"Charles you're overreacting," Erik said bemused watching his lover walk across the room.

"I am most certainly not overreacting," Charles defended.

"Yes you are it's really no big deal Charles."

"No big deal? Erik he gave you his number!" Charles hollered looking at his friend with an icy glare.

"That doesn't mean I'll use it," Erik defended making a show of throwing the napkin into the trash.

"You gave him yours!" Charles threw his hands in the air more than a little frustrated.

Erik held his hands up in a silent surrender "you're the one who said we should be kinder and more involved with mankind, I'm only taking your advice."

"Yes more involved not letting them bed you, especially when you already have a perfectly capable lover!" Charles bellowed and plopped into his seat distraught.

"Charles please calm down," Erik cooed stroking his arm.

"No, no you know what you were right all along Erik." Charles announced standing once again forcing Erik to retreat a step or so back. "Isolationism is the best course of action," Charles pounded his fist into his hand determinedly.

Erik howled with laughter at Charles's exclamation. Charles glared at his love as Erik pulled him into an embrace. "Charles you truly are overreacting. You were right revenge is wrong and we should stay and try to help the humans overcome annulation."

"Yes but-"

"Ah, ah," Erik scolded putting a finger to Charles's chapped lips. "You were right now accept it and move on."

Charles pouted and rested his head on Erik's shoulder for the first time hating being right.

"Darling you are overreacting," Erik emphasized tilting Charles's chin up towards him. "Did I throw a temper tantrum when all those men approached you the other night?" Erik asked.

"No," Charles said "but I highly suspect that you're the reason their wrist watches became hyper magnetic and attached to bathroom stalls."

Erik frowned a little forgetting his own antics when he had become jealous of the males whom had bestowed their undivided attention on his Charles. "Perhaps I understand your frustrations a bit," he confessed. "And now perhaps you understand why I hate that you are just so damn edible to every eye in the world. You're like the perfect eye candy and guys just won't stop eating!" Erik was now just as frustrated as Charles upon remembering his many encounters with jealously. "Fuck it all we're going on vacation," Erik declared now holding Charles deliciously close to him pressing every crevasse of their bodies together.

Charles smiled and snuggled closer to Erik as Erik's phone rang from his back pocket. Attempting to be helpful Charles retrieved it for him and frowned at the name "who's Mark?"