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Chapter Three

Christmas time

Where they are both foolish and keen to love

"One day. One more day." Harry said to himself for the thousands time that day. To be precise twelve more hours and he will be free to go to the Burrow for a real Weasley Christmas. Not that it would be so bad to stay in Hogwarts for Christmas, but staying would mean chances of running into Snape. And that, he would rather avoid.

Their little trip to Diagon Alley happened a week ago and since then, he hadn't spoken a word to Snape except the necessary greetings, and even that happened only if there was someone around them.

He didn't imagine the situation could become more awkward after the panther accident, but looked like what happened in the Leaky Cauldron made everything even worse. Harry still didn't understand why Snape had left on that night, he just couldn't believe Snape simply used him for sex.

This whole madness made no sense to him, and he couldn't wait to finally get away from the school. He will most likely talk this through with Hermione, she always gave good tips, maybe she can help with this too. She always nagged Harry about his love life, now he can get all the information she wants, in exchange for some advice of course.

"Sorry Professor Potter!" A boy run by him, waking him from his daydreams.

"No running on the corridors, Sixsmith!" He shouted after the seven-year Hufflepuff boy.

He walked the cold corridors looking for Minerva. She just returned from the meetings with the giants and Harry was curious how it went. She travelled there after they'd left for Diagon Alley as there seemed to occur some problem and she was there all week, leaving Snape in charge of the school. Harry was secretly very glad about this, when he found out, because this meant Snape was too busy and was most probably sitting in his office and working during the days, meaning it was very unlikely to run into him in the corridors.

As he got closer to a corner, he heard a familiar voice. Minerva was coming towards him. Smiling he quickened his path. Right when he rounded the corner, another voice spoke up, this one deep, making him shiver and he didn't have to look up to know who it belonged to. He thought of turning back the way he came but then Minerva must have seen him.

"Oh good, Harry, come here for a second." Minerva said to him as she stopped in the middle of the corridor. "I was just going to your room to fetch you."

Snape however continued to walk and Harry was slightly relieved that they didn't have to speak, specially not next to Minerva, with her eagle eyes.

"Potter," came an unnerving greeting as Snape walked past him.

"Snape," Harry answered in the same manner and went straight to Minerva.

Minerva looked from one of them to the other until Snape disappeared behind the corner, then her gaze settled on Harry. Waiting, Minerva raised an eyebrow and for a minute Harry though, 'She knows.' But then he realized Snape would die first rather than telling Minerva what had happened between them so he simply smiled and asked the woman, "So, how was your trip? I heard the giants agreed to-"

"Oh for Merlin's sake, never mind the giants, Harry. What happened between the two of you now? I make you stranded at Diagon alley and you still ignore each other? Or even worse, as I can see."

"Nothing happened, we just had a little argument," Harry said, waving casually with his hand. "Wait, what do you mean, you made us stranded on Diagon Alley." He asked surprised and the previous sentence sunk in his mind.

"Did you really think, I would order the cleaning of all the school's fireplace in one single day? What if something happens to the children?" Minerva said nonchalantly. "And Harry, you are still a terrible liar. What happened?"

"I told you nothing happened! Why would you do that? Why would you make us stay there with the twins?" Harry asked desperately.

"Because the two of you have some things to sort out, Harry. And I'm still waiting for your answer." Minerva said calmly.

"What, you mean, Snape and me?"

"Of course I mean Severus and you, who else would I talk about?"

"Oh no, Minerva, there is nothing between Snape and me, well except the ongoing hatred of course." Harry said however, it sounded more bitter than it was acceptable for him.

"Hatred?!" Minerva laughed aloud. "He didn't sacrifice his life because he hated you, Harry and I'm quite sure you didn't saved his life just out of good heart when at the time you were quite certain he killed Albus to prove his loyalty to Voldemort."

"That is…" But Harry didn't know how to finish his sentence. It was true. He always hated Snape for what he had done (or rather for what he thought he had done), but the fact that at that time he had a crush on the man, still remained. He saved Snape years ago, after Nagini bit him because he had feelings for him and not just because he had a chance.

"Oh Harry, even a blind troll can see you two have feelings for each other." Minerva patted her on the shoulder.

Harry remained quiet for a second, considering his possibilities.

"Feelings, yes. On his part mostly hatred." He said carefully to Minerva.

"And on your part?"

"Maybe not hatred…?" He said hesitantly, not sure whether it was a question or a statement.

"Maybe you are wrong about his hatred too."

"That is a big maybe." Harry nodded meaningfully.

"Stop being foolish Harry," Minerva shook her head. "Believe me, you don't want to wake up one day and realize the one you have ever truly loved is gone." They remained quiet for a moment and Harry discreetly looked out the window to study a hippogriff, giving time for Minerva to sweep away the little teardrop from the corner of her eyes.

Minerva cleared his throat and Harry spoke up again.

"But what if he-" he didn't have a chance to finish.

"Oh for Merlin's sake, Harry, you're a Gryffindor, act like one!" Said Minerva determined and turned around. With a few long steps, she was already out of Harry's view.

Harry stood there astonished and solidified into stone.

Is he really considering looking up Snape and confronting him?


Hours went by and Harry still couldn't gather the courage to go and find Snape.

It never occurred to him however that he could hate Christmas this much. His mood was ruined after talking to Minerva. The singing armors drove him up the wall, he suddenly hated all the ghosts, flying over him, singing the Christmas carols and Peeves holding mistletoes over innocent students and throwing water balloons over those who refused to kiss. However the children most of the times started giggling after he appeared and kissed each other then run off, laughing.

The trees seemed too big and smell of the freshly baked Christmas cakes, what he like so much as a child, now suddenly made him feel nauseous.

Two Slytherin girls walked past him and he heard one of them whisper not so quietly, "Did you see Professor Snape today? He looks so hot!"

"Oh for God's sake!" Harry cried up, turning around. This was ridiculous. And not just because Snape was hot all the time, not just today.

He marched past the two girls and went down to the dungeons. He walked past Snape's classroom as he was sure he wasn't there as the lessons were over since a few days. He rushed straight to his private rooms and knocked on the door with a hammering fist.

Within seconds, the door opened up revealing a quite angrily looking Snape, who indeed was hot today, wearing his black polo neck and dark blue, tight jeans.

"Potter," he said and the anger disappeared from his face and his expression transformed to surprise.

"Snape, we need to talk." Harry said determined.

"I'm busy right now." Snape said and with that, he tried to close the door. But Harry expected something similar and with a sudden move he tossed the door open, and stepped in the brightly lit room.

"It's important." He said, looking at the astounded Snape.

"Well then, why don't you come in?" Snape asked from the thin air in the doorway, sarcasm dripping from his words as he closed the door behind him.

"Sit Potter, you're not in a bar."

Harry looked around the room and realized he'd never been here before. He would remember this amount of books lying on every horizontal surface.

"Tea?" Snape asked watching Harry sit down on one of the comfortable sofas at the fire.

"Whisky would be better, thanks." Harry answered casually, studying the books.

Snape waved with his hand and two glasses of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey appeared in the air. He handed one to Potter and grasped the other. He will need it.

"This place is much better than I expected…" Harry mumbled, sipping into his firewhisky.

"Why, what did you expect?" Snape asked; his eyebrow raised high mostly because of the fact that Potter even had an expectation of his sleeping chamber.

"I dunno… chains and a torture rack?"

"You idiot…" Snape murmured leaning against the fireplace. "What do you want, Potter? I don't have time."

"We need to talk," Harry said standing up and putting his glass on the table.

"You already mentioned that. Get to your point, I'm a busy man." Snape sneered.

Harry took a deep breath.

"We were stuck in Diagon Alley because of Minerva. The fire places weren't closed at all."

"In case this is all you came here to tell me…" Snape said, walking towards the door.

"No, I'm getting there."

"Get there a bit faster."

"She seems to think that there is an unsolved emotional conflict between the two of us," Harry motioned between them before going on. "Is there?"

"Well, I know nothing of sort." Snape shook his head. "Now would you leave?" He motioned to the door.

Harry thought for a moment. He needed a slightly bolder approach.

"Snape, you fucked me, so I would go with yes, there is."

The silence was deafening between them.

"Look, we have to clear this up. We're colleagues and we have to work together and this thing, whatever it is, needs to be solved."

"There is nothing to talk about. What happened doesn't influence my abilities as a professor."

"Good for you, Snape," Harry snapped, "because I'm suffering from a week long sleep deprivation, lack of appetite, constant headaches and I'm pretty sure it's because of you."

"Should I sing lullabies to you?" Snape sneered.

"No, you should bloody f-" Harry managed to bit his sentence before the conversation would go out of hand. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

He only got two raised eyebrows as an answer.

"I mean… last week… Snape, we had sex. Correct me if I'm wrong but you don't do that with someone you hate. And I'm pretty sure that usually a 'thank you' is more than enough to show your gratefulness for someone who stood up for you. You don't have to jerk them out."

"You're an idiot, Potter." Snape sighed. "You're definitely the biggest idiot I know."

Harry became angry and sad at the same moment, which wasn't a good thing, considering his situation.

"Well, I'm starting to think that too." He hissed heatedly.

"Finally…" Snape said, and he sounded tired. "Are we done?"

"Done? DONE?!" Harry yelled, his fingers clenched in a first. "We haven't even started." He went on in the same temper. "I don't care if this was some twisted revenge on me for something or you just needed relief but tell me or I swear I make you drink Veritaserum. Tell me why you slept with me, Snape, tell me."

"A twisted revenge? Are you insane, Potter?" Snape bellowed. His glass knocked on the table as he stepped closer to Harry. "I slept with you because I wanted to, because we both wanted it, and because of the fact, that I'm not allowed to sleep with you drives me nearly mad since years! Your whole being infuriates me to a level I'm not able to control and then I mess up a potion because of you and suddenly I am stuck as a panther." Snape took a deep breath before going on, yelling at Harry, pointing at him with his finger. "I don't even know why I went to you for help. But of course one does not simply ask Harry Potter for help, it has to be an exchange. I almost tore down your clothes that night Potter, with my fangs. Can you imagine how hard it is to control yourself when you are a vicious gigantic cat in need?! I tell you, it's bloody fucking hard. I could have hurt you, Potter."

"Mistletoe!" Came a joyful cry from over their heads. Peeves floated a meter above them with mistletoe between his fingers.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE PEEVES!" both of them roared at the poltergeist, who flow away giggling and singing, "Potter and Snape, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

They stared at the wall where Peeves disappeared for a while. Then Harry spoke up quietly, "But you didn't."


"You didn't hurt me."

"Yes, but it's… you don't understand! This," Snape said pointing between the two of them, "it shouldn't have happened." He shook his head. "Try to understand, Potter."

"Oh believe me, I'm trying very hard but none of what you say makes any sense." Harry grabbed his glass and emptied it in one go. "I don't see where the problem is."

"Of course you don't see, because you're an idiot…" Snape murmured.

"Stop calling me an idiot and explain it already!" Harry shouted, his anger flaring up again.

"Look Potter, just forget it, forget everything that happened between us and-" Snape started but Harry cut in.

"Bloody hell, how am I supposed to forget that? That was the best sex I've ever had!" Snape's gaze snapped at him and Harry realized what he just said.

"I mean-" He couldn't finish, the next second he found himself smashed to the wall.

Snape's hands were sliding on his chest, pressed firmly onto him, his face only inches away, Harry could feel the hot breath on him that smelled like firewhisky. He wondered if Snape would taste the same but the man suddenly jumped away from him and backed to the other corner of the room.

"Stop this nonsense, Potter, and get out of my room." Snape said after taking a deep breath, seemingly regaining his control.

"I'm not going anywhere until we find out what to do."

"Look at me and read my lips if you are not able to hear me: there. is. nothing. to. do."

"Oh this sodding Christmas starts just awesome. Okay Snape sit down."

"Don't you dare order me in my own room." Snape sneered.

"Sit down!" Harry said with a raised voice sitting down in front of Snape who gave him a menacing look but sat down anyway.

"I know I'm making a fool out of myself right now but I just don't care anymore. Snape, I want you, in more ways you can imagine. And based on last weekend, you want me too. There is a thing and we have to do something about it because I'm sorry I just can't walk past you day after day and pretend nothing happened." Harry said calmly.

"You don't want me, Potter, you want the dark figure from your childhood, the mystery that was always nagging at the back of your head, which is within reach now. That dark man who hated you from the first moment for no reason, but I'm not that man anymore, Potter. You know my secrets, you know who I am, you shouldn't be interested in me anymore!"

"You bloody idiot," Harry stood up as he started desperately shouting again. "That is the exact reason why I'm in love with you! Because I know who you are, because finally I know you!"

"Don't you dare call me an idiot you insolent brat, I'm old enough to be your father!"

"But you're not my father, thank Merlin." Harry sighed. "I just told you I love you and that's all that got through your thick head?" He said more calm now.


"My name is Harry, and I love you." Harry cut in, coming closer to Snape.


"Call me Harry. I love you." He said again and stepped next to Snape.

"Harry, stop, please listen."

"No, you listen. This is bullshit, your arguments. These aren't even arguments. I don't even know what to call them. Give me a damn reason why I shouldn't do what I'm about to do."

"Harry, you have to understand," Snape said worriedly, sitting down before Harry could kiss him. "You are like a taboo to me. I promised to Dumbledore when he found out… when he realized how I feel about you."

"So you have feelings for me." Harry said, sitting on the small table.

"You were in your sixth year," Snape spoke up quietly, "you were already a man, imprudent and defiant as always and I hated you but something changed." Snape drove a hand though his black hair. "I don't know how it happened but I wanted you Harry and you have to know, I'm the kind of man who always gets what he wants," he looked Harry in the eyes as he repeated, "always."

"I bet you do."

"I almost cornered you one night, ready to take you, whether you want me or not. You were still a child, a minor and I almost forced myself on you. You should be disgusted by me not love me."

"Oh…" Harry said.

"Finally, you understand." Snape sighed.

"No, I mean, oh that's the biggest bullshit I've ever heard. Severus, back then I was already crushing on you. You could have fucked the life out of me and I would have been smiling gleefully for months." Harry confessed, blushing slightly. "But anyway, Dumbledore is gone and I'm a grown man. What's the problem now?"

"Harry, you have to know that I'm a very possessive man. I don't let go of something that is mine. I knew this perfectly that time and I knew what I had to do to help you on your way to defeat Voldemort. Do you think I could have let you wander forests alone, or let your sacrifice yourself for the Wizarding world if we ever got together? I would easily let others die just to save you, because I was sure that time that you won't survive Voldemort's attack. Dumbledore couldn't let that happen, so he made me promise that I won't touch you, that I leave you alone to have a perfect life as long as you can. And I did, until now."

"Since years Dumbledore and Voldemort has been gone, why didn't you say a word?" Harry asked hesitantly, afraid of the answer.

"Look at me Harry, I'm an old man with a very dark past. There are other things you are better off not knowing and I would rather not tell you them. You deserve someone better than me."

"Okay you know what, Dumbledore was the last one who could decide what is good for me and what is not. I say I love you and you can't change that. You can ignore it, you can accept it but you can't change how I feel for you." Harry said determined, looking at the obsidian eyes.

"Harry I am a marked man. You might remember what happened last week. People still think I'm a Death Eater. What do you think our society would think seeing us together? They would judge you too. You don't want that."

"And who the hell cares about them," Harry laughed. "Since the first moment I stepped in the Wizarding World, people constantly judge me. Let them do it, I couldn't care less."

Snape sighed and tapped the side of his glass with his wand. The glass was instantly filled with amber liquid.

"You always have an answer for everything, don't you?" Snape asked, sipping from the glass but looking at Harry.

"Severus you think that because of your past you don't deserve a happy life. Let me tell you, because of your past, you deserve the happiest life. And I know I could help you with that. But if you think I'm not the right person for you, I step aside, but don't throw away your life just because of what happened years ago."

"Who else could be the right one, if not you?" Severus asked, caressing Harry's cheek with his thumb. "But I can't. We can't." He shook his head and let go of Harry's face.

"Why? No one stands between us now. Not Voldemort, not Dumbledore. See, even Minerva is cheering for us."

"There is still someone." Severus said, leaning back on the sofa, his expression becoming darker.


"Me." Snape said, looking at Harry over the rim of the glass.

"If you mean-"

"No. You don't know about this. Previously I said, I am a very possessive man. I claim, what is mine and I make sure that my… possession is aware of this, as well. Harry, a relationship with me… You couldn't describe it as normal."

"How could you describe it, then?" Harry asked, intrigued by what he heard.

"Do you remember the collar? The leather collar?"

"Of course," Harry answered immediately. How could he forget that.

"I'm not just a possessive man, Harry I'm also very dominant one in some manner."

"You mean…?" Harry gasped as the revelation finally started to get to him.

"I mean that the collar wasn't my only equipment and that the rest would be perfectly suitable for you. Or in you, for that matter."

"And this would stand between us how exactly?" Harry asked, getting excited just by the thought of a very dominant Severus Snape.

Snape seemed slightly taken aback by the question. "Well, people usually feel these kinds of activities quite unnerving and… nasty."

"Other people maybe. Me? Not so much. I kinda understood there is something off when you drugged our students so you could have some quality time with me…" Harry smirked. "And well, that leather collar was quite a good hint too."

"Do you really understand what I said?" Snape said, raising an eyebrow.

"I think you just admitted you're into BDSM or something like that." Harry grinned climbing onto Severus' lap. "But I guess, I can't be entirely sure until you try out one of those things on me." He whispered against Snape's ear.

"And you're not…?" Snape asked surprised.

"What, revolted or something? I've never been so excited in my life." Harry admitted as he kissed Severus' neck and jaw line. "Can we try this out now?" He asked then anxiously, lips hovering over Snape's mouth.

"No," came a short answer.

"Oh bloody hell, what now? Enough with the protest!" Harry cried up desperately.

"I don't have time now. I told you I'm a busy man. Minerva assigned me about a million tasks, most of them simple paperwork but I need to finish them today."

"That's just not fair." Harry groaned.

"It might feel that way, yes." Snape sighed grabbing into Harry's hips and pushing up his groin, rubbing his half-hard manhood to Harry's.

Harry grinned as he leaned in and kissed him fiercely while pushing down his groin on Severus.

"You have to go." Severus mumbled into his mouth, than kissed him hard again.

A few more kisses and eager touches later Harry climbed down from Severus. "Why don't we just…" He raised an eyebrow.

"Tonight, Harry. Tonight you will get everything you want." Severus whispered with deep, husky voice. He walked into his bedroom and Harry was just about to follow him when came back.

He walked to Harry and showed up a silvery ring between his pointing finger and thumb.

"You will wear this. You won't take it off not even once. I will know it, if you do." He said strictly then took the ring into his mouth and knelt in front of Harry.

Harry didn't even have time to realize what the man was doing, his zipper was already down and his cock was in Severus' hand. The obsidian eyes connected with his and Severus took his manhood deeply into his mouth. When he slid it out Harry could see the silver ring at the base of his cock, still glistening with saliva.

"See you tonight, Harry." Severus said, standing up looking smug.

Harry leaned in and kissed him goodbye but Severus pulled him closer and tucked a leg between his legs and pressed his thigh against Harry's erection. "Geez," Harry gasped into the kiss as he felt himself already more sensitive. He smiled as he placed one more kiss over Severus's lip, biting into the soft lower lip. "I love you." He whispered gently before turning around.

"We will see about that after tonight…" Snape murmured as the other man walked out of his room.


Harry was just out of shower, pulling on his pants on Christmas Eve, when he heard scraping on the door. This time he knew whom to expect at the door when he waved with his wand to open it.

As the door opened up, a huge black panther walked into his room. His purring could be clearly heard in the silent room.

He sat down in the middle of the room, the candlelight was shining on his gorgeous fur and the silver pins of the black leather collar he was wearing.

Harry smiled and the royal animal, his heartbeat drumming fervently in his chest.

The animal suddenly changed back to his original form and Harry moaned as he saw Severus Snape standing completely naked in his room, wearing only a leather collar around his neck.

"Merry Christmas, Harry." Severus said, coming closer to the excitedly smiling young man.

"Best fucking Christmas ever."


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