1. Prologue.

I guess that's what I get for placing all of my trust in somebody, and letting him place all of his trust in me. Just this silence. I could see his name on my screen. I could so easily have called him and tried to tell him sorry. I could so easily have called him and tried to prove to him that I'm still me, and that if he would give me another chance, I wouldn't break his heart again. I'd try to mend it and fix it all I could.

My laptop mouse hovered over the little green man telling me that Sasuke was presently online. The tiny white arrow hovered over his screen name.

"It's not that difficult, is it, Sakura?" My head was hissing viciously at me. "You just type three letters. H-E-Y." I knew it wasn't difficult to type the letters. It's just that it was difficult to not sound awkward.

"Oh, for crying out loud, Sakura! How on earth can you sound awkward when you're typing what you want to say?" I physically felt my common sense stamp on my brain. Ouch. Okay, I would do it. I'd- oh.

Sasuke Uchiha is now offline.

Urgh. That sucked. I rolled my eyes up to the ceiling and leant back in the chair I was sitting in. I took a deep breath through my faintly parted lips and held it. And held it and held it. And then slowly breathed all of the carbon dioxide out of my body.

I reached a hand up to my bubblegum pink hair and raked my fingers through it. This was just lame. This whole break-up thing sucked. But it only really got to me when I looked out of my window to the empty street where we met, when it was completely dark. It wasn't the darkness that span into my eye-receptors and caused my heart to shuffle six feet backwards... it was the thought that Sasuke and I might never even speak again, when for six months, all I had known was his voice in my ears, and his hand in mine, and his lips against my cheek.

How could I have lost everything and those six months in less than four minutes? How could I have lost everything to one tiny doubt?

A/N: This is going to be short. And may involve use of weed and alcohol. That cool with you guys? Lolokay. Reviews would be super nice! This is me getting rid of my angst from a recent breakup... so. I need love. SASUSAKU LOVEEEEE.