Do you like big or small cats? Have you ever wondered how a tiger's, a (black or yellow)leopard's, or a lion's fur would feel under your touch? Have you ever watched The Red Dragon and envy with all your heart that bitc-, sorry woman, who caressed a tiger first, then a man who's name is Ralph Fiennes? Well I did. That's how this fanfiction was born.
And if you did as well, you will understand the passion in Harry's moves. The passion, I was unable to describe.


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Panther time

Where Harry is an idiot and eager to touch.


Harry was just out of shower, pulling on his pants during a very cold winter evening, when he heard scraping on the door. Harry Potter wasn't really the man who was easy to scare, being the Gryffindor Head of House, Saviour of the Wizarding World and everything, but that sound freaked the hell out of him. No living man would scratch on his door, they would knock, and dead man did not scratch either. And other creatures were very unlikely to wander the hallways of Hogwarts.

He grabbed his wand and listened for a second. But other than the voice of the icy storm outside, nothing was to be heard. He almost completely relaxed, thinking he imagined the whole thing, when it repeated itself.

Cautiously, he approached the door. The screeching came again and his heart sped up to twice its normal speed. Reaching out his hand he slammed open the door... And saw a huge black panther in his threshold.

He was so frightened, his heart stopped, and he jumped a few metres back. "What the fucking hell…?!" He yelled, falling flat on his ass, terror still flooding his veins.

Through all this, the panther sat absolutely calm on the doorstep. Its tail twitched, but other than that, it was perfectly motionless. Then, when Harry was on the floor, it stood up and walked comfortably into the room and sat right in front of Harry. The door closed silently behind it.

"Please don't eat me?" Harry whispered, trying to find his wand, without making any abrupt movements.

The animal huffed. It fucking huffed as if thinking that he would eating Harry was the most ridiculous idea.

"I'm going totally insane." Harry said aloud. He couldn't be right about this panther huffing. Panthers didn't huff. Moreover, animals generally didn't huff.

Harry, suspiciously eyeing the huge cat, stood up. "Hmm… Where did you come from, kitty?" He dashed towards his desk. When it came close enough, he jumped up, hoping that by some wonderful miracle the panther, who launched towards him right after the word 'kitty' had been uttered, couldn't reach him up there.

The miracle, not so surprisingly, didn't occur and the panther was growling wildly, a mere three millimetres from his face. "Sorry, not a kitten then." Harry said quickly. "You are a huge, king sized, gigantic, wild, scary, terrifying panther. Not kitten. Panther."

The animal nodded, stepped back, and sat down. Harry crept down from his desk and stood before the animal. He'd never seen a panther in his life before, only in pictures, but this one seemed really big. As it was, the top of its head almost reached Harry's stomach when he was sitting.

And, Harry had to admit it, it was beautiful. Dangerous, but beautiful.

"So, I guess you understand what I say." The animal looked him in the eyes but didn't move again. Still, Harry felt that he was on the right track.

"That makes you either a very magical being, or simply an animagus. I bet, it's the second, but I still want to make sure, so please give me a minute, I have to find my wand."

The only response was a light tail-wagging.

Harry sat down on the floor and closed his eyes. Then realized there was a black leopard in front of him and opened one eye. Peeking through his eyelashes he said, "If you eat me, I won't help you." He closed his eyes again and concentrated on his wand. A second later he knew it came, flying across the room, so he opened his eyes to catch it but found himself face to face with a pair of huge yellow eyes.

The wand hit his head then fell into his lap but he didn't care about that. He watched the panther as it walked back to its place and sat down again, staring at Harry with a smug smirk.

"That wasn't funny." Harry hissed angrily. "I almost pissed my pants... I'm so gonna hit you if you're human."

There was a huff again.

"If you want me to help you, behave." Harry told the dark leopard and to his surprise, it crossed it's front legs, and lay down on them.

"That's better…" He sighed as he walked closer.

He sat on his knees right in front of the animal, and watching the soft fur, he realized it wasn't entirely black but had very dark brown stains in it. The fur seemed really soft. He reached out to touch it, but then he heard a very dangerous growl coming from between very sharp teeth.

"Okay, okay, no touching." He pushed both his hands in the air. The growling stopped.

"Now I'm gonna check if you are a real animal or not. I promise I won't touch you, but I have to place my hand over you. But I won't touch you. Don't bite me." He closed his eyes and placed both hands over the panther. He could feel the heat radiating from the beautiful body as his hands floated over the almost vibrating animal.

Not animal. Human. It was a human mind in that leopard's body so it must have been an animagus.

"So you're an animagus. Now I just have to figure it out, who you are and I can turn you back." Harry leaned back on his hands and looked at the gorgeous cat. As if that would be easy. "Well, I assume you are not a student, there is no one in my house who could be that good and become an animagus at this age. I assume if you are from a different house, you wouldn't have come to me. So, a teacher then. Minerva and Hagrid are out for obvious reasons. Oh I'm so stupid!" Harry slapped his forehead as he jumped up. "You must be registered in the Ministry if you're an animagus!" He rushed to his bookshelf which covered a whole wall and started looking for a certain book.

Suddenly, he felt a light poking on his leg. He looked down just in time just to see the black panther lie down on it's front paws, looking up shyly at Harry.

Harry smirked. "Tut, tut you bad boy. Or girl. You're not registered, are you?" Harry dropped to the floor again and leaned against the books behind him. "But then how could I find out who you are…?" He wondered for several minutes, watching the animal in front of him. It sat up again and stared with his amazing yellow eyes at Harry. "I know!" He jumped to his knees, leaning closer to the leopard. "I'm gonna search you for clues, for special marks, which could identify you." He said with a proud smile.

The panther growled again and raised an eyebrow as he stood up on all fours and started getting further away from Harry. But that tiny motion, that eyebrow raising was way too familiar to Harry.

"Snape!" He yelled and the panther stopped, a paw floating in midair. "No, this can't be you. Although, you both have quite similar personalities."

The panther started growling louder but Harry crept closer. "I have to be sure and if you are a teacher, moreover if you are Snape, you understand why. I need to know who you are to turn you back, and to be sure about that, I need to find a mark on you. So sit down and don't bite. I won't hurt you." Harry said determined. If this really was Snape… Merlin help him…

"I have an idea. Give me your left hand… err… paw. Whatever. If you really are Snape the D-… you and I know what will be there as it's a bloody permanent thing like my scar. But if you are not Snape, you cannot know what I'm talking about and you won't even have it so…" Harry's voice faded.

He did have it. On his front left leg, there was a dark brown stain, shaped exactly like the Dark Mark. "That fucking son of a bitch!" Harry yelled, crystal-clear anger flaring up around him. The panther, Snape, moved back a few steps and started growling quietly again, but Harry didn't even notice it.

"That goddamn bastard! I can't fucking believe it! Of course it's still there, after how many years? Twenty-five? Thirty? If I hadn't killed him long ago, I would totally tear his head off right now. How fucking unbelievable! Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater, huh? That's your theory, you fucking bastard?" Harry yelled towards the ceiling. "Well, he fucked you up; you're dead because of him and me. But he still has to wear that fucking mark, hasn't he? How perfectly convenient. How fucking perfect! He turned into a damn animal, you son of a bitch, and it still has to be on him? Couldn't you at least give him that much freedom? Oh how much I hate you, you bastard. How glad I am that you're fucking dead, you blo-" and Harry froze in motion. Something was calmly gusting into his ear. He took a deep breath as he felt Snape pressing his slightly wet, soft nose against his cheeks, the deep gasps coming from the lungs of the panther, tickling his ear, the rhythmic sound of exhaling slowly calming him down.

"I'm sorry, Snape. I know it's absolutely not my business and I don't even have the right to deal with it… It's just… It's just so infuriating." Harry moaned, painfully. "Why couldn't it disappear after Voldemort died? It's so unfair. You fought for the Light the whole time and still, years after the war, strangers simply stare at you, thinking you were just a Death Eater. It drives me mad." Harry almost whispered, closing his eyes. "I know you don't care about them, I know you don't give a shit about the Mark too, but still at those moments, when I'm seeing the judging looks coming from them, I just want to shout at them, yell and scream at them. Tell them what you have done for them, for us, for me… It's just so damn unfair. You deserve so much more. So much more and so much better…" Harry said but he didn't open his eyes.

The panther's head was pressed firmly against his; it was almost a caress as his soft fur slid against Harry's cheeks and neck. It felt really good, Harry thought. Warm, and caring, and calming.

"I guess he left his mark on both of us, didn't he?" Harry sighed as the panther's head rubbed against his forehead, warm nose pressing to his scar. Harry's hand involuntarily rose up and his fingers drove into the velvet fur. The sensation was inebriating.

But the leopard stopped dead and started growling with a threateningly deep voice.

"I got it. Sorry." Harry mumbled again, and then shook himself. He had to pull himself together if he wanted to turn Snape back.

"Okay, let's make you into the grumpy human you are." Harry smiled at the panther next to him, but then an idea hit him. As he watched the bright, almost shining yellow eyes, with only a little black pupil in its middle, curiosity spread in his system. He wanted to touch this royal animal, his black, smooth and velvety fur. And he wanted to touch Snape.

"You see… I have an offer." He said carefully, edging away from the leopard. "I love cats. The bigger the better, really. I truly adore them. And well, you are a huge cat right now. You know my past, I was never allowed near an animal like you, the one and only time I was in the zoo…let's just say it ended badly. I didn't even see a panther before now. Nor did I touch one. So… I want to touch you." Harry said quickly, getting ready for an attack.

The leopard, however, didn't attack him. Not yet. With a very sudden jump, Snape was at the other side of the room, his whole body tensed, ready to hunt down his prey, while he was hissing and growling angrily, huge, sharp teeth flashing in his mouth.

"Hey, don't forget, you asked a favour from me when you first appeared on my doorstep, freaking the hell out of me. This way we'll be even. You get what you want, I get what I want. And no one gets hurt."

Snape shook his head wildly, clearly he was regretting showing up on that very doorstep. He started roaming up and down in the room, glancing at Harry with a growl, perhaps considering his possibilities.

Harry meanwhile watched the animal as it paced the room. He had to admit, this form suited Snape perfectly. It was dark, dangerous, wild and beautiful. His force was almost radiation from his body as his muscles moved with every motion he did. His long tail, swapping from side to side behind him, irritated, his rounded ears flattened against his head in annoyance.

Harry gathered all his bravery. He was a Gryffindor for Merlin's sake.

"This body is gorgeous Snape and I want to touch it." He said, then closed down his eyes and reached out his right with his palm open. And he waited.

He didn't see Snape stop and he didn't notice the look of disbelieve in the yellow eyes as the leopard took a hesitant step towards him. He didn't hear the big, heavy paws touch the ground, nor did he notice the insecurity in the strong panther's movements.

He only felt the warm nose touch his palm, then the silky fur slide along his hand.

"Ah…" His eyes shot open as a light but still fervent moan broke up from his throat.

"Amazing…" He whispered as his fingers slid over the panther's forehead then down on his neck. He felt the panther literally vibrate under his touch. "How could it be so silky…?" Harry mumbled, knowing full well that no one would give him an answer.

He kneeled up and edged closed to Snape. His hand roamed the tight animal body, sliding on pure muscles, covered with velvety fur. His finger slowly went over the sitting animal's right arm, or leg, or whatever it was called, his skin jerking with every stroke. Looking into the yellow eyes, he practically begged for permission.

The leopard huffed then raised his paw and Harry took it into his hand, observing the huge palm, the soft flesh and the deadly claws between them. The panther's paw was almost as big as his.

"You do realize what big hands mean, right*?" Harry snorted and was rewarded with a light slap on the head. Then he reminded himself who he was speaking to. That just made it even worse as he could clearly remember how long fingers Snape had. He felt a light blush creeping up on his cheeks.

"Can I see your teeth?" Harry asked, putting down the paw gently. Stupid question that was- Snape roared and started snarling, showing his sharp as a blade teeth. "Okay, I get it, I get it!" Harry laughed. He raised his hand and slid his index and middle fingers over the broad nose up until he reached the rounded ears then back. "Hey, I can feel the break in it. So someone did break your nose back in the old days… Will you tell me who it was one day?" Harry smiled and, to his surprise, the leopard raised an eyebrow and tilted his head as if asking 'Who do you think did it?' "Oh… I know them? Who could it…" As he thought about Snape's past it hit him. "…be. My father was it, right?" Snape blinked and Harry took it as a yes. "Bastard…" Harry mumbled as his hand slithered over the soft ears. Once again, he got an eyebrow as a reward, only this time it mirrored astonishment. "What? Did you really think that I agree with what the Marauders did to you in the past? My own dad and Sirius acted like asses, almost like Dudley when he was a child, the ugly monster of my childhood. Don't get me wrong, I'm not actually pitying you. I'm perfectly aware of the fact that in a one-against-one battle, you could have easily won against them. You made your own spells at the age of sixteen, for Merlin's sake. I'm simply sorry that my father and godfather were such bastards when they were young. After I saw those memories of yours, remember? I was fifteen…" Snape huffed. Harry was sure, it was something he never forgot or forgave to him. "So after that, I actually felt bad when someone said that I'm like my father. And it, quite frankly, it hurt when you said it. I could never do that to anyone, especially not to you. I respected you too much. I still do actually, only even more." Harry grinned, his hand on the panther's neck then under his chin.

Suddenly, Snape raised his head, giving Harry better access to caress his throat and even his chest. Harry caressed it lightly, but after a moment of hesitation he let his fingernails scratching the soft fur gently. He saw the yellow eyes close in pleasure. Or maybe it was just him thinking it was pleasure, but he didn't care, he went on with the tender scraping, burying his fingers in the almost five inch long hair.

"Lie down…" He said but it sounded as a harsh whisper. Snape eyed him suspiciously as he lowered his body on his front legs then laid on his side. Harry, who was now kneeling at the panther's back, left his hand on Snape's chest.

Harry stared at the slowly gasping animal at his knees. He was almost two meters long, and his fur shined in the candle light. His long tail moved a bit once in a while, his lean forelegs rested crossed on one other. His head calmly laid on the floor, waiting for what Harry would do next.

Harry placed both his hands on the velvety, dark fur and just left it there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the animal's heat, which was warming up his whole body. He again, felt the skin jerk under his touch but this time it seemed as if it wasn't an unpleasant jolt but more like an urging to move, to explore.

So he moved both his hands down on the broad chest, feeling the curve of the ribs.

"Oh…" He gasped surprised as he sensed the fervently drumming heart under his fingers. "Are you excited or is it normal for a panther's heart to beat this fast?" He asked quietly, but an answer didn't come. Not even in a form of a hiss or a growl. The head remained on the floor and the eyes didn't open up.

By every inhale, Harry felt the animal's body rise and with the exhale lower slightly. He caressed the chest slowly with one hand, but at the same time, he slithered his other hand on the panther's back. He let his mind wander for only a second, imagining it was Snape's body he was touching, but then he forced himself to return to reality before Snape could notice his arousal.

His hand slid down on the firm spine over the lower back of the leopard. The fur was the same smooth-like texture, even there. He slipped his fingers over the place, which would be Snape's thigh and he felt the flesh flinch as the tip of his fingers caressed the inner side of the leg. It was like caressing the inner side of Snape's thigh and Harry noticed that he felt the room even warmer and he knew he must have been blushing, a very deep red.

Meanwhile his left hand slithered over the leopard's chest, buried in the soft hair, and then went lower over its stomach. Suddenly, Harry heard the most unexpected sound. Snape started purring.

Clearly, it was an involuntary sound coming from the panther, from Snape, because he saw the huge head rise from the ground in anxiety and despair then fall back, maybe shocked, maybe in resignation. Harry, however, couldn't help it, he moaned.

Speechless, he let his hand wander up and down, left and right on the animal's side, stomach and chest. He was stunned as he was listening to the deep sound, rumbling under his fingers. He was sure that sound made even the walls tremble so he wasn't desperate when he felt his own hands shake lightly.

The panther purred and his tail coiled and winded as Harry kept on caressing him. To Harry it looked like he started enjoying every touch and every stroke so he became even more passionate with his movements.

Without thinking, driven by only his curiosity, his fingers moved around the thick, black tail. Holding it in a light grip, he stroked the whole length of it.

At that moment, he felt Snape jump up and spring to the other corner of the room, snarling madly.

"Sorry, too intimate? Oh shit, of course it was too intimate; I was stroking your tail…" Harry said quickly. Not understanding what got into him a minute ago. "Why don't I just… turn you back?" Harry said and immediately turned to find his wand. It was on the floor where he left it. He grabbed it and looked at the still growling panther, who was still shaking in his anger. Pointing his wand at the leopard, he mumbled the spell silently and watched as the animal turned into his ex-professor, now colleague.

"Snape, I-"

"Thanks Potter. Bye." Snape said, voice slightly trembling. Harry was sure under the surface, Snape was infuriated. He wanted to apologies properly but the man walked to his door and opened it. Therefore desperately, he said the only thing he knew could hold back the man.

"You're welcome. You were a very nice kitten, though."

Everything happened in a second. Once instant, he was standing and was watching Snape, the man, standing at his doorstep, then next he was flat on the floor, with Snape, again in panther form, was on him, snarling, a paw on his chest, preventing movement, another one on the floor next to him.

Harry smirked, which was a bad idea. He underestimated the level of Snape's fury. The yellow eyes narrowed and the growling became even louder. He felt as the paw on his chest press deeper into his skin and claws dashed into his flesh, not deep enough to make him bleed. Not yet anyways.

Snape was growling for several more seconds but then he just suddenly stopped and leaned to Harry's neck. He started purring again, and Harry groaned ardently when he heard what Snape was doing.

"Fuck Snape, are you bloody sniffing me?!" He cried up, feeling despair as he realized he found that much more arousing than it should be. The panther sniffed both sides of his neck before the weight disappeared from Harry's chest, and Snape turned back to his original form.

"Panthers have a much more sensitive sense of smell." Snape said with that dark, smooth voice of his. Harry tried to sit up, but Snape pressed him down, pinning him to the ground. Only then did Harry realize that the man, who was still holding a hand on his chest and the other one next to his arm on the ground, was lying between his legs.

"I know that…" Harry gasped as Snape lowered himself and leaned on his elbow.

"I could smell it, Potter." Snape whispered in his ear. "I could smell how aroused you are. How excited…"

Harry whimpered fearfully, and grabbed Snape's shoulders, trying to push him off of him, but his struggling was useless.

"I don't need…" Snape went on mercilessly with voice harsh and husky, his hand sliding on Harry's body "…to touch you to know how hard you are..."

Harry cried up as fingers slipped over his rigid erection, palming him firmly.

"Interesting effect, I have on you…" Snape said and Harry could hear him smile. Fingers were still sliding on him roughly and he found it hard to concentrate.

"You're an idiot, Potter. Either you are the biggest idiot in the world, or you intentionally teased me almost into oblivion."

Harry was fidgeting under Snape, trying to push down the man, to get away from this situation as fast as possible. He didn't understand anything. Intentionally teasing Snape? He would never dare do that…

"I see… So you are stupid…" Severus chuckled darkly, which made Harry gasp fervently. "Did you truly believe that it wouldn't have any consequences if you let your curious hands freely roam on my animal body? Did you truly believe that, Potter?"

Harry heard the question, but he was unable to answer as the stroking on his erect manhood became even tighter, and he couldn't stop himself as his body jerked up into the pleasuring touch.

There was a sound next to his ear again; it was half an ardent moan and half a dangerous, quiet laugh. He craved to push up into that hand again, but suddenly it was grabbing into his hair, pulling his head back.

"I take that as a… yes…" Severus whispered and with the last word he pressed down his hips, grinding his erection to Harry's.

"Ah fuck!" Harry cried up, his back arching away from the ground, hands grasping into Snape's shoulders but not anymore to push him away but to pull him even closer.

"I came here for help…" Snape told him with his lips against Harry's ear, still moving his body over the other man's; their cocks touching through several layer of clothing was still driving Harry mad. "And you made me fucking hard, Potter, with your little biological experiment. How. Dare. You." Snape asked husky, each word one eager thrust.

"I didn't know!" Screamed Harry. Unable to repress his keen moaning, Harry tucked his leg and drove his right hand into Snape's black hair, seizing it almost painfully, the other slithered over the hard ass, grabbing onto it while he shoved up to meet the forceful thrusts.

"Of course you didn't, you bloody idiot. You thought you were simply touching an animal. Me, on the other hand… I felt your hands sliding on my naked chest, warm fingers over my back, eager touches on the inner side of my thigh...I felt all that…"

"Where did you feel it when I was stroking your tail?" Harry heard himself ask with enthusiastic voice.

"Use your imagination, Potter…" Snape laughed, pounding down on him with an infuriatingly slow pace, looking into Harry's eyes.

"Oh fucking god…" Harry groaned wildly as his gaze met with a pair of endless black eyes.

"You drove me mad. It's dangerous to drive a panther mad, Potter." Snape's mouth curled into a definitely evil, half smile. Their lips were only inches away and Harry felt the warm breath on his parted lips as he asked almost silently, "Why?"

"Because… we… bite." And with that Snape bit wildly into Harry's lips.

Harry felt the pain and tasted the metallic flavour of blood. He jerked his head away with a hiss, before Snape rolled away from him, laughing.

He tucked his legs and covered his eyes as he heard Snape standing up next to him. He heard the footsteps walking further away from him, towards the door.

"I'll leave you alone now, Potter. I know you have an aching problem you need to take care of…"

"I'm not the only one with such problems, Snape!" Harry shouted after the other man, as he saw him standing at the doorframe. "You fucking bastard…" He added frustrated.

"You're right, you're not the only one…" Snape gave him a smirk before the door closed behind him, leaving Harry alone in his room, craving for Snape's touch, while he could only think about how Snape will take care of that aching problem of his…


I feel like I just let my little tiger cub into the hands of a poacher, who keeps hyenas at home as pets. I would be devastated if this story would get about 3 favs, 2 alerts, and 1 review. It has just grown to my heart too much I believe. I've never written about big(huge) cats (kittens), which are my favorite animals btw, and I think that's why I like this story so much, but who knows.

As I was reading all the Snarry fics here, I came across with several dealing with 'Someone becoming an animal, meeting somehow with Other One and Other One has no idea who Someone is, therefore he tells him all his secrets'. I really like this kind of fics, all what I've read was very good, but I'd like to highlight one: Sev Bear by mrscakeakajane. It was an absolute brilliant story and I laughed my ass of when I first read it and then when I read it at the second and third time.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed (LOVED) my way of doing this theme :)I really do hope that.

PS: Please dont take this story as a biologically correct description of panthers. (Some of you did, this note goes to them.) It is not. Panthers can't actually purr, for example. Thanks god this story takes place in a different universe than ours, right?