What do you get when you mix CA, Dr. Pepper, chocolate chip cookies, and youtube? Songfics! I know how you love to read them, how I love to write them, and how much the bunnies love to inspire them, so here they are!

Annie looked around at the crowd in Allens. She had hoped for a simple night of drinking and harmless flirting with Auggie, until she saw how busy it was. It appeared to be only D.P.D, but she really wasn't sure. She nudged Auggie, gently. "Whats going on?"

Auggie smiled slightly. Annie had never been to one of their late night karaoke binges. "I hope you can sing, Walker. Because tonight is karaoke night."

Annie blinked. Yeah she could sing but..."Are you serious? Who performs at these?"

"Stu, Reva, Conrad, me, Jai, Joan on occasion, Arthur on rarer occasions. What? Don't tell me you have never performed before?"

"Of course I have its just...wait, did you say Joan, Arthur, and YOU? Or, even more disbelieving, JAI?"

He shrugged of her disbelief. "I have quite a nice voice, thank you very much, and Joan and Arthur used to duet together. If your lucky, they'll do it tonight. They always win when they sing together. As for Jai, he always comes second after me." He smirked slightly, obviously proud of keeping Prince Wilcox in his place.

"Win, like a prize?"

"Yep. A month off with pay."

Annie thought this over. She had done a little singing in New York, while working at a bar during College. Yet that had been all her own songs. Her eyes moved over the song list which was posted on a nearby board. After choosing a song, she found a few more, just in case someone took her first choice.

"Alright!" the bartender cried, "Whose up first?"

Each chapter will be one character. This story actually morphed out of the DPD talent show story I was writing. Plot bunnies...dont you just love them?