Title: New Things
Author: Orilon
Rating: R for Semi-explicit descriptions of sex
Sims mentioned: Tybalt Capp/Mercutio Monty
Authors note: I wrote this to fill a request at the Sims Anon Kink Meme, the poster asked for: A fight leads to a passionate kiss and something akin to hate!sex

Being on the ground after a fight was a new thing for Tybalt, but soon there would be more new things going on that being on the ground was the least of his worries. As he moved to get up part of his arm brushed against Mercutio's thigh, and he cursed his brain for wondering what Monty looked like out of his jeans. He hated himself for wanting to stroke the other teen's thigh and also hated Mercutio for…well a lot of things. What disturbed him the most was despite hating him, he still wanted to know what he looked like out of his clothes and writhing under him. He stopped that thought before he got hard.

When Tybalt looked up, rage went through him at the smirk on Mercutio's face. His first thought was to punch the smirk off, and the second thought was to kiss it off. Normally he would have punched it off, but for reasons he would rather not examine, he was considering the second option. Since he wanted to keep the black haired teen off his toes, Tybalt moved forward and kissed Mercutio on the lips.

The feeling of the unexpectedly soft lips against his made his cock stir, and he realized this was going to have unintended consequences. He smirked at the dazed look on Mercutio's face, but that soon turned to outrage when he was pulled forward and the kiss was returned.

"What the hell was that?" Tybalt asked, anger and arousal running through him.

"I could ask you the same thing. You kissed me first." Mercutio replied, an unreadable expression on his face.

Not really thinking at the moment, Tybalt pulled him forward for another kiss that lasted a little longer. He froze when long arms wrapped around his neck and then reality hit him. He untangled himself from the arms and pulled back, breathing hard and starting to feel rock hard. He saw the look in Mercutio's eyes daring him to do…something, he wasn't sure what.

Tybalt had the feeling that he had reached a crossroads, and he didn't know which way he wanted to go. The "safe" road of throwing one or two more insults and going home or the scary road of exploring the feelings the kissing aroused. His brain ground to a halt when he felt a feather light touch on the now bigger bulge in his jeans. He threw the "safe" path out the window and slid his hands down to the crotch of the other teen's jeans and smirked when he felt an equally big bulge. The mental image of Mercutio writhing under him while he pounded into him seemed to be a little bit closer to reality now.

"I have lube in my front pocket." Mercutio's voice and his words startled Tybalt back to reality.

"Why would you..." Tybalt asked.

"I was on a "date" with your cousin." Mercutio smirked.

Tybalt sighed. As much as he hated to admit it, Miranda was starting to deserve her reputation as the town slut. He slid his hand into Mercutio's front pocket and pulled out the tube of lube before he ripped his jeans open. Mercutio surprised him again by getting on all fours.

Tybalt was losing patience, and he didn't know how long he had before one of his sisters came looking for him so he ripped his own jeans and boxers and Mercutio's boxers down his legs before using the lube and a minimal amount of preparation. The body heat and reality were so much better than fantasy so he didn't last long before he came. He vaguely heard Mercutio's muffled sounds as he came also.

He pulled out and then froze when he heard Juliette's voice calling for him. He salvaged what he could of his clothes and ran off to meet his sister, going over excuses in his head.