When Cartoons Turn you on
By, Clayton Overstreet

I used to watch Seasame Street,
I laughed when Bugs hit Elmer's feet,
But when I turned thirteen,
Lola bunny started looking hot to me.

Time was I'd laugh at shows,
That poked fun at those
things girls have on their chest
But not I'm picturing Kim Possible in Panty hose
and Shego leaning on the headrest.

Cartoons used to be,
Just what I watched on TV
Now in my mind they talk to me,
and they're talking dirty.

Jessica Rabbit, Demona from Gargoyles,and those 3 Totally Spies girls
They all talk to me
they ask what I'd like to see
And then I just say "Your tities".
What the fuck is wrong with me?

When did I start finding it hot,
When Britney from the Chipmunks shook her butt?
When did I start thinking of
Gadget and Chip in love?

Cartoon fetish is okay,
But why do i think almost every girl is gay?
Why am I picturing Daphne and Velma rolling in the hay?
While scooby watches and shouts "Roo Ray!"

I never asked what Smurfette and Sassette, did with those 100 male Smurfs
I never wondered why Miss Piggy didn't take off her shirt.
And yet here I am, almost a grown man, writing stories that involve cartoon women,
and a spanking hand.

I spend hours watching the shows over and over again,
Trying to prove that they're not just friends
I have enemies making out in the street,
Isn't this path to world peace kind of neat?

But I guess it's done
My childhood is gone
Just like the Little Mermaid's panties,
and ALF's schlong.

I just want to ask one little thing,
Before I end this song.
Picturing the girl from Attack of the Killer Tomatos in a thong...
Is that wrong?