"I'm here." I said as softly as I could. I never wanted to let him go. I could feel his muscles clenching as he held me to him. I started to whisper sweet nothings into his ear. I could feel him all over my body. He was here, and he was safe. I am never going to allow him to be heartbroken again. Never in my right mind would I be holding Jasper Hale, here in my arms comforting him in his heart break. "Jasper, you need to hunt" I told him. He lifted his head; I saw his coal, dark eyes staring into my own ruby ones. By staring to get up, he jumped away from me as fast as you could imagine. You could hear the hissing and whimpers coming from his mouth. I slowly backed away, but not before saying, "I'm not going to hurt you Jazz, I'm here to help you. Please believe me." He looked so lost. I had no idea how to help him. Carlisle and Emmett were standing off to the side watching helplessly. Carlisle wanted to help his "son" but he didn't have the strength. Emmett, Caring Emmett wanted to hunt with his "brother" but he just watched, helplessly.


Seeing how Bella wanted to help me was agonizing. I didn't want to feel helpless. I just wanted the pain to end. It was a constant battle between running and never coming back or staying here with Bella and my family and get the help I needed and wanted. I could feel the burn in my throat. She offered to hunt with me, but I wasn't so sure she wanted to see the demon side of me when I hunted. I slowly turned to see her, the pain radiating from her wasn't as bad as before, but she still felt helpless. "Would you do me the honor of hunting with me Isabella?" I said with my southern drawl. She started to smile, which I hoped was a good thing. She walked towards me and grabbed my hand. Then we ran.