Inspiration by WildCroconaw

Plot: a poem about the second movie. If you assume that I own anything mentioned, be aware that my Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Snorlax, Rapidash, Venusaur and other pokemon will use you for target practice.

Xpoem begins belowX

I can't believe it's already been

A decade since "Pokemon the movie 2000" appeared on the big screen.

I was totally glued to my chair

When the film began.

Nothing else mattered aside from the movie playing in the theater.

When Lawrence captured Moltres after weakening it with ice

I knew that he was the perfect villain-blinded by his so called 'destiny' and not at all nice.

I loved the 'welcome kiss' between Ash and Melody

As a devoted AAMLer , I laughed with glee as misty blushed as red as a Moltres

When melody told her 'not to get jealous'.

When the pokemon began acting strangely

I had a feeling that they knew something was up and somehow it was related to the Shamouti prophecy.

I laughed all the way down to my toes

When Jessie, meowth and James did the weight watchers line and the riff on their motto.

I loved the film so much that I bought it on DVD

But I didn't know how much it would influence my writing.

One day in fall 2002

I was thinking about how to have a sequel to it would be soo cool

I knew that in reality it could never be

But one day, an idea started to sprout inside my head

I began writing it out to make it a reality

Soon that little idea quickly spread

As did my confidence and courage too

For soon, it filed up over three files on my word processor-not just one or two!

Recalling bits of the movie sure helped me

And before I knew it, my sequel story was a true reality.

So on the eve of it's ten year anniversary

I must give major thanks to Satoshi Tajiri!

If not for you releasing this wonderful film,

I doubt that I would have such an amazing story

My first ever one that I ever wrote even before I joined fanfiction as WT!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010