It's time by WildCroconaw

Plot: Anyone thinks I own pokemon will get a nasty taste of my Ice beam, Hyper Beam, Aqua tail and Hydro Cannon attacks okay? This is a short WCverse/animeverse oneshot that shows how Psyduck came to the conclusion to save Misty in my two-parter however Brock is mentioned so it is a semi animeverse.Italics equal flashbacks, " " are humans, meowth and Psyduck's conscious talking, ' ' is thoughts and , ( ) is pokemon talk. There are some parts that I have added to up the tension.

"Y-y-you just s-saved my life. Thank you. You were so brave to do stand up to Lawrence like that." Misty whispered to me

'She called me brave'. (I did what any pokemon would do in that situation) I replied, blushing and she smiled for a few seconds. "

I saw my trainer's face go pale as the mad tall man-Lawrence, she had called him- was reaching for the knife on the other side of the room Her whole body was shaking. I had never seen her seen her this scared or terrified. He also felt her heart thumping fast as her body shook. "Lawrence's crazy . He's gonna kill me 'cause I tried to free everyone then he's going to kill everyone since we know too much starting -" she stopped and bit her lip.

I quickly looked over at Ash in the cage. I knew who she was talking about but I didn't want to say anything.

(Me). she looked down, amazed (Just because I saved you and I stood up to him when he was gonna kill you. Lawrence wants to kill you cause you figured out that Ash was the one i was going to help Lugia and save the world two years ago. Lugia keeps the three titan's powers in harmony)

She nodded. "How did you know all that?"

I shrugged (I dunno. I just did)

(Psyduck, please) Togepi begged me quietly . (please save mommy from the bad man. You're our only hope )

I was surprised. Surely Togepi didn't mean me to save them all? I was a pretty lousy Psyduck-couldn't swim, couldn't really attack. (I- I can't) I mumbled.' I can't do anything right'.

"yes you can" a voice in my head responded

'wh-what do you mean' I replied.

"think back and remember all those times you saved misty' it said. the memories came to me in a flash:

the time in Salon Roquet:

I could hear misty calling for me as I ran back as fast as I could to the store where ash and Brock were. 'this is so bad, this sis bad, gotta warn them' I thought

I ran right into the store and looked through the crowd of humans and pokemon until caught Pikachu's eyes. Brock was giving a demonstration of some kind with the vulpix. Pikachu jumped down from ash's shoulder and headed over to me. (what's the matter? You look out of breath)

(ran... as fast... as I could...) I panted (need to warn you. Went to salon .. people gave misty... haircut and make over.. something didn't seem right. about them ) I paused to catch my breath.

(take your time) he told me

(then a meowth started saying something about a plan to get you. Misty recognized him and The girl and boy-)

(Jessie and James. ) he growled (you'll learn to hate them)

(they started beating up on the cat who slashed them. Ran as fast as I could back. here)

"what's the matter, pikachu?" ash asked him and he relayed the message.

The Fushia city gym-

-"finish that duck off arbok!" Jessie told the snake. It lunged for me.

(What to do? What to do?) I quacked, my headache was getting worse by the second.

(sssssay good-bye, duck!) the snake opened his mouth and chomped on my head. The moment he bit my head, it was like a hidden door in my mind was unlocked. A wave a power entered my mind.

(I don't think so) I said as a blue outline covered the poison type and flung it back to his trainer.

-We were leaving the ninja gym. My trainer was gushing about how I saved the day. "are you sure you don't want to trade Psyduck, Misty?" Brock pleaded.


"a few hours ago you wanted to trade him" ash remarked.

"that was before I knew about his confusion and disable attacks, mr. smarty-pants. You saved the day didn't you Psyduck?" she looked down at me.

(I did?)

-the breeding Center

Misty was stroking my head that night. "I'm sorry I left you at that breeding center Psyduck"


"cause then I wouldn't have been able to warn officer jenny"

(it's not your fault. I-I know all you wanted was for me to be smarter and..)

She shook her head. "your fine the way you are. You may be different but that's what I like about you. . "

-That night in the forest

While Ash was packing up his stuff Pikachu came over to me (I should have done something) I mumbled (not stood there while they took her)

He patted me on the shoulder (you didn't know what they were planning)

(I felt...useless. I knew I had to find you guys. But -)

(mommy would be weally proud of you Psyduck) Togepi walked over to us. (if the dummyheads saw me then they would have gotten me too)

Then I remembered what she had told me when I was beating myself up , trying to get rid of the horrible voice in my head: "Don't listen to that voice or to Lawrence! You are smart! You saved the Fuchsia gym's pokémon from Team Rocket all by yourself You went right for help that time in Celadon City when Team Rocket gave me that nasty makeover and wouldn't let me go.. You are not dumb at all, I know you have great potential deep inside you. but it's your fear that's holding you back. You have that power inside within you but you're scared. You're scared that you won't be able to do it the right way and I'll-I'll a-a-abandon y-you. That's not true., I would never do that. I don't mind that you are different. You can do it, I just know you can"

"your trainer believes in you. do you believe in your abilities' the voice inside my head asked


"then I believe you know what you must do. " the voice faded

'I CAN DO IT! ' I thought. " if she believes in me then I can do anything'


(Mommy! The bad man's getting closer!) Togepi cried out from the cell. Indeed, the man was less than two and half feet away from us now. I felt Misty's heart begin to pound even faster than before.

I Looked over at the people and pokemon in the cage- They were shaking with fear, too terrified to do anything.. 'Even if they could call their pokemon out to save us, it would be too late'

(Psyduck, you got to save mommy and us, you're the only one who can) Togepi told him before going over to Ash and Pikachu

The voice in my head and Togepi were both right. It was time for me to make a stand. I had watched this man brutally hurt Misty and I had had enough! No more mr. nice duck. It was time for me to take matters into my own hands.

(they're right. it's up to me and me alone to save her ) I said to myself as Lawrence got closer.

I felt the power at the back of my mind inch forward. 'come ' I mentally willed it 'I need you. Come to me'

I felt it rush towards me but I had to wait for the right moment gathering up my courage I knew I had to act quickly so I got up, walked a few feet away and stood facing Lawrence. (Let us all go free now or else ) I said

the man did not seem to understand me. "Time to die, duck! You first then the girl!" was the man's reply. He was less than a foot away now, the knife ready to strike me .

(Psyduck, watch out!)Pikachu warned me

"what's yer duck doin', twoip? It's going to get sliced like a piece a bread" meowth asked misty. I think in a way it scared her to see me like this in front of this madman. She probably thought I was going to sacrifice myself but she could not have been more wrong.

(Okay, You asked for it) I whispered softly.

This was it! it was time to become the hero

The end.

Author's notes: well, how did you like it? if you want to know what happens next then read my fic P2K II: Lawrence's revenge. Let me know what you thought of this