"Kiss me," Tori said, wanting to get back at Jade.

"Let's not," Beck responded.

"Man up! You're scared of your girlfriend."

"No, I'm scared of what my girlfriend will do to you." Beck said, and Jade smirked in the audience.

"Of course."

"Please, Tori. It's true. And I don't want to kiss you."

"Quite rude. Why not?"

"Really? Do you have to ask that? Jade is right there and I wouldn't want to kiss anyone but her."

"Stop that! You know I'm prettier than her and I'm sure I'm a much better kisser."

"That's cocky of you to say."

"Understandable, but true."

"Verification is what we need; someone who has kissed both you and Jade."

"Which can be arranged," Tori said, puckering her lips.


"You want to kiss me? That way you've kissed both me and Jade."

"Zoo. Your lips smell like a zoo. Gross." The audience laughed.


"EEGHHH!" Sikowitz screamed a buzzing noise. "The next letter was A , you are out!"

"God! All you had to do was kiss me!" Tori screamed, crying out of the room. Jade waved her goodbye and Beck sat down next to her. She kissed him, long and hard until they were interrupted by Sikowitz.

"JADE! I'm going to start having to lower your grades if you keep sucking face with other people in here!"

"Then go ahead and give me an F," Jade smirked, leaning in to kiss Beck again. Life was good.

Hello people of Fanfiction! This idea had been nagging me, and does everyone else notice how things always end up in Tori's favor? What if things ended it the way Jade wanted it to? So that's what I'm doing. For every Victorious episode, it's going to go into Jade's favor. Is that a good idea or no? Should I continue with the Bird Scene? It always seems like Jade doesn't get what she wants (except for in Jade dumps Beck) and I think she should, because Tori's kind of a brat. I don't like her character. But that's just me! R&R and tell me if I should continue! Love you guys!