It was 2:40 AM when she first looked at the alarm clock next to her bed.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach that made her gasp for breath and feel dizzy. She felt her body spasm.

Abruptly, the pain abated and after a few seconds Jess was already back in a deep sleep.

She woke up like this two more times and then the third time she slipped out of Becker's close hug, being careful not to wake him.

He was always concerned as soon and she didn't want him to worry about her. Quietly she went into the bathroom and risked a look into the mirror.

A tired reflection of herself could be seen. Exhausted, she sighed and leaned her back against the sink and buried her head into her hands. She felt unusually warm. It was not necessary to check her temperature; she obviously had a fever.

Slowly, she went into the living room and decided to make herself as comfortable as possible on the couch. It was the only way not to infect Becker, and the only way she could hide it.

At 5:00 AM she woke up anew and felt a lot better than before. She slipped back into their bed and placed Becker's arms around her like they'd been before she had left. She was glad that he hadn't noticed anything.

She kissed him gently on his lips and smiled.

"Why did you sleep for two hours on the couch?" he mumbled sleepily in her ear as he was pulled her closer to him and caressed her cheek.

Jess froze. She had been absolutely sure that he had not been awake, but what had she been thinking? He was still Becker.

She thought about how she could (and wanted to) reply.

Just as she started to explain, she groaned and her face distorted itself. The sudden pain had come back again and Becker couldn't do anything but notice.

"Jess, what's wrong? Tell me!"

"Nothing. It's only a mild pain in my stomach!"

"That looks anything but mild, Jess!"


"Doctor. Tomorrow!" he decided, leaving no room for protest and thinking it
was settled.

But it wasn't for Jess, "I don't feel sick. I am alright. I can go to work!" but she ended abruptly with the intent of hiding the pain she felt at that moment, because a new wave of ache overwhelmed her.

He raised an eyebrow. "Jess, this..."

"... needn't be discussed." Jess closed her eyes and buried her head into
Becker's chest.

Becker sighed but didn't say anything anymore, hoping her sickness would

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