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Chapter 1: Arrival of the Dead

Lee brought the foil up just as the Thing lurched forwards, its rotten teeth clamping down on the metal instead of his neck. Lee leaned back till he was falling bringing the creature with him. With a grunt of effort he brought his feet the dead man's chest and he pushed. The Zombie was thrown over him and smashed threw the classroom window and fell three stories to a messy end on the tarmac below. Rolling to his feet, Lee braced himself as the last two Undead advanced upon him, arms reaching to claw at his skin and drag him into those gnashing teeth.

With speed defying his size he trusted the foil through the skull of the creature nearest to him, blood, bone and brain exploded out of its mouth and the back of its head in a gory shower and it fell boneless as the boy withdrew his weapon. He brought his weapon round and smashed the last Zombie in the side of the head, sending it staggering back against the far wall. The force of the blow jarred Lee's arms and he winced as his arms protested but he followed up the advantage instantly.

His fist punched the monsters face in and spraying blood up the wall. Lee panted as it fell to the floor dead a second time.

Screams echoed through the panic filled school as Them crashed through windows and barricaded doors to feast on the living. Lee mentally thanked himself for bringing his foil with him on this trip, the metal practice blade was not designed to kill Zombies since it was a stabbing weapon but it kept the dead at a distance, which was enough for the young Brit. He looked outside the room and winced seeing the carnage.

Bodies.. Or what's left of them littered the hall way, blood and gore pasted the walls dark red but it was the smell that forced Lee to cover his mouth and retreat back into the classroom. God it reeked!

Taking a deep breath he moved out of the room and headed down the corridor. Several of Them stalked the gore soaked hall-ways but they were too slow to catch him as he ran past Them.

One or two were knocked out the way with swift blows from Lee's weapon. Lee spotted more Undead near the stair case to the second floor. They turned in his direction as one and seemed to roar as one.

Lee smirked as he smashed amongst them.


Akio and Kyonto braced against the door to the Nurses office as They tried break the doors down to rip apart the living within.

" Its not going to hold!" exclaimed Akio Matsuki as he felt the doors hinges begin to break. Kyonto grunted in agreement, they pushed with all their strength managing to hold the door a little longer.

"Shizuka-sensei! We have to go!" said Kyonto as the very well endowed nurse skipped ( yes skipped ) around the room filling her hand-bag with different medicines and bandages.

" In a second Kyo-kun. I know I put those condoms somewhere!" she declared much to Akio's chagrin.

" What the hell woman! Were in the middle of the apocalypse and your worried about sex protection!" our blue haired hero yelled a tick mark appearing above his brow. Kyonto snarled at Akio before the door gave way. Both boys leapt back as the doors crashed to the ground followed by a gaggle of Them. Kyonto swore as They filled the room. Kyonto and Akio backed away slowly as the dead advanced.

"Ah! Found them!" Shizuka held up the packets triumphantly while Akio muttered to Kyonto.

"Is she always like this?" he asked

" Pretty much" was the reply and the dead lurched forward.


Sabrina could only watch in amazement as several Undead were thrown down the stairs, landing in a groaning pile in front of her. Soon ten zombies lay groaning and trying to detangle themselves from the mass of thrashing limbs. The young American stepped back as someone leapt down the stairs and landed in front of her. He rose slowly and Sabrina gulped when she noticed how he towered over her. His grey coat was missing its right sleeve showing a thin but wiry arm that gripped a blood stained sword. His face was splattered with gore but he did not seem to care as he looked at her and.. Smiled.

" Glad to see someone made it." Lee said making Sabrina sigh in relief. Lee was a good guy despite the gossip about him.

It also helped that he thought women were mans equals.

" Yeah but many areā€¦ gone." she said sadly and Lee only nodded accepting it easily. Sabrina watched his reaction closely and felt horrified at the loneliness in his eyes.

What did they do to you?

" Are you hurt?" Sabrina asked changing the subject and smiled slightly as he grinned.

" Nope but they ruined my coat though." he lifted his naked arm and frowned, "Cost $30.. At least the guy who ripped it is dead.. I think." Sabrina noticed several of Them had begun to crawl towards them.

" We better go." she grabbed Lee's arm and pulled him down the corridor. " There is another set of stairs this way. It will take us to the lobby." Sabrina explained and Lee agreed both moving into a run as the Dead slowly followed.


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