The warm May breeze hit her face as she stepped outside after her last class for the day. It had been six days since Inception and Ariadne had gone back to Paris to finish her schooling. As much as she loved to be back in Paris she missed them all and dreaming of course. She missed Eames and his witty comments, Cobb and she wondered how his kids were, then there was Arthur she surprisingly missed him more then she thought she would. Of course she thought about the kiss in the second level everyday and how, even though it was a chaste kiss, it still had an effect on her. Ariadne wanted to talk to them all see how they were but she knew she couldn't for a while.

Ariadne started towards the small coffee shop that she usually went to between classes when she noticed 3 men in suits following her, weaving in and out of the crowd to keep up with her. She became nervous instantly because the numbers had increased, from one man to three in 2 days. She told herself if there became more she would call Cobb to tell him.

Sighing she got her phone out and dialed his number. It rang and rang as she kept walking towards the coffee shopping, taking the round about way and trying to stay in large crowds.

"Ariadne?" Cobb said finally answering the phone.

"Yeah! I'm really sorry for calling, I know I'm not suppose to talk to anyone of you for a while..." she glanced back at the men in suits and saw they were still following her.

"Woa hold on. What's wrong?" Cobb asked worry in his voice.

"Men are following me. Three of them in suits." she said softly trying to keep her voice steady as she actually voice the words out loud but fear came through.

"What? For how long?"

"3 days. Everywhere I go. At first it was only one of them, watching my apartment, waiting outside my classes at the coffee shop but then today the other 2 men showed up. I thought it was nothing until the other two came." Ariadne replied still just as quietly.

"Shit. It's not nothing Ariadne, where are you right now?" he asked his tone becoming more tense.

"Walking to the coffee shop."

"Alright listen to me. Those men are dangerous, do not go near them. I want you to get to the airport and hop on the first flight to L.A. Do not go back to your place go straight to the airport. Once you get to here do not leave this airport, Arthur, Eames or I will be there to meet you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes." she replied. "But Cobb..."

"Ari...your going to be fine. Text me when your on the plane." Cobb said in a reassuring voice.

"Ok. Bye."

After hanging up with Cobb she caught the first cab to the airport and saw the men get into another one following her still. Once at the airport she went and got the first flight to L.A. Which left at 5 getting in at 3 in the morning in America. Before hopping on the plane she checked her messager bag to see what she had. Inside it was her phone, ipod, a notebook, sketchbook, and pencils and of course an extra scarf. Sighing knowing she didn't have time to buy any clothes or anything she went to board the plane. Once she was settled down in the plane between an old lady and the window did she scan the cabin for the three men and spotted them boarding the plane. Taking her phone out she texted Cobb.

On the plane. Three men followed, are on the plane as well. Should land at 3am your time.

Cobb wrote back instantly: Be careful. Arthur and Eames will be there. Walk straight to them. And get some sleep while you can.

Once he said that she shut her phone off and closed her eyes trying to get some sleep with a smile on her face thinking how she couldn't wait to see Arthur and Eames.

Back in L.A. Cobb had just finished texting Ariadne, and had yet to call Arthur and Eames, although he knew they would do it. He had to get his kids squared away from a few days. Deciding to call Arthur first he opened his phone and dialed his number.

"Cobb? What happened to the no contact for..." Arthur started but Cobb swiftly cut him off.

"We have a problem."

"What?" Arthur said returning to a serious mode.

"Cobb what happened?" Arthur said a little demanding.
"She called me saying three men in suits were following her. She's on a flight here and will get in at 3am. I need you and Eames if you can find him to go pick her up."

"Ok will do. We'll get her and meet you at that hotel that we talked about that we'd use for a safe house."

"Alright text me when you got her."

"Will do. Cobb...she'll be fine." Arthur said quietly before hanging up and calling Eames.

"Hello darling. Didn't know you were one for breaking the no-con..." Eames said in a cheery voice answering his phone.

"Ariadne's in trouble." Arthur said effectively cutting him off.

"What happened?"

"She's being followed by some men in suits. She's on her way here to L.A. Cobb wants you and I to pick her up then take her to a safe location."

"Alright. Where do you want to meet dear?"

"Get dropped off at the airport. I'll meet you there at 2." Arthur said. "I'll find us a place to stay that's safe and Cobb will meet us there once he gets the kids squared away."

"Alright. Wait...2am?" Eames said slightly shocked.

"Yeah. Her planes gets in at 3am and the three men in suits are on the plane with her."

"Brilliant Ariadne. Ok see you then." Eames said before hanging up.

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