Six: The Following Day.

During first period, when Sasuke and I usually sat together and aced every single math problem thrown at us, I was working alone. He wasn't there today. The only thing on my mind was the conversation between himself and his dad. I couldn't help it. I was afraid that, well, maybe his dad had taken him to Oto without warning.

I didn't want to text him. He might have been dealing with something more important. I couldn't just text him all the time like some whining animal. He'd get annoyed. He always said I was annoying when I phoned him, so he probably thought the same when I texted. It was a joke, mainly. But right now, I was forced to wonder…

I wondered how his father, the chief of the police force in Konoha had lost his job. I wondered why he felt compelled to move to Oto. I wondered if his mom felt the same way. I wondered if Sasuke would go – and if he wouldn't would Itachi really take him? I never imagined I'd be fretting so much over somebody else's life. It was kind of weird.

But by lunch time, my fretting disappeared slightly. Sasuke was sitting in the cafeteria beside Naruto at his usual table – but before I could go to him, my wonderful blonde friend appeared in front of me, "Forehead? Girl's table. Right now."

"What— now? I need to—" I was cut off.

"We're plotting for my seventeenth, now. The boys aren't invited – not to our table at least." Ino giggled, beckoning me to follow her with a finger. I glanced to where the guys were sitting, my eyes locking with Sasuke's. He didn't make any kind of gesture, he just watched me. I glanced from him to Ino and back before deciding to follow the blonde girl. I could talk to him as soon as this was done.

"Okay, so." Ino was saying, "It's going to be a huge, no-invite bash at my place. My dad's agreed to clear off for the weekend, so we have the whole place to ourselves. Am I good, or am I good?" The girls cooed, almost worshipping her. I smiled widely, nodding. "So, Sakura, what I need you to do is ask Sasuke to get some of the guys to come too, you know, the hot ones. Like Kiba."

"Right, sure, I'll go ask him now." I muttered, making to get up when Karin's hand caught mine. I stared at her, "Yes?"

"You don't even know—"

"Of course I do." I smiled, "It'll be the Friday of Ino's birthday weekend, right?"

The blonde clapped her hands excitedly, "Yes! See, Karin, this is why having your best friend do half the organising is worth it. Because she has a hot boyfriend and she knows shit."

"That's right." I laughed shyly, finally managing to make my escape. I searched for a clear path to where the boys were sitting and once I'd found one, I slipped through it, "Guys~" I sang, "I have party invitations!"

Sasuke and I sat inside his car in the school parking lot in complete silence. It was the first time we had been able to be alone together the whole day. He hadn't seemed to want to talk at all the whole day, however as I had been leaving my history class, he'd caught my sleeve and tugged me to it.

"So…" I murmured, "how's everything with your dad?" I asked, wincing at how intruding it sounded.

Sasuke appeared to be chewing on the inside of his lip, "It's—" He stopped. "Sakura, I… I know it's a stupid question, but—" He was staring straight ahead, his eyes on the concrete slabs of the emptying court, "Are you… serious? About me, I mean." He added quickly, "Because, right now, for me, it's you and Konoha or it's Oto with my family."

I shook my head, "I can't believe you're even asking me this," I said, giggling softly. I felt awkward, it was the first thing that I could think to do to ease my nerves.

"Sakura," The Uchiha said suddenly, "I'm not laughing."

"Sorry, I'm sorry. It's not funny at all. I'm just—" I turned in my seat, reaching for his palm, "Listen, alright? You've been my best friend for years, and now you're my boyfriend. And for longer than I can remember, I've been completely crazy about you. I was just… so scared of you. You're so popular, and you're so, so much better than me… but you know what? I'm not anymore. You're mine now. I haven't got a reason to be scared of you because you treat me as your equal – almost." He smirked at this, "Yes, Sasuke, I'm serious about you. I… I know we haven't exactly been going out together for so long but I'm positive— I'm positive that I… I love you, Sasuke." I took a breath, "And I can't believe I just said all of that and can I go and crawl into a hole and die now?"

Sasuke shook his head, the rarest smile appearing on his face for a beautiful moment. "You… are so corny." He grinned, then leant over to me, our foreheads pressed against each other's. "And now I feel really upstaged." He whispered.

"I'm sorry." I breathed (not that I know how I managed to do that, exactly).

"Whatever." He replied, the sound barely audible as he captured my lips with his.

We drove to my place shortly afterward, where for the first time ever, certain events took place involving my bed and no clothing. And as I lay there later on with my fingertips circling his elbow, I heard him whisper something against the crook of my neck. "I love you too."

And while it killed me to think that he would be abandoning his family now for me, at that moment in time… I couldn't care less. I was happy.

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