Chapter one

Imnotinsane13: I'm trying my hand at Harry Potter with my favorite red headed twins… Enjoy! And this all starts from Book 1, when the twins are in their 3rd year.

"Hello, I'm Alyss Hart. Nice to meet you two." The young, raven bushy-haired, glasses wearing girl smiles at the two twins.

"I'm Fred Weasley." The one on the left says. "And I'm George Weasley," the one on the right says.

"Alyss, dear, wake up or you'll miss the train!" She hears her mother. She wakes up and gasps, "Ah! I'm sorry! I have to go, mum! Bye!"

Her mother hugs her and she hugs her father, "Bye dad!"

"Behave, Alyss!" He says as she runs off.

"No promises!" She smiles, waving at him as she heads onto Platform 9 ¾.

She pushes the trolley through the pillar and smiles as she sees her favorite twins.

"Fred! George!" She calls out to them, walking over to them.

They both turn around, "… Who are you?"

"You both seriously don't recognize me? That hurts!" she says, pretending to really be hurt.

"ALYSS!" They gasp. She grins, "I got a lot of work done over the summer."

Last year, Alyss was a bit on the pudgy side, her face full of acne, her hair was usually a wreck and her glasses would always break. Over the summer, she worked out and found the right potion mix for perfectly straight hair and to get rid of all of the acne. Her parents had also gotten her to a specialist for her eyes and now she doesn't need them.

"Wow! You look awesome!" George says, hugging her.

"Not that you didn't look awesome before," Fred says, hugging the other side.

"Ha-ha, thank you, boys." She smiles, "So, should we go find out own train cabin?"

They nod and follow her into the train.

They make it to Hogwarts with no issues, "Oh! Alyss! Did you hear who we're getting in our year?" George asks.

"Who? The Giant Squid?" She jokes.

"No, Harry Potter!" Fred says.

"You're joking!" She says, "Hope he ends up in Gryffindor like us, huh?"

"So that we can corrupt him and introduce him to our dark side…" Fred says.

"Ah, yes…" She smiles, laughing as they head up to the castle.

She looks up at the Great Hall, smiling, "… I'm home."