Crazy Ponnie

"Jadey! Do you want to come over tonight! We can watch movies and do our makeup for school tomorrow and eat popcorn!" Cat ran up to me screaming.

"No!" I shouted. Cat whimpered back.

"Please? I'll curl your hair tomorrow!" Cat said excitedly.

"Cat I have a ton of science homework," I explained.

"I can help you with it!" Cat giggled. I stared at her. Cat helping me with homework is like asking a fish to teach you to walk. Not a good idea.


"Uh…we can talk and I got this cool eyebrow waxing kit!" Cat giggled.

"N- wait." I needed to get my eyebrows done anyways, they were getting messy. Cat could do it for free and save me 30 bucks. "Actually sure."

"Yay! See you later Crocodile!"

"Cat, it's see you in a while crocodile or see you later alligator," I corrected.

"But alligators and crocodiles are the same thing."

"Just…never mind. See you tonight." I muttered.


I arrived at Cat's house around 6 with my gears of war shoulder bag filled with clothes and homework.

"Jade!" Cat giggled. I walked in and a smell of cupcakes filled my nose.

"It smells like cupcakes," I stated.

"I made cupcakes and lit a cupcake scented candle!" Cat giggled.

"Joy. Now can you do my eyebrows?" I asked.


We walked up to her room, her mom muttering a quick hello and her brother waved his foot at me. I set my stuff on her bed and sat in her desk chair.

"Okay here we go," Cat giggled. "First it says to melt the wax."

"Melt it."

Cat walked over to the microwave and stuck the packet it. We watched as the wax melted down and then Cat took it out.

"Then you put the wax on these strips and stick them on your eyebrows. Does that sound right?" She asked. I had my phone out and muttered a quick 'yeah' not really paying attention to what she said, until she stuck two hot pieces of wax right on my eyebrows. I felt it harden immediately and gasped.



"Did you just stick the strip ON my eyebrows?"

"Yes, silly." She giggled.

"You were supposed to stick them around my eyebrows where the unwanted hair was! The wax lifts up hair!"

Cat's face twisted in shock and we ran over to her bathroom mirror. She tried to pry one off and I tried the other.

"Ow!" I screamed. I felt my entire eyebrow being pulled off.

"I can't get it off!" Cat cried. Exasperated, I sighed and looked at Cat calmly.

"Go get your fucking mother. NOW."

"Don't curse!" Cat whimpered as she ran out of the room. I sighed and leaned in the chair. I read the package for any removal methods in case this is a common accident. Nope.

"And then they stuck!" Cat screamed to her mother, who was walking in the door.

"Jade, why did you let Cat wax your eyebrows?" Her mother sighed.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Cat shrieked.

I ignored her and shrugged. "Can you get them off?" I asked. Her mom sighed and nodded.

"I can try. You already tried peeling them off, and that hurt?"


"Okay, I can try cutting it off." She offered. I nodded and she tried cutting a chunk, and I saw the paper strip fall to the floor with a chunk of wax with….a ton of eyebrow hair?

"Eeek!" Cat squealed and ran out of the room. Her mom had a horrified look on her face and silently cut the other chunk off.

I looked in the mirror. My eyebrows were wax-free, but had patches of hair missing so it was a broken line.

"W-what am I going to do?" I asked Cat's mom.

Her mom sighed. "I'm sorry about this. The best thing to do is to just shave your eyebrows so they grow back evenly."

I froze. "CAT I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I screamed and chased her around her house.


I walked in to school the next day to be greeted by laughs. I was seething with anger.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" I screamed, running down the main stairs. I heard Cat squeal and saw her running towards the vending machine I ran after her and chased her until I saw Lane grab me and stop.

"Why are you so mad at Cat?" Beck shouted. God, no. Beck was going to laugh at me worse than anyone else. I turned around.

"Don't say a word." I seethed, and then stormed off.

"I still think you're beautiful!" Sinjin said.

"Shut up!"

I ran to my first period song class and sat in the back and hid behind a book. This was so embarrassing. Cat hid away from me. I was planning to get that girl, I was. She was avoiding me, but I would catch her when nobody was watching.

I went quietly throughout my day until 4th period. Cat was actually coming closer to me again. She thought I forgave her. Wrong.

"Hey Cat," I said sweetly.

"Hi Jade," She said nervously. I noticed Beck and Andre walking down the hall. This had to be fast. I grabbed Cat's shirt and she started screaming, causing Beck and Andre to run. Beck's hands were grabbing my arms and Andre was pulling me by the waist backwards.

"I will kill you!" I threatened Cat.

"Make her stop!" Cat cried.

"I have handcuffs in my car," Beck announced, causing a weird stare from Andre and an innocent look from Cat, but me and Beck knew why they were in there.

"Stop looking at me like that. Can you hold Jade until I get back?" Beck asked. Andre nodded and Beck ran to get the handcuffs.

10 minutes later I was handcuffed to a lunch table watching Cat pull my eyebrows from her bag.


I lurked outside of Sikowitz's room by the window. I was loose again and I saw Cat look at the door. I had chased her into Sikowitz's then peeled off to the side of the building. Once everybody was awaiting my presence at the door, I climbed in the window and gave a Tarzan call. I made a lung for the redhead and chased her around until Sikowitz, Beck, and Andre, wrestled me off her. I was in Beck's arms.

"I'll get you!" I threatened.

"I don't want to be gotten!" Cat squealed.

Beck dragged me out of the room as far away from Cat.

"Forgive her! She didn't mean to cut off your eyebrows!" Beck yelled.

"You're not the boss of me!"

He paused, and then burst out laughing.

"What?! You think this is funny?!" I screamed.

"No, no. You're the only person that can still manage to really hot without eyebrows," Beck said with a smirk. I growled as he headed back to Sikowitz's.

Looks like I'm cutting off two heads of hair tonight.


I was sitting across from Cat in study hall. The teacher was drooling and asleep, and anyone else was listening to music and doing homework. Except for one red-head who was snoring softly on her desk in front of me. I smirked and grabbed a pair of scissors from my bag. I snipped them together, making a nice whoosh. I leaned forwards and put a lock of Cat's hair between the blades and sliced. I repeated and kept snipping away, earning gasps from the class. Finally I was done, and I red-velvet pile was sitting below Cat's chair. I sat back, and waited for her to wake up.

"Morning everyone! It's cold in here," Cat said 10 minutes later.

Everyone slowly nodded. "Why is everyone so quiet?" she asked, and then snapped her mouth shut. "Sorry! I forgot its study hall," she whispered. "Do you have a hair-brush Jadey?" Cat asked, turning around. I smirked.

"Do you have any hair?" I asked.

"Of course I have hair silly!" Cat giggled, and patted her head. Her eyes went wide and reached to grab for hair that wasn't there.

"What?" She whimpered.

"I got you." I said, grabbing my bag and lurking out of the classroom before Cat started crying.

I got her good.

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