Chapter 3

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At last, the weekend came and the first Quidditch match of Gryffindor versus Slytherin and everyone was hyped up because apparently the Gryffindor team had finally gotten a new Seeker. Since Alyss is best friends with the two Beaters, Fred and George had told her that the new Seeker was Harry Potter.

"Is Wood insane! Potter could get really hurt!" Alyss says at breakfast.

"Shh! We don't want to give it away! Anyway; he's got a Nimbus 2000! Nobody'll be able to catch him anyway!" Fred says.

"And we'll be there, so we'll make sure the Slytherins don't get too rough with him!" George says, "Or do you doubt our skills as Beaters?"

He and Fred pretend to look genuinely hurt; Alyss rolls her eyes, "You both know I would never do that."

"So don't worry about him! We'll take care of him!" Fred says.

"Alright, alright." She nods, "So, what should we get from Zonko's this time?"

They then get into a deep discussion that makes them late for Defense against the Dark Arts.

"Sorry Professor!" Alyss says as they rush into the class.

"Th-That's f-fine m-miss H-Hart..." Quirrel says, "J-Just t-take your s-s-seats..."

"Y-Yes, s-s-sir." Fred and George mock him, then Alyss hits them both on the arm, "Be nice." She hisses as they sit down.

Class goes on normally with no issues as does the rest of the day.

The trio heads to the Great Hall for dinner, as they approach the giant doors, Marcus Flint and a couple other Slytherins are there.

"Well, look who's showed up... Alyss and her two weasels." He sneers at them.

Fred and George take a step forward but Alyss keeps them back, "Your certainly one to talk about weasels... Are you part troll or something because what is that horrid smell?" She says, sniffing the air, "Oh, did you dirty your diaper?"

Fred and George laugh as Flint whips out his wand and Alyss does the same, "Try me, I dare you..." She growls a little. Both Fred and George and Flint's two cronies whip their wands out, staring each other down.

At the same time, both Flint and Alyss yell out a curse, but Alyss was faster.



Flint's spell misses her but her spell hits him dead on and he's hoisted up into the air by his ankles.

"HART! WEASLEY'S!" Professor Snap yells, rushing down the stairs.

"Yes, Professor Snape?" Alyss asks sweetly.

"Why is Flint hanging in the air by his ankles?" He demands.

"I cursed him, sir, because he insulted my friends." She answers.

"Detention, Hart. My office, tonight after dinner and ten points from Gryffindor." He says, releasing Flint from her spell and he turns to leave.

"Yes, sir." She nods, smiling pleasantly. " Sorry you had to get in trouble because of us..." Fred says. "Oh, it's quite alright," she grins, "It was a lot of fun to mess with Flint, but detention with Snape is gonna be as troublesome as a two headed dragon..."

"We'll make it up to you!" George says, Fred nodding in agreement.

"We'll get you a present from Hogsmeade." he says.

"Yeah, whatever you want!" George says.

She looks at them and smiles, hugging them both and she kisses them both on the cheek, "You guys are bloody brilliant!"

They blush and smile, "No, your brilliant!" They say. "I know." She grins.