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Rachel was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, leaning on Finn's shoulder as they waited with their fellow teammates, Puck's mother, her dads, Carol and Burt. All of them were anxious for news about Puck and whether or not he would survive the gunshot wound that Quinn had inflicted on him.

The paramedics were still working on him when he had been brought into the hospital a few hours earlier. His heart had stopped beating in route but had been restarted in the ER before they rushed him to surgery to repair the damage that had been done to his liver and spleen when the bullet had ripped through him.

A group of doctors had stepped in and had started to talk to Mrs. Puckerman, the woman sobbing at whatever they had told her. She turned to face her son's friends and with tears falling down her cheeks, started to explain what was going on with Noah.

"They have him stabilized but the bullet has done severe damage to his liver and he needs a transplant to survive. They will be testing me and his sister to see if we are a match for him but if any of his friends and schoolmates wants to get tested to see if they are as well, it would be greatly appreciated."

She then turned to follow the doctors to see her son while the others talked amongst themselves in the lobby. Rachel started to softly speak that Finn struggled to hear what she was saying.

"Are you going to get tested?"

"Yes. He is my best friend, despite everything he has done to betray that friendship. He has really tried to help us with Quinn and I hate that she hurt him like that."

"I think Quinn is too far gone for anybody to help her, Finn."

"I wish I had realized what she was up to after that football game but I was so wrapped up in trying to run away from you and the fact that I still loved you that I let her play me again. I guess I am as stupid as people always tell me that I am.

Rachel lifted her head up off of his shoulder and glared at him. She touched his cheek and turned his head to face her.

"I don't ever want to hear you call yourself stupid again. You are a good man with a trusting heart and some people like to take advantage of that. This is not your fault."

A few hours later, Rachel and Finn were walking away from the hospital's lab where they had each given a blood sample in the hope that one of them would be a match for Puck. The door to one of the rooms they had went past on their way back to the waiting room was open and Quinn was lying on a bed, in restraints.

"You better enjoy your time with him because I will get him back, I did it before."

Finn stormed into the room and over to the bed, ignoring Judy Fabray, who had been sitting at her daughter's bedside, horrified at how her daughter was acting.

"You don't even feel bad for what you did to Puck, do you? He needs a new liver and you don't give a shit. He loved you enough to try and protect you after you tried to kill Rachel and trying kill him is how you pay him for it? If he gets a new liver and survives this, he won't be able to play football. You have wrecked something he loves doing and all you can think about is you and not getting your damn way."

Tears fill Quinn's eyes as she takes in what Finn is saying and it pisses him off. She has no reason to cry over Puck after the pain she had caused him.


"I'm not finished, "he bit out harshly. "I only got back with you to take my mind off of Rachel. You and I are over. Stay the hell away from us."

Finn left the room and past Rachel, who had stood quietly in the doorway. She followed him down the hall and into the waiting room. She watched as he sat down and placed his head in his hands as the emotions of the day had started to take its toll.

"I started this, Rach."

Rachel didn't say a word and let him vent, knowing deep down inside of her that he had to get this out of his system if he had any hope of getting past everything that had happened.

"After the football game, I was popular again and everybody loved me. She said the right things to make me get past how angry I still was at her and how much I still didn't trust her not to cheat on me again. She was so quick to do it to Sam when she kissed me and the bad part was that she never once apologized to me for the pain she caused last year and I am pretty sure she hasn't said a word to Sam either. I was just hurting so badly over what happened with us that I let her play me. I even ignored what Ms. Holiday said about how stupid I was to believe Quinn that I got her pregnant from cumming in a hot tub despite how many times my mom reminded me of what she did. I caused this to happen, Rachel and my best friend is paying for it."

Rachel sat down beside him and took his hand into hers.

"None of this is your fault, Finn. It's all on Quinn. She is the one who did this, not you."

He wrapped his arms around her, letting Rachel's presence calm him down before they were interrupted by Mr. Schuester walking down the hall towards them.

"The police want to talk to the both of you about what happened tonight," he said gently to them.

They pull away from each other and follow their teacher down the hall, holding hands. Mr. Schue stops at a door to a private conference room that the hospital is letting them use for their investigation and opened it. Two officers were sitting at the table, notebooks lying on it so they could write down what was said.

Carole and Hiram were sitting at the table, with two empty seats between them so Finn and Rachel went to sit in them. Hiram comfortingly took Rachel's hand as she sat beside him and Carole touched her son on the shoulder and talked quietly with him before they all faced the police officers in the room.

"The other witnesses we have talked to have told us that the two you, Miss Berry in particular was Miss Fabray's target; that she had physically attacked you before being taken out of the room. That all of this was over Mr. Hudson breaking up with her to get back together with you."

"Yes," Rachel said quietly.

"We have also looked over the notes of the previous charges filed against her for trying to kill you a few months ago. That she had a restraining order against her and wasn't to be within a hundred feet of you?"

Finn and Rachel quietly answered their questions before walking out of the room to find Mrs. Puckerman arguing with a man around her age while an African American woman stood there with a teenage boy that looked to be about fourteen years old.

"They can stay because from the way I understand it, you abandoned them too. As for you, Brian, you aren't welcome here. Noah wouldn't want you here."

The man stormed out of the waiting room while the woman and boy were taken to the back. After talking to Kurt, Finn and Rachel found out that the boy was Noah's half-brother, Jake and he was being tested along with Sarah to see if they were a match for Puck.

"Hopefully somebody here will be a match," Finn said as he sat down beside his step-brother while Rachel sat beside him.

"I would say either Jake or Sarah will be his best chance because they are his siblings."

As they sat there for a while, a doctor came out to talk to Mrs. Puckerman and the woman started to cry and hugged Carole.