came to a halt.

"Finally!" Raph shouted, "My god damn ears gotta be bleedin'."

All four turtles approached the screen, looking over the distorted image. It got clearer each passing second. Still covered with static, the boys were finally able to make out a picture. It was a man and by the looks of it, he had red hair and green eyes.

"Who the hell…" Raph began.

Leonardo squinted, "It looks like…is it?"

"It's Cody!" Mikey screamed with excitement.

"But why's the image all fucked up?" Raph asked. He crossed his arms in annoyance and glanced at Don.

"I don't know," Don said. His brow furrowed, "Why is everyone lookin' at me?"

"You're the genius, genius…" Mikey said.

"I have no idea. I'm still repairing this machine."

Leo glanced at the screen, "Cody, can you hear us?"

There was a response but not directed at Leo in particular.

"Turtles…if you can hear…"

"Cody we hear ya!" Raph said.

The image scrambled briefly and Cody came in even clearer. Something was wrong. Cody had a large gash across his forehead and blood was trickling down his face and neck. He had a black eye and a split lip.

"Cody, what happened?" Leo asked, concerned with his 'little brother's' well being.

"You're a mess little ninja!" Don said, "Were you in a fight?"

The message continued without regard to their questions. The sound cut in and out and the turtles strained to hear every word.

"Guys…New York…overrun. Human population…destroyed. Bishop! Only small percent…humans. Please take care of…for me!"

"What did he say?" Mikey asked, "Take care of what?"

"I don't know, I couldn't make it out," Don said and he rushed for the screen to try and adjust the soundboard.

As he worked, another screeching sound came through and the image of Cody disappeared.

"No! Cody!" Leo shouted, "Don, can you bring him back?"

Don fussed with a lot of wires but he accidentally shocked himself and tumbled to the floor, "Ow! Dammit!" He pulled himself up and tried again.

The screeching got louder and suddenly the screen turned a bright red and blue. The two colors spiraled around each other.

Raph stared at the spiraling image, "What's goin' on?"

The spiraling sped up and now an object wrapped in thick coverings could be seen coming towards them. It got larger and larger. Static surrounded it and it began to look more and more…

Don shouted, "It's coming through the window!"

The object was thrown out of the time window and into Raphael whom lost his footing and toppled to the ground.

Leo and Mikey assisted Raph in moving the object and helping him up. It appeared to be a pile of blankets at first until Leo unraveled a portion of them to reveal black hair.

"It's a person!" Leo stated and continued unraveling. Blue skin followed the dark tresses… "It can't be…"

"Starlee?" Mikey asked and tugged on the blanket to see her face.

"It is Starlee. But why would Cody send her into the past?" Leo wondered.

Don knelt down next to the unconscious girl and checked her, "Well she appears to be all right, save for some minor cuts and bruises. Let's get her on a cot so I can check her vitals."

Leo lifted Starlee and the pile of blankets that enclosed her and carried her over to the back of the lab where Don kept most of his medical supplies. He carefully placed her down on the clean mattress while Don began unwrapping the blankets and let them hang all around her. She automatically rolled onto her side, still unconscious.

"Geez, how many of these things is she in? It's like somebody bubble-wrapped her," Don commented.

The guys chatted amongst themselves as the tech loving turtle had removed all but one blanket off her. Don then pulled off the last blanket and gasped.

The gasp caught Leo's attention, "What is it Donny?"

"Well…I know why she was wrapped up so tightly," Don replied. He turned around to face his brothers and he stepped to his left, letting them have a look.

The three brothers looked at Starlee and each of them had a different expression on their face when their eyes fell on her belly.

"Donny…is she pregnant?" Leo asked. His eyes lingered on the girl's swelling stomach.

"Yup, and she is extremely pregnant. If I had to guess, I'd say she is very close to her due date. The question still is why Cody would send her back to our time when the medical technology of his time is far more advanced?" Don explained.

"Maybe he wanted us to experience this?" Mikey said stupidly.

"I doubt that. Cody would have come back too, wouldn't he?" Leo stated, "That is, if he is the father. Don, you should give her an exam, make sure their both okay."

"I'll bet Cody wanted us to look after her. It's probably what he meant by the message," Don said and he went over to his lab desk to retrieve a few supplies and a first aid kit. He returned to the cot, pulling a stethoscope from the kit and placing the ear tips in his ears and then gently tugging up Starlee's shirt to just under her ribcage. He put the diaphragm down on her abdomen and searched. It took a few moments to find, but he finally located a heartbeat, "There you are…" he said out of the blue and briefly listened before taking the tips out and putting them around his neck. "Good news is the baby's heart sounds fine, nice and quick as a normal infant should be."

Leo gave a sigh of relief, "That's good."

"Can I listen? Can I, can I please?" Mikey begged.

Don rolled his eyes and gave the stethoscope to his little brother. Mikey excitedly took the scope and put the tips in his ears while Don relocated the spot on Starlee. For a couple of seconds Mikey listened and grinned, "Awe! How cute! I can't wait to meet him…her…it! Whatever!"

"Okay, enough you goofball," Raph commented, "Give the girl a break." He grabbed Mike's arm and dragged him away from the cot.

Don tugged the scope off Mike's head and replaced them around his neck, "I'll have to build an ultrasound machine so I can see if there are any internal issues. It'll take me at least a week just to make a basic one."

"I don't know Don; you said she looks close to her due date. May not have time to make one," Leo said. "Anyways, we need to let her rest and when she comes to, we can ask her why she was sent here. I'm going to inform father of the situation."

Three hours later…

"Guys! She's coming around!" Don shouted from the lab door.

Mikey jumped up from the couch, throwing his xbox controller on the cushion and rushed over to the lab. Leo casually walked from the training dojo along with Master Splinter and Raph after they sparred for a while.

Don was seated beside the cot on a stool, holding a small scanning device and running it along her belly. Starlee was partially awake and blinking her eyes several times over, trying to get used to the bright lighting of the lab. Then she looked directly at Don and gave him a small smile.

The others had piled into the lab and stayed a few paces behind Don.

"Hey Starlee, how are you feeling?" Don asked, returning a smile. He touched her arm in a kind gesture.

She briefly closed her eyes and attempted to sit up.

"Don't overexert yourself," Don said with concern and he gently pushed her back into the pillows, "We know you're heavy with child and just had a tough journey through time."

She nodded, "I'm very thirsty…"

"I'm on it!" Mikey shouted and ran out of the lab for the kitchen.

"At least he's good for somethin'," Raph chuckled, "So girly, why did Cody send you back in time?"

"Give her a moment, Raphael," Splinter stated.

"No, it's okay," she said, "It's just…"

Mikey returned with a huge glass of water and even brought a plate of graham crackers, figuring she'd be hungry as well.

She took the drink from him, "Thanks." She nearly gulped down the entire glass in one sitting. She gave the near empty glass back to Mikey, "Now then, I was saying…"

The boys and their father focused all of their attention on her.

"There's been a revolution going on in my time," she started.

"A revolution?" Leo repeated.

"Yes. About four months ago, our 'beloved' president made an announcement that he wanted to help rebuild portions of the United States where the National Guard was thin in ranks. He also mentioned assisting the homeless and helping young people with going to school and develop their careers through student work programs. The elderly would also receive retirement benefits that were greater than social security." She sighed, "Because he was such a wonderful president, the public believed him…and they were given locations to attend for training, schooling, assistance, and etcetera. People went in droves to these places, but…were never heard from again."

"What?" Don questioned, "Where are they?"

"When people started getting suspicious, they tried going to the police and military bases. They were also never heard from again," she continued. Starlee's eyes were beginning to well up with tears. "It was horrible…so many people went missing within one month."

"I don't understand," Mikey commented.

She continued, "Cody and I didn't want anything to do with Bishop's reform and we stayed in the confines of O'neil tech. He started doing searches on the missing people and found millions of names were listed. But the information we had was becoming more and more outdated each passing day…meaning nobody was around to keep posting. Cody left the penthouse one day to investigate one of the assigned bases. He discovered something horrible."

"What was it?" Don asked.

"There were corpses everywhere, scattered on the base grounds. He came home in a panic and told me what happened. I was so scared." Her hands flew up to cover her face as she cried.

Don placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "You can stop for now."

"No…this has to be said, it can't wait! Cody doesn't have much time…" she cried.

"Alright, just try to stay calm. We are here to help," Leo said.

Starlee wiped away her tears, "A few days after the discovery, Bishop started sending his military troops out into the cities to look for those who did not show up at the bases and began capturing the stragglers. Cody was adamant on keeping me hidden for obvious reasons and he hid me in one of the panic rooms of the penthouse while he allowed the troops to take him. I was in that room for two days. Cody then returned and he was beaten and bloody but still alive. He told me that he managed to escape after finding out what happened to the stragglers."

Raph seemed to be getting more and more irritated as she spoke, "Damnit! I knew there was somethin' funny with Bishop during that time! We shoulda killed him when we had the chance!"

"Raphael!" Splinter shouted, "Be calm, we must hear the rest of the story."

She went on, "Cody said…that Bishop was rebuilding an army, this time consisting of aliens and very limited humans. Apparently Bishop realized the strength of alien relations and he wants to create an entire new race. He deemed humans to be too weak and fragile so he wants to dispose of them. Cody said…he said…" Starlee was hysterical now, "The human population in the United States is now less than four percent!"

The turtles were frozen in place, utter disbelief washed over them.

"Only four percent…" Don said breathlessly, "What about the rest of the world?"

Starlee sniffled, "Cody said Bishop was planning an attack to annihilate the populations outside of the U.S as soon as he had completed his current objective. He plans to dominate the entire world."

"You said Bishop is trying to create a new race? How is he accomplishing this if he's killing all the human inhabitants?" Don asked; voice slightly shaky.

"According to Cody's research, Bishop is using natural methods and cloning. The specimens made naturally supposedly are stronger physically and mentally and also have developed genes for mutations. Bishop is using some of the people he captured for the natural methods, mainly the women, human and alien alike. Human men are almost always killed on the spot, so they are nearly extinct."

It was a lot for the turtles to take in. Mike looked like he was ready to fall apart. Leo's hand was covering his face in anger while Raph was twirling a sai, trying his hardest not to break something. Master Splinter stood calmly and remained reserved.

Don's next concern was Cody and how Starlee escaped, "Cody sent you here to be with us because it was safe, right?"

"Yes," she responded, "Cody didn't want Bishop to capture me. Our baby would have been taken away from us and raised to murder. I would have been brought to New York's military base to be used as a reproductive vessel so Bishop could expand."

"What's become of Cody?" Master Splinter asked with great concern.

"I don't know. I wanted to stay, but he wouldn't have it. Last I knew, he gathered some aliens and remaining human men to rebel against Bishop. He's still gathering followers," she explained, "We were attacked in the penthouse this morning and that's when Cody powered up the time window and put me through it. He was badly injured…"

"Yeah, we saw that on the window Donny's fixin'," Raph said.

"That's all the information that I have…" she said. She glanced around at the boys, "Can you help us?"

Leo thought about the entire story, "Yes, we can. We'll go to the future again and fight."

"Why don't we just kill Bishop during this time and prevent all this from happenin'?" Raph complained.

"No good Raph," Don interrupted, "We can create a time paradox if we kill Bishop now. Time is too delicate to mess with."

"I agree," Leo said, "We'll go into the future and finish Bishop once and for all."

"I'm going to need time to fix the window, at least a week or two," Don commented.

"We also can't all go; someone needs to stay with Starlee," Leo replied, "Who's going to stay behind?"

"I shall my son," Splinter said calmly.

Leonardo nodded, "Don, get started on the window and the rest of us will prepare for the trip."

Starlee lay back against the pillows once again and sighed. She brought her hands up to her belly and rubbed gently. She was stressed.

Splinter approached her bedside, "Please try to get some rest child, you have more important things to focus on," he said, giving her a sense of comfort by touching her hand, "My sons will find Cody and defeat Bishop."

Four days later…two o'clock in the morning…

Starlee couldn't sleep. Her lower belly had been cramping ever since Cody sent her back into the past. She knew she was due any day now but didn't say anything to the guys about her discomfort. Technically she had been in labor for the past two weeks…phase one of the birth processes.

Her mind was overloaded with anxiety about her precious spouse Cody. She rolled off the cot carefully so not to squash her belly and started pacing around the lab. She needed to get her mind off the situation and wandered by a few of the tables. Each was covered with equipment and projects. There were schematics lying all over the floor. Don had been very busy the last few days. He was doing a rush job on the time window.

Walking helped a lot with her back stiffness but little for her swollen feet. She then came upon Donatello, sleeping soundly in a chair at his computer desk. His head was resting on the desk itself. He was exhausted from working for long hours. She went around him and looked at all of the ancient technology he had. Well, to her it was ancient…

She then stepped out of the lab and decided she needed to use the restroom. It was very dark in the lair save for the television which Mikey had left on. He passed out on the couch again, likely watching his favorite television shows. She slowly made her way to the bathroom.

She was already seated, doing her business…but when she was sure she had finished, she felt she was somehow…leaking…

The fluid was still dripping out of her body and into the toilet…and she realized that she had an empty bladder. This was the real deal…labor has begun. She was scared without Cody being there to help her. Starlee did her best to clean herself up but the fluid kept coming. At least it didn't gush out like she'd read in prenatal books, it happened to some women. She found a bathroom cupboard filled with clean towels and took one. As fast as she could, she washed her hands in the sink and waddled back to the lab, towel in hand. She climbed back onto her cot, placing the towel underneath her bottom and tried her best to get comfortable.

Four o'clock, (two hours later)…

Starlee was breathing much heavier than before and still leaking fluid. Her towel was soaked at this point and did little to protect the sheets. She was sitting upright on the cot and rocking back and forth, staying calm. She was singing a tune to herself, not loud enough to wake up Donny, who still remained on the other side of the lab. She could hear his gentle snores and occasionally shifting in his chair. She could feel her lower abdomen tightening up and releasing about every four minutes and lasting around fifteen seconds.

Another hour had passed and she was not able to get comfortable anymore. Her belly contracted every two minutes and lasted around thirty seconds. She tried lying down on both sides, on her back, squatting on the cot, and even standing. So far, the standing was working the best. She rocked back and forth on her feet, her hands holding onto the cot for balance. She breathed in through her mouth and out her nose but realized this method was making her dizzy so she breathed through her mouth only.

When her contractions grew closer together, she estimated they were around a minute apart and lasting about forty seconds. It was getting harder. The pain she felt was the most intense she'd ever experienced, it was like having the worst period cramps in the world. She then realized her pants were completely soaked and she struggled to take them off, followed by her undergarments and she tossed them aside. Thankfully she had a very long shirt on that touched a few centimeters above her knees and she had a blanket to wrap herself in.

The cot was soaking wet so she decided to build a makeshift bed on the floor to continue labor. She leaned against a chair, her knees open on the floor in a squatting position.

For the next hour she remained that way until her contractions were so painful that she began moaning lightly.

It was six am…

Don stirred a bit in his chair, thinking he heard one of his many inventions turn itself on again and begin buzzing. He stretched and yawned, getting up from his chair and he sleepily wandered through the lab looking for the offending invention. He heard the light humming sound again and wandered in its direction until he stumbled upon…

"Starlee?" Don's eyes were wide open. She was crouching on the floor in a pile of blankets. Her knuckles were white from squeezing the seat of a chair so hard. He rushed to her side, "How long have you been like this?"

She didn't say anything; her face had a look of agony.

Don had to wrench one of her hands off the chair and he held it tightly, trying to provide her with some sense of security until the contraction passed. She then spoke to him.

"A few hours…but it wasn't this bad at first," she said, straining a bit.

Don let go of her hand, "I need to turn on the lights Starlee and I'm gonna get Mikey to help me. Can I leave you for two minutes? Will you be okay?"

"Donny, I was built for this…" she said, trying to tough it out, "Get what you have to done."

"Okay…two minutes," he repeated and quickly got up. He rushed for the light switches near the door and then out into the living room to wake Mike up.

Mikey groaned as he was violently shaken awake, "Mmm…what…"

"Mikey get up, I need you. Starlee's in labor," Don said quickly.

The youngest brother fell off the couch and yelped, "What?"


Mike quickly shut off the television wall and groggily got to his feet and jogged to the lab.

Don was already at Starlee's side, holding her hand once again as she was pushing through another contraction. He saw Mikey burst through the lab door and immediately barked orders, "I need you to get a fresh set of sheets and clean towels, I don't want her laboring on the floor. Also get a large bowl of water and washcloths."

Mikey saluted Don, "Yes sir!" and he took off.

Twenty minutes later, the cot had been stripped down and remade for Starlee. Don put down a waterproof liner beneath her so she couldn't soak through the sheets again. He also gave her new towels to sit on and a fresh blanket to cover her up. Mikey sat by her side, whispering comforting words into her ear as she progressed. He kept a warm, wet washcloth in hand to wipe down her forehead.

Don was flipping through books and browsing the internet, looking for as much information on childbirth as possible. He soaked up whatever he could find into his brain and when he felt he learned enough, he got up from his chair and returned to Mikey's side, "This is not gonna be a pretty process bro."

"Great…" Mikey replied sarcastically.

Starlee started to wince as the next wave struck. Mikey let her squeeze his hand.

Around eight am, another one of the turtles had woken up, it was Leo. He stumbled into the lab to check Donny's progress on the time window, but was surprised to see his two youngest brothers fussing over Starlee…and rightly so. She was moaning and stretching out on the cot, her face filled with anguish. Mikey was doing his best to keep her calm.

Leo entered the lab and offered his assistance to Don.

"There really isn't anything that can be done right now," Don said, "Not for a little while at least. Plus Mikey's my errand-boy."

"Alright just let me know," Leo said before leaving the lab and going out into the living. He sat down on the floor to begin meditation.

Back in the lab, Don had emptied out a bin and started to clean it out and sanitize it. He would need it for the delivery, "Mike, toss me one of the towels there."

"Whatcha doin' bro?" Mike asked.

"Getting this thing ready for the delivery."

"You're gonna deliver the baby?" Mike's eyes widened.

"What choice do we have? She can't go to a hospital, she's an alien Mike. The doctor's would call the government and probably have her sent to Area fifty-one for all we know. The current Bishop would have a field day."


Another hour passed…

Now it was getting awful. She couldn't do anything to ease her pain. The contractions were so intense that she begged and pleaded for someone to kill Cody when they found him. Other than her choice words for her spouse, she was relatively calm thanks to Mikey.

Eventually, Starlee wanted to be on the floor again. Don wouldn't let her at first, but she insisted and he caved in to the request. He placed a tarp down on the floor and then covered it with new blankets and towels. Starlee brought her pillow with her and she lay down. Mike stayed next to her still. He rubbed her back for her and gave her water when she was thirsty. She occasionally whimpered and cried…her contractions were thirty seconds apart and lasted almost a minute.

Don had everything ready, now it was just a waiting game. He paced around the lab, constantly looking at his watch and then at Starlee to see any indication that she was ready.

She managed to make it for so many hours. Mike was beginning to think about how women were some of the strongest creatures in the world to be able to endure this pain; some even did it multiple times! There was no way he could ever tolerate it and he grew a great respect for Starlee.

The contractions were still coming, but the pain was dulled down somewhat and turning more into a pressure. It felt like something was pushing against her bottom. She then crawled to her hands and knees, Mikey placed a hand on her back. She then whispered something to him.

Mikey's face paled and he called out to his brother, "Donny, I think it's time."

Don's nerves were starting to tingle. He's never done anything like this before and honestly, he was slightly curious. He wanted to treat this as a learning experience. He then brought over the sanitized bin and a new set of towels and blankets. There was one more thing he needed and he rushed to the lab door and called out to Leo.


Leonardo was still in the living room, meditating until his concentration had broken. He looked over his shoulder, "Yes?"

"Can you refill this bowl with warm water?" Don asked.

Leo got up quickly and jogged over to claim the bowl, "Yeah." He then sped into the kitchen and refilled it. He returned to the lab and cracked open the door, seeing Starlee on her hands and knees and Mike right in front of her.

Don took the bowl from Leo, "Thanks."

"Anything else before I go back out there?" Leo asked.

"No, I think we're okay now," Don said.

Leo closed the door, leaving them to their work.

Starlee started panting and rocking on her limbs, "So much pressure…it hurts…" she squeaked.

"I'm right here," Mikey said as he pushed some of her hair out of her face, "We're not gonna leave you."

She then reared up onto her knees and sank lower so her legs were spread far apart. She lost her balance a few times so Mikey got up and positioned himself behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, just above her belly. Both were kneeling, sandwiched together. She held onto him, her hands tightly squeezing his forearms, her head lay against his shoulder. Don crouched down in front of her, placing the clean bin between her legs. He then sat back, a little shy about what he had to do next.

"Starlee, I have to be able to see what I'm doing, which entails lifting up your shirt. Can I do that?" Don asked, trying to show that he respected her privacy if she refused.

Starlee could only nod as she was in the middle of another pressure filled contraction.

Don then grabbed the hem of her dark blue shirt and lifted it up to her waist, tucking it into Mike's hand. She was completely exposed, but it didn't seem to bother her. She was focused solely on her labor. Now all he could do was wait.

Twenty minutes had passed and Starlee was now relying on her body to naturally push her baby downwards. She was kneeling, so gravity was on her side. Don eventually saw something begin to change and soon enough he could see a smooth surface begin to appear at her base.

Don reached out to the newly emerging surface and touched what was the baby's head, "C'mon Starlee, you're doing really well. The head's appearing."

Mikey continued whispering encouraging words to her.

In between contractions, Starlee reserved as much strength as she could. She panted and breathed deeply. When the baby started to crown, she screamed, "It's burning!" She had tears running down her face.

"Its head is halfway out, almost, c'mon!" Don said and he now held the head in the palm of his hand, "One more push and the hardest part will be over."

She waited for the next wave of pain before giving another strong push.

"Alright, head's out. Good job Starlee!" Don said happily, "Now the rest will just slide out with the next contraction."

She was almost out of breath and her strength dwindled.

Don was very patient with her. He now needed both of his hands to catch the little one when it slipped from her. He could literally see Starlee's contractions from his angle. Her belly would tighten up and change shape. So he knew when her next one arrived, "Okay, c'mon, give me a really good push!"

She bore down with all her might and then felt a large gush of fluid fall out of her when the infant left her body. Don rose up with a squirming baby in his hands. The little one had bright red hair and her skin was a very pale blue color, much lighter than Starlee's.

"Congratulations Starlee, it's a girl," Don said proudly.

Mikey smiled when he saw the tiny infant and almost cried out of joy.

The infant started to cry and began shivering a little bit so Don had to clean her up quickly and get her wrapped in a towel. He placed the little infant on a pile of blankets and reached for the water bowl and a washcloth. He cleaned her up as best as he could and then placed her in a fresh towel, carefully wrapping it around her and avoiding the umbilical cord. He still needed to cut that.

Mikey let go of Starlee's shirt and it fell back down to cover her up. He then released Starlee and she carefully leaned forward, putting her hands on the ground and overlooked her new infant.

"We're not quite through yet Starlee," Don said, "One more thing to do. Mike, go grab Leo and tell him we need his swordsman expertise."

"Will do bro," Mike said and got up.

Don didn't bother cleaning up his blood stained hands yet and he patiently waited for Leo to return. He was preparing a small piece of wire and fidgeted with the baby's blanket, pulling part of it down to expose the little girl's belly. He wrapped the bit of wire around the cord about an inch away from her.

Mike returned with Leo, who was looking excited to see the new addition. He knelt down next to Starlee touched her shoulder. "Good job, she looks wonderful." Leo smiled and he looked at Don, "You called?"

"Yeah, need your expert skills and something sharper than a plain old kitchen knife or a rusty pair of scissors," Don said. He then pointed to the cord, "Do the honors?"

Leo was apprehensive, "I don't feel right about doing this. It should be done by Cody or…"

"Cody isn't here Leo," Don said, "and I couldn't think of a better person to do it than his old sensei."

Leo sighed and removed one of his swords. He glanced at Starlee as if looking for permission and she returned his gaze and nodded.

Don held up the cord, "About an inch above the wire please."

With great care, Leo sliced through the thick cord connecting mom and baby and separated them. He then used a towel to wipe down the blade and replaced it on his back before getting up.

Don then had Starlee lean back once again on her knees, "You guys might wanna leave the room again, this is the 'not so pretty' part," he said to Mike and Leo. "Mikey, why don't you go to the surface and get some much needed baby supplies. Take some cash from the bureau in my room. There should be a couple hundred."

When the guys left, Don had Starlee give a final push. She was half-hearted about it, tired from the birth but she gave it her best. Don tugged gently on the cord and massaged the top of her stomach. The afterbirth slid easily from her body and into the bin, along with a copious amount of blood. He then had her lay down next to the infant as he started to clean her up and placed a very thick towel underneath her to help. She talked to her baby and held it while Don finished disposing of the afterbirth.

"Just try to take it easy for a while, you earned it," Don said. He then pulled a blanket over her as she snuggled with the little one. He then looked at his hands and grimaced, "I'll be right back. I'm going to get cleaned up myself."

Fifteen minutes later, Don returned to a sleeping Starlee and baby followed by Raph, who had seen Don leave his lab with blood dried to his arms.

"Just be quiet," Don whispered, "She's exhausted."

Raph then brought his hand to his chest and gently pounded on his plastron, gesturing 'No shit'. He crouched down next to the sleeping girl and glanced at the baby, giving a half smile. So this was Cody's little clone. He found it amusing…during the year that the turtles had spent in 2105, Cody didn't want anything to do with girls and here they were seven years later…the little ninja did have a romantic soft spot.

Hours later, Mikey returned with armfuls of bags and he dropped them in the lab for Don to sort through. "My arms are gonna fall off," Mikey complained as he took off his trench coat and hat and dropped them to the ground. He then started digging through the bags, pulling out all sorts of baby items. Diapers, wipes, some clothes, a couple cans of formula and bottles, and baby safe soaps for the bath. He also picked up a few burp cloths and receiving blankets. He took one of the little purple hats out of the bag and put it on the baby's head, sort of honoring the color of the 'doctor' who delivered her. He also brought some feminine supplies home for Starlee to stay comfortable and clean.

Mikey took over Don's job of caring for Starlee while he finished working on the time window. He rather enjoyed it and got to be the second turtle to hold the baby.

"So, whatcha gonna call her?" Mikey asked.

"Well, Cody and I did settle on a couple of names, we just don't know which one we liked more," she said.

"What names did you pick?"

"Well, we liked Ava, Naeva, Saroja, and Gaiana. I just don't know…"

Mike blurted out, "I like Ava, it's short and sweet."

Starlee grinned, "I guess it is, well then, I think we have our name. Ava Jones."

To be continued…