Spiders vs. Snakes

I've had this idea for a while now. Chance reminds me of Indiana Jones and the comparisons are not an accident by Human Target's creators. I've wanted to write my own Indiana Jones/Chance style story, borrowing from the Raiders series just as much as the Human Target series. The comparisons to Raiders are intentional, I've borrowed their ideas and used them for inspiration.

Seriously, Chance's fear of spiders is identical to Indy's fear if snakes.

So I intend no infringements for both Human Target and I guess the Raiders series as well. I own nothing from either of them…..

Chapter one:

"Ilsa, where the hell is the antidote!" Chance yelled as they recklessly tore down the winding mountain road in a military style truck, Chance desperate to keep control at the wheel.

"I don't know!" She screamed back in a state of panic as her body flopped back and forth in the cab crashing into the passenger's side door, than back against Chance as he shoved her off to keep control.

"Ilsa, now!" He bellowed concentrating hard on the small road that was wide enough for only one vehicle at a time. He was turning red and the sweat was dripping into his eyes making it hard for him to see. He removed one hand from the steering wheel to try to loosen the tie on his tuxedo.

"It's gone," she shrilled! Patting down her body. "I must have lost it when we jumped off the balcony!" She stared at him with terror, like he was suppose to do something. "Chance, are they still pursuing us?"

They had made a narrow escape on a plan that had gone bad over a balcony to a pool below. Which was beginning to become way too much of a habit.

"Ilsa," Chance tried to sound calm, "I need that antidote…..now! Or it's not going to matter if they catch us or not!" He took his eyes of the road long enough to look her in the eyes to focus her back to the task at hand. He knew, if he died she was doomed.

A sharp hair pin turn, Ilsa flew against the door. "I put it down the front of my dress….."

Chance shot her a stupefied look, "you what?" The wheels of the truck caught the side of the rocky road and the truck slanted toward the cliff, Chance pulled it back just in time.

"Well, I didn't want to lose it….oh dear god, I'm going to be sick!" Ilsa placed her hand on her chest and closed her eyes.

He was starting to see spots now which was only increasing the already extremely dangerous situation they found themselves in.

The Jeeps behind them were gaining on them and in this clanking old truck they were going to be caught soon.

Chance continued to scan the mountain side as they clattered and skidded down the gravel road. "That'll do nicely, yes, that'll work."

"What? What will do nicely?" Ilsa asked very worried, she'd seen that look way too many times.

"We're going to do it again." He looked at her and smiled, eyebrows raised searching for a vote of confidence as they bounced in their seats.

"Oh no, no we aren't," Ilsa protested, "are you completely mad?" She knew her objection was no use but she felt the need to say it anyway.

They were coming up to about a quarter of a mile of straight road which turned sharply away from a boundless, immense, steep cliff that ended in a cold river below.

"Take my belt off my pants!" Chance ordered!

She stared at him with big confused eyes while bracing her arms against the dash board and seat then without a word busily got down and started to undo his belt. They hit a bump and her head smashed up again the steering wheel. "Ouch!" She stopped to rub her head.


"Right," she got back to her mission and pulled the belt through it's loops and handed it to Chance. "Get ready," he calmly said as he started to steady the steering wheel with his belt looping it through the steering wheel and around the column to keep the truck straight and on the road.

Then he grabbed her hips and started to steer her through the cabs back window into the back of the truck. "Get through there!"

As she wiggled herself through she caught her evening gown and ripped it as she tumbled down. "This is a bad idea! This isn't going to work, I'm going to have to strongly object." She continued to protest in vain. "There has to be a different solution!"

Chance ignored her and pushed himself through behind her. Once in the back of the truck he grabbed her arm and dragged her to the opening at the back, the loose green canopy was flopping loudly in the wind. "When the truck goes over the edge, Jump. Push yourself away from it!" He hollered over the noise.

Sheer terror engulfed Ilsa face, "Please, please Chance, there has to be a better way," she tugged on his arm pleadingly.

Before she could finish her protest the truck went off the side of the road and flowed down the magnificent drop to the river below. Chance pulled Ilsa up to the opening and jumped while pushing off the truck away from it, without letting go of his grip on her arm.

The fall seemed to last forever, almost like slow motion. There legs ran in the open air.

The truck broke the cool water first and they followed shortly next to it.

They went down deep, into the cold shocking water, bubbles tickled past them as they sank. As they began to float back to the surface, in one quick motion Chance pulled Ilsa close and thrust his hand down the front of her dress, digging, searching, exploring all around while at the same time pushing them to the surface.

Ilsa startled and stunned struggled to get herself away from Chance.

His fingers finally felt the little glass vial and he closed his hand around it and pulled it out.

They broke through the water's surface and Ilsa angrily pulled herself out of his grip as she tread water, "I could have got that for you, I felt it re-appear when we hit the water." she turned away annoyed to look at her surroundings and when he couldn't see her face she allowed herself to break into a devious smirk.

Chance opened the glass vial and gulped the antidote.

45 Minutes Earlier

"Everyone, eyes and ears open," Chance mumble only loud enough to be audible to the gang listening via earpiece.

Chance dressed in a stunning tuxedo escorted by an equally stunning Ilsa walked into a high end club somewhere in South America located inside a posh resort.

A barely dressed woman was singing on stage in Spanish. There was a sultry feel to the air, and the hired staff were women with such beauty that they looked like they were picked right off a fashion runway.

They continued to walk into the ostentatious lounge area. This is where the rich came, and usually shady to unwind.

Ilsa was on Chance's arm, he leaned towards her ear, "you look amazing." In a room full of gorgeous women, Ilsa was still standing out and Chance couldn't help but notice.

She was dressed in a full length black gown that looked elegant in the front and simple with a swooping neckline. With the exception of a clasp at her shoulder blades, her entire back, from the clasp down to the curve of her butt, was exposed and bare. The skirt of the dress cascaded from her butt to the floor. There was a slit that went right up to her hip, high silver heels and her hair was hung loose and soft.

She smiled, "you clean up well yourself." She could see all the woman turn when he walked in the room, she was the envy of them all.

"Mr and Mrs Saunders." They were greeted by a beautiful brunette with a generous bust,"please this way, they are waiting for you."

She escorted them across the room to a more private section where there was a group of well dressed men enjoying the entertainment and overindulging in drinks and exchanging loud laughter.

Mr. Castillo stood to greet them, "Ah, Mr Saunders, welcome." Shaking Chance's hand, then to Ilsa, "Mrs Saunders," taking her hand and kissing it, "you are simply stunning!" Back to Chance, "you are a lucky man."

"Thank you," Ilsa smile as Chance took Ilsa's hand back from Castillo's.

Chance held out a chair for Ilsa to take, she gingerly walked over and took it as Chance pushed her in, then he took a seat himself next to her.

Pleasantries were over, right down to business.

"I hope you have the item." Castillo narrowed his eyes at Chance and snapped his fingers for a waitress. "Please darling, get um.." he gestured toward Chance.

"We'll have two vodka martini on the rocks," Chance answered then continued, "yes, I have it, where's Fitzpatrick?" Chance began to familiarize himself with his surroundings. They were on the fourth floor and several extravagant balcony's adorned the room.

There was only the main entrance and an emergency exit off the dance floor and it was obvious it was being monitored by some thugs.

"He's safe, he'll be returned, give me the item." Castillo seethed through his teeth yet he face appeared friendly and light to any onlookers.

Ilsa shifted nervously in her chair, Chance remained cool and unscathed.

Chance leaned back looking around the room, smiling friendly, "not until you give us Fitzpatrick." He raised his eyebrows as their drinks were delivered by a smiling sexy waitress.

Ilsa grabbed it and took a big swig.

"Please excuse us, we need a private moment." Castillo stood and walked away with a few of his guys, leaving a few behind.

Chance took his drink and finished it, put the glass down on the table and took Ilsa by the hand and swung her onto the dance floor. She easily flung into his strong arms as he held her close, his hand firmly holding her bare back.

He lead her slowly around the dance floor to a slow sexy salsa song. He needed an excuse to get away from the table to talk freely. "They aren't going to give us Fitzpatrick. This exchange isn't happening. We need an Aunt Linda" Chance whispered into her ear, more for the benefit of Guerrero and Winston listening at their undercover locations.

The message was bleak but staying true to character it's tone and gesture was delivered seductively and sensually by Chance and feeling his breath on her neck and in her ear made Ilsa hair on her neck stand up.

"What shall we do?" Ilsa nervously replied but smiling trying to maintain her character's cover.

Winston via earpiece, "don't get dead!"

"Follow my lead." Chance took her hand and lead her back to the table.

So I just wanted to get this down while it was in my head. It's more of an experiment. Not sure what I'll do with it, if anything. I still have the other story to finish too, but needed this out.