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ALL HUMAN! Rose is a single mother and has four kids. She is definitely not like other mothers. Firstly, she doesn't dress like one. Secondly, she doesn't look like one. Thirdly, she doesn't speak like one, and lastly the kids doesn't have a father. Only because she had/became pregnant with all of her kids through artificial insemination. When her oldest/eldest daughter gets in trouble one day and Rose is called in to school she meets Coach Belikov. They start running into each other and thoughts are starting to come into Rose's head…

Who says I can't date the gym teacher?

Rose Hathaway, just turned thirty-one, and I work in a salon at the local mall. Raised by a stubborn mom and a loving but sarcastic father with money in bank. No siblings and no other family, so at the age of seventeen I was already with my head in the clouds with kids. A cute baby at home waiting for me when I got home. It all sounded so amazing in my head. So after hundreds of times begging my dad for the money I fixed it. Through artificial insemination. I had, had lots of sex in high school so there was no problem people thinking it was a miss hap after prom. I was happy as I ever could be and nine months later Veronica Janine Hathaway entered the world right as I turned eighteen. She had brown hair like me, brown eyes and there was no doubt she was mine. My closest friends always wondered why I didn't want to know who the father was or, at least who it was. But I wanted the kid and the guys around me wasn't very father figure like. So I made it my own.

Then when Veronica or Ve as I say, was five I wanted another one. Mom had just gotten use to the thought and dad loved Ve a lot so he took the money and let me do it again. I know I must sound like some maniac but I love kids. Sure I'm not the ideal mother. I still wear push up bra's, I wear way to tight clothes for any mom and I think I work out more than any mom with one soon two children. So after a few more months my little favorite Ben Ibrahim Hathaway came to the world. The thing was he was nothing like his sister. They were the direct opposite. Ben could sit quietly and just look at things for hours while Ve had to socialize in her own little way.

Four years after Ben I got my own money and into the world came Abby Vaselissa Hathaway. She was a little princess but she sure had my genes with the mood swings and all. She had brown and very curly hair and she looked like an angel. And as three years past I was at the finish line, I thought…

Until Alexander Mason Hathaway twirled my world around with his chunky cheeks and chubby stomach.

You must think I'm some sort of baby machine and my body must look like hell after four kids and under fourteen years? Hell no!

Only cause I wanted kids in my life doesn't mean I'm fat or anything. I work out regularly, kind of eat right and can be proud over my D cup. I might not dress like a mom, not really look like a mom hell I act like a mother of a four kids mother. But I'm Rose Hathaway and I'm looking good!

"Mom!" Hard knocks rambled on my door. I groaned and turned around on my stomach and hid my head under my pillows.

"Mom seriously, get up or I'll open the door and let Alex walked out alone on the streets" "Fine!" I yelled jumping out of bed grabbing my silk robe and opened the door. Ve was standing fully dressed with Alex clinging around her throat. She handed Alex over to me and stalked away.

"Good morning my little cutie pie" Alex made a few funny sounds and hugged me tight around my throat.

"Mommy could just eat you up!" I said kissing the top of his head.

"Mommy" he smiled. This little man owned my heart and I couldn't help but chuckle as I made my way to the kitchen. Abby and Ben sat nicely around the table eating their cereal as Ve made herself a cup of tea.

"Morning sweet heart" I said kissing Abby's cheek. She smiled, "Morning mom"

I ran a hand through Ben's brown hair leaned down kissing his head, "Slept well honey?"

He nodded chewing his cereal. I smiled and but Alex down in his baby chair.

"When do you get off today?" Ve asked as I made porridge.

"I'll take a long shift today and a short one tomorrow. But I already spoken to Ben and Abby's teachers that about my schedule and they're fine with it. So you can choose either pick them up and leave them over at Christian since Lissa's working. Or pick up Alex earlier and bring him to Dad's"

"You know grandpa suck's at being a real grandpa right?" Ve joked. I chuckled, "He's special but he's still your grandpa so be nice ok?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll take the buss today" she said making her way out from the kitchen.

"Thanks for waking me up!" I yelled after her. I really suck at getting up in the morning. Sure I was getting better at it but everyone have their flaws. I put down the porridge and handed a spoon to Alex. I'd tried to make him eat on his own but he wasn't very good at it. Not to sound cruel or like a bad mother but he was kind of slow. Cute, but slow! He just learned how to walk, he's still kind of unsteady but he's getting there. I sat down next to him and Ben. "Ready fro school?" I asked sipping on my tea.

He shrugged, "I don't like math"

"Neither do I honey but you still got to do it"

"But you said yesterday that math was a useless subject and who cares if you count wrong?"

I smiled and cupped his cheek, "Don't always listen to what mommy say's, I'm not perfect"

"I think your perfect mommy" Ben smiled.

"Aw" I kissed his forehead, "And I think you're perfect to" I smiled. I turned to Abby, "Ready honey?"

She nodded. I got up and let Alex eat or try to eat for a little while longer. "I'll just head upstairs to get dressed, so brush your teeth and get your bags ok?" I yelled as I half ran upstairs. I grabbed a pair of black jeans and a gray long sleeved fitted top with buttons. I let the two top buttons stay open, only cause I'm a thirty one year old mom doesn't mean I have to look like a thirty one year old mom! I got my comfortable but sexy pair of black heels and brushed my hair. I liked the way my hair naturally fell into light waved and the dark brown color was something I'm very proud of. Finishing off my look with a tiny brush of mascara and I'm ready to go!

I rushed down stairs to clean Alex up and put is bowl in the dishes. I dried him of and kissed his forehead before I picked him up and started dressing him for school.

"Ben! Abby! Are you ready?"

"Yes mom" They both said from over at the door.

"Back packs?" I yelled brushing the few teeth's my little baby boy had.




I hurried out from the bathroom grabbed my coat, bag and my kids and headed to the car. Dad felt sorry for me for some stupid reason and tricked me into letting him buy me a car. I had my mind set on not wanting his money anymore since I'd taken enough when getting my wonderful little babies! But no, one morning there it was. A brand new dark gray Audi a1. Already with seats for Abby and Alex as well for Ben and Ve.

Now a days Ve always took the buss since all her friends did and I wasn't a morning person so I was pretty much always in a hurry in the morning but I always made it in time.

Alex went to a kindergarten right next to the school where I knew some people and they were the sweetest so I knew my baby was in good hands. Abby just started and apparently gotten tons of new friends but when it came to Ben I was a little unsure. I loved the boy more than any mother ever will, but he was completely different from the girls who were all over the place. New friends all the time, Ve hitting on guys and all.

Even Alex seemed to get along with all the kids. But Ben was so quiet. He was helpful, sweet and always stayed silent. But he never spent anytime with friends. I stopped outside the school picking up Alex and telling Ben and Abby to hop out. Abby waved goodbye before she ran over to some of her girlfriends who were over in the sand box. Ben stood still on the curb just looking around. I put Alex down and let his tiny hand grab two of my fingers. I crouched next to Ben, "You ok?"

He shrugged, "I'm ok" he looked down. I cupped his chin, "Is there anything you'd like to tell me? Cause you can tell me anything"

He smiled slightly, "I know mom"

"Good, now where are your friends?"

"Paul's sick today"

"And who's Paul?" I asked curious. Maybe he had made friends while I didn't see?

"He's a new kid, we're the same age. He transferred here a while ago"

"And you're friends?"

He nodded and smiled. I smiled back feeling so good now he was happy!

"Well maybe Paul will come tomorrow and he could maybe come play home someday if you'd like?"

"Really?" he asked as his face lit up.

"Anything for you my little man"

He threw his arms around me and we hugged. I kissed him goodbye as he walked across the schoolyard. My little boy.

"Mama" Alex said pulling my hand. I picked him up, "Yes my little super hero?"

"Cool" he smiled. I chuckled, "Yes, you're also going to school. School for super hero's like you" I put my finger on his nose and he laughed. He just started learning a few words and cool was his word for school. He's a sweet kid. I dropped him off at the kindergarten and got in the car driving to the mall, down to the salon.

I worked different shifts and tried to work long shifts when the kids had long days so and short shifts when ever they had short days only so I could hang out with them more. When I got stuck mom and dad was always there to help me. They both worked from home and enjoyed having their grandkids over as often as possible.

Christian was another choice. Lissa worked at the salon along with me, Meredith and Mia who owned the whole thing. Lissa and Christian had been together since forever and they fitted so well together. Christian works for some design company and can do a lot of work at home so he was always my plan B for the older kids since they just needed a grown up there just in case.

"Good morning ladies" I smiled as I got inside walking in to the back to the private staff room. Lissa and Mia were cleaning as Meredith counted cash from yesterday. I grabbed a cup of tea and sat down in one of the salon chairs, "God I'm tired"

"Maybe fi you didn't have four kids you'd be less tired" Mia teased.

"Hey I love my kids and I get a lot of help with them" I said to my defense.

"Maybe with a man by your side the weight could get off your shoulders?" Meredith suggested like so many times before.

"Not this again!" I sighed but couldn't help but to smile at them. Lissa sat down next to me, "C'mon Rose, a guy could be fun! I mean you're the only single lady around here anymore"

"Only cause, Mia got Mason, Meredith got Eddie and you've got Christian doesn't mean there's something wrong with being alone! Besides I have Ben and Alex" I smiled.

"Yeah if Ben wasn't a your kid and older you could totally date him! He's like the sweetest little boy ever" Mia joked.

"Ugh Mia, he's my son" I laughed throwing a towel at her. She laughed, "It was just a thought!"

"But seriously Rose" Meredith said catching my attention, "You're only thirty-one and have a body of a twenty-five year old! Why don't you have a guy in your life?"

"Does the words 'four kids' tell you anything?" I grinned. She rolled her eyes, "That it?"

I nodded, "I tell them that and the guys runs like a chicken"

The girls laughed, "You'll get there Rose" Lissa smiled taking my hand. Before I could answer out first customer for today made her entrance. Mia was quick to give out orders, "Ok, Meredith and Lissa you'll take cutting today, I'll take the cashier and Rose you'll do manicure" I shrugged and sat down in one of the chairs waiting for my first customer coming at half past ten.

I like working here with the girls. Sure the payroll could be better but we'll survive and I'll get extra cash for school from youth allowance so we make it fine every month.

The only thing missing in my life was a man. A guy, I could take almost anything! I haven't had sex in ages. I groaned at the thought of that. Sex. God I want to have sex…

My first appointment push that thought out of my head. Time to smile and listen to whatever the customer said. Manicure and hair cutting equals: Therapy for girls…

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