My secret by WyldClaw

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What is Love? The dictionary's definition of it is a demotion of a strong affection and personal attachment between two people. However ask anyone what their personal definition of love is it's like finding two Spindas with the same spot patterns. No two are alike. Sometimes it is instant; sometimes it comes out of years of friendship. Other times, it's from years of working together- like my parents' relationship. It could be a selfless act. Sometimes it's like a willow tree - it develops slowly over time until it's staring you in the face. I fall into the last category:

I'm Samantha 'sami' Kyralie Oak, the daughter of Professor Gary Oak. I've fallen in love with my very best friend Derek, the oldest kid of Pallet City's own Ash and Misty Ketchem.

To be honest I don't know how it came about but I could pinpoint when it began

. We met at school when we were young and bonded quickly. At the time he was an only child and i had my twin brother Ryan. We were kids of Pallet City's most famous citizens who wanted to step out of our parents' shadows. We shared similar dreams for the future. We were so close we joked that we were related. In a way we were: his dad was my godfather. We did lots of things together. In fact he helped me get over my fear of flying when I was about four years old.

X flashback X flashback X flashback X flashback X flashback

I looked up at the massive charcoal gray skinned charizard and the dragonair and gulped. It was a lovely summer's day and my godfather and dad agreed that it was time to get over my fear of flying on a pokemon. Dad was taking Ryan and I to Seafoam Island for a conference and we would be flying there in a balloon. "I dunno if this is a good idea derwick. "

"I understand your fear Sami," my godfather told me. He was stroking the head of the dragonair. "It's scary your first time-"

"It's rweally cool. " Derek interjected. His handsome eyes sparkled- there was something about him that attracted me. He wore a white tee shirt and overalls. His five-year-old face was beaming with excitement " It like you are in another world. You can go through clouds and fog and mist. Pease sami?"

"Wh-what I fall off? The winds are weally stwong in the air" I voiced my fears.

" You won't" Derek squeezed my hand. I looked over at him. "Awora an' sunset wont let you fall an' neither will I"

The shiny charizard- Sunset-shook her great head. (Of course I won't allow you to fall little one. I would never hurt a human or let them fall... unless they truly deserve it like HIM). Her face darkened for a heartbeat as she muttered the last two words under her breath referring to her former mean trainer. He had abused and nearly killed her Mom told me that there was an ugly battle involving him and the Ketchums when he came looking for her.

(And if you do ash and I will be there to catch you) aurora added. She winked at me and I managed a smile. She was a very beautiful and kindhearted pokemon whose cheery demeanor could brighten up anyone. (You've flown on Terra so this shouldn't much of a difference)

"Only little hovers" I admitted. Terra was mom's young Aerodactyl. She was the daughter of Razor, a big male Aerodactyl that Mom brought back to life and had been running amuck on her little island when she first met Dad. Terra was still learning how to fly.

(Just think of it as riding her except higher) Sunset suggested.

"Well... I'll try". I agreed.

With Ash's help both Derek and I got settled on Sunset's back while he got on to auroras. " You wanna hold tight to me cause this is your first time. Just relax. You don't want to be scared 'wound charizards when you're riding them. Mommy told me Daddy was very nervous and looked a fool when he first wode one. "

We giggled while Ash groaned from his place on Aurora. "Did your mother have to tell you that?"

"Sawwy daddy. "

He smiled at his son. "You know I can't stay mad at you with that face/"

"I know." he beamed.

(Everyone ready?) Aurora asked and we nodded.

"You might wanna close your eyes for the take off " Derek whispered to me. I squeezed my eyes shut as I held on to him tightly. I heard Sunset flap her wings lightly and then I felt the rush of air.

"You can open them sami." Ash told me a few minutes. I did and saw that we weren't even that up – only about thirty to fifty feet up.

Wow! This is pretty awesome! I was awed by how beautiful it was up here. The air was clean and a light breeze ruffled my hair. "This... is wonderful" I remarked.

" I told ya" Derek grinned. I blushed.

X flashback ends X flashback ends X flashback ends X flashback X flashback ends X

Soon we went from being a duo to being a trio when a new neighbor moved.

X flashback X flashback X flashback X flashback X flashback

"Hey Sam?" A seven-year-old Derek asked me one day. We were sitting at a bench at the park on a warm spring Sunday, having strawberry ice cream cones. Misty- Derek's mom-was pushing his five-month-old sister DJ on a swing nearby.

" Hmm?"

"Do you ever think 'bout what path you're gonna take on your journey?"

"I haven't really thought about it. Wh-what about you "

I felt my cheeks burn as he grinned sadly. " I wanna be the greatest trainer ever and make a name for myself. " He gazed down at his ice cream. "No one really sees me as me – all they do is see Dad or Mom. I wanna step outside their shadows" He looked back at me. " Y-you're lucky Sam- least no one really compares you to your parents."

"Not yet- at least" I pointed out before licking my cone. "Dad said that I should choose my own path"

"Lucky for you. Everyone expects me to be Dad. Bryce, and Tami and the rest of the school bullies say I'm gonna be just like him an' get into lots of trouble."

" That's not a bad thing. Sometimes that's the only way you learn things is by getting in trouble." I pointed out and then added "Tami is jealous cause you know lots more about hoenn and Unova pokemon" I hated Tami- she thought she was better than everyone. She seemed to have a personal grudge against me and loved to see me in trouble. That spoiled rich brat thinks money can get her everything "plus she thinks that as the mayor's kid she gets to boss everyone around".

"Yeah..." he still looked down so after a few minutes of licking our ice cream cones I changed the subject.

"Did you hear about the new family in town?"

He nodded. "Mom and dad said something about them moving into the Morrison's old house. Said they were starting up a restaurant"

Cool, a new neighbor. "Really?"

He nodded. " They knew them from when they went on their own journey. I overheard mom saying that they wanted a fresh start. "

" A fresh start? From what?"

He shrugged his shoulders. " I dunno. They said that they have two kids- an older girl and their son's 'bout our age maybe a little younger. He's apparently really shy, " his green eyes sparkled and he smiled. " He's not gonna be shy round us."

I felt a warm feeling go through my body. "No he won't"

"Want to go see if when they move in, Mom and Dad can help us make gram's famous triple berry pie to bring over"

"Sure thing."

X flashback ends X flashback ends X flashback ends X

Derek and I became quick friends with Jaden. He was shy but that changed once you got to know him. He had an older sister named Jordan who was into Contests and was a bit of a loner but we didn't care. Having been around snake pokemon he was really talented at serpenttongue-the dialect of snakes. I could never get the hang of the hissing language. We became almost inseparable- at school we were the top trainers.

But we really bonded when Derek saved Flamie from her cruel trainer. It was then that i noticed something was changing in me when it came to him - i noticed the little things: how his eyes sparkled like bright leaf stones. How his face seemed to be shine bright even when it was raining. How much he put his family and pokemon first. How gorgeous he was. I admit i could see why the girls in the school were in love with him and i found myself quite jealous of them. There was a few times I even got into fights mainly with Tami but sometimes with her cohorts. Love makes you do stupid things and I was no exception. I really noticed it at the Ketchum's annual holiday party when I saw all these girls flock around him. I tried to get him under the mistletoe but I failed.

There was no way i'd tell my twin about my newfound feelings. Ryan could sense what i was feeling and what was going on. He was known around school for being a bit a flirt. I don't know if he suspected anything or if he chose to keep his mouth shut for my sake. Carrying the secret of my growing crush became a burden on me. I had a rough time focusing on my tasks at the lab and at school. I was starting to see Derek's warm eyes and caring face in my dreams. Ryan and my parents seemed to think that i was in a lovesick daze. They couldn't have been more right.

After Derek told me about the ransom note i got a sick feeling in my stomach and trouble sleeping that night. I knew i had to tell someone about my feelings but i couldn't think of whom. Then it hit me: Jaden! I asked him if i could talk to him under the shade of an Oran tree and told Remy, my blue gray Rattata, to keep a lookout.

X flashback ends X flashback ends X flashback ends X

"Jaden, there's something i need to get off my chest." i looked into his hazel eyes As Remy scurried about "I like someone. As in like, like them"

From what little i could see in the early morning light he looked shocked. " Uh…me? No offense Sami, but you're like a sister. It would be awkward dating you. It would be as weird as Jordan dating Ryan. "

My twin dating Jordan? GROSS! I shuddered at the thought. "Don't make me sick. I don't mean you. I mean someone. Else"

"Who-" His mouth formed a perfect O shape as I nodded my head toward Derek's house and it sunk in. "You mean" he motioned to Derek's house. My nod confirmed it. "I knew it!"

That was really dumb telling him. "Shush. You want to blurt it out all the way to Mount Moon?" I whispered.

He lowered his voice. "You mean he doesn't know?"

I shook my head. "No. I've only realized it last night. I've been getting these strange but good feelings about him lately. Like how my stomach feels like there is a flock of Butterfrees in it every time he looks at me. His face is in my dreams and how I just want to be near him. I needed to tell someone and Ryan ... well he wouldn't understand. Then last night when i had this realization ... I had this gut wrenching feeling he's going to do something ... brave. Brave but stupid."

"Yeeaahh. Sounds like he's inherited one of Mr. K's famous traits. Mom and Dad and Meowth said that they couldn't believe what he'd put himself through to save someone or do the right thing "

"How did you manage to get past meowth anyways?" I wondered.

He smiled. " They were so busy getting the food for this morning's Kanto Grand Festival brunch last night that he didn't flinch when I left. Inkay almost caught me when I was getting the granola bars but I bribed him with some food. "

"You think that will work?" I had my doubts the native Kalos Dark type wouldn't spill the beans.

He shrugged his shoulders. "He's pretty loyal to Dad but he likes me cause I let him have the scraps of food left over. He won't tell. I just hope mom and dad don't blow a gasket when they see my note. Why did you have me come?"

I sighed. "Look, Jade, you're my other best friend. I need you to promise me something. " I took a deep breath. "Whatever Derek has planned regarding that note you need to go with him. You have to keep him alive... for me "

There was a moment of silence as this sunken in. "you really care that much for him don't you? " I didn't answer. "I can see it in your eyes. " a smile appeared on his face " i swear to Arceus I'll keep him alive. Not just for your sake but his parents"

"Yeah" i returned the grin. "Ash and misty would have your head."

" And then my parents would have to dig me up so they could kill me. "

Remy's ears twitched. (He's coming out the door!)

X flashback ends X flashback ends X flashback ends X

Throughout the last hour and a half I felt like I've been separated from my body. Like i was watching someone else's life. Like another girl got the vitamin-infused poke-food and berries from the Harrison girls, washed them and began giving them out. Her dad's Nidoking almost speared that someone else just because she wasn't thinking straight.

I was too busy worrying about Derek. What are he and Jaden up against? Did they find the kidnapper? Are they safe? Where are they?

Ryan noticed I was off. "What's up Sam? You look like you're in a daze of some sort. " He called over from a small hill where he and Jenni Harrison were testing the food out on a group of ponyta

"Just ... tired. I didn't sleep well cause of ... bad dreams " I lied hoping he'd believed the lie.

" Really?" he raised his eyebrows as if saying he didn't believe me. "You haven't been eating much lately. Are you sure it's just bad dreams? Cause I-" I gave him my fiercest shut-up- now glare. He then gave up. "Apollo was looking for you. "

I rolled my eyes. "Great. What's he want from me? "

"Ask him. He's flying around somewhere"

Just what i need: that nosy Natu poking his beak into my thoughts. I sat down on an old tree stump nearby on vast laboratory grounds, a pail of food and a clipboard at my feet.

I sighed as a pale Natu wearing a red identification ring around his foot hopped over to me. "Think of the mini-devil & he will come," I muttered under my breath. His trainer abandoned him when he was little for not being a fierce attacking pokemon. My parents took him in and he kind of adopted Ryan and i. He was odd for a Natu- he had visions of the future but they weren't always predictable.

He had been bugging me about something but i had been so worried about my best friends that i had put up a mental block. I bit my lip and twirled a lock of my hair. They should have been back by now unless...

(Hello! Earth to Sami! Wake up! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! ) A sharp peck on my head and a yelp in my ear brought me to reality.

I yelped as if hit by a pin missile attack. "Ow! I'm awake! I'm awake "

I looked down at the innocent- looking bird that had flown to the ground the moment I jumped up. " For the love of Ho-oh did you have to peck me THAT hard" I rubbed the spot where he pecked my head. Blasted bird

(How else was I supposed to get your attention? Get Gary's Blastoise to hydro pump you?)

"Yeeaahh. I don't fancy being soaked to the bone"

(I could get Umbreon or Nidoqueen to headbutt you)

"No thanks. I'd be out for a week or at least a few hours if they did that"

He lowered his voice. (I- I had a vision) he looked me in the eyes (and. you might want to see it) he closed his eyes closed, then reopened- bright blue orbs. I grabbed his wings, which were shivering. The moment i did my surroundings disappeared

{I was in a battered large gray room. It was like a gym' s arena- a huge field in the middle of room. The field looked really awful. What in the world happened? Where am i? There were huge gaping craters in the floor, which was splattered with what unmistakably looked like blood. There was a huge pile of ruined gray debris, fur, blood & metal underneath what must have been a balcony.

My heart leapt when i noticed that there were some figures on one side of the room i recognized. I saw my godfather; along with aki's mother storm and aki she. All three were wounded greatly – Ash's shoulder looked horrible and he had innumerable cuts and bruises. Storm was also pale and covered in bruises– one paw was limply hanging by her side. Her tiny daughter Aki was pale, injured and being restrained by Ash. What happened to them? I shuddered. Jaden was gently but firmly holding Storm- his eyes ablaze with anger. There was also an injured unconcious growlithe I instantly recognized- Flamie.

I heard snatches of their conversation. (... Have to let me go. Ash. She's toast) aki begged. (I'll ... I'll make her pay)

He shook his head and shuddered. " No. Trust me aki. I've faced her before, though I've never faced... those things"

(What do we do?) Storm whispered.

"I don't know" Jaden spoke his voice shaky. "She's got us trapped like raticate. She'll kill us if we were to escape. Even if we could escape we couldn't leave..."

It was then i saw someone in the middle of the room. This pale person was restrained by what i could only describe as a nightshade ribbon. Pools of red were at their side. I saw enormous purple marks covering their arms as the figure screamed in pain. I thought my heart stopped when the figure's head lift up and i saw it was bloody, pale and injured. No, it can't be... no!

"Please let us go" Derek whimpered to someone in the shadows. He seemed to be in great pain as he spoke. "Please...give me the... antidote and leave us. Alone"

"Now why would i do that boy? I'd rather watch you suffer in your last minutes " an icy cold voice cackled as the speaker stepped out of the shadows. I saw an older woman, dressed in a dark black leather suit step out of the shadows. Her icicle blue eyes had no trace of warmth in them. Her silver and gray hair had burned patches and she cradled one arm- which smelled of burnt flesh- against her chest. Deep in the shadows from where the woman had come from was something i couldn't see save for a sharp looking Ariados horn, where the dark pulsing nightshade whip was coming from. "You have caused me too much trouble, brat. As for you " she gazed at my godfather, Jaden, and storm. "Oh do i have plans for all of you... even that worthless tailess shrimp. " Aki bristled her fur at the insult.

"Go to. Hell J" Ash glared at her.

"Temper, temper " J glowered. "Maybe this ought show you some respect"

, She pulled a gun out of her jacket and pointed at Derek. I had to shut my eyes but that did not shut out a huge BANG or the sound of weeping and shouting. Then there was another loud BANG...}

I blinked and found myself on the grass, covered in sweat. My hands were trembling. I sat up and faced Apollo whose eyes had gone back to normal. (Scary wasn't it?)

I nodded, shakily. I looked both ways to make sure no one was watching us. I lowered my voice. "Where are they? Is that -will that..."

(Really happen? i don't know) apollo ended. (But i have this strange feeling it might happen soon)

It clicked: whoever J was, she must have been who kidnapped Ash and Storm. That growing purple splotch on his arms had to be - I shuddered at the thought- poison.

. J wasn't going to let them go until ... I gulped once she's done with Derek she'll make them be her hostages and come her and.... I shivered again. We're dead meat if she does. My family, the town...

I stood up. If what he said was true, there was no time to waste. " Have you seen Terra"?

Terra was one of the fastest fliers we had. Despite her species' appearance she was normally a peaceful pokemon. However anyone messed with her family or my friends-well she was the opposite of peaceful.

(I think she was by the Oran berry grove) the Natu looked at me strangely.

"I've got rescue them! But Mrs. K has-"

(To know that her husband and son are alive) Apollo finished my sentence for me. I nodded.

" I'll leave a note for mom and dad. You're going to have to come with me to her house. I have this strange feeling that you're going to have to unlock her memories. "

(Cause she doesn't remember what happened?)

"Y-yeah. Derek told me the other night that she didn't remember anything. I wonder if she knew who took ash and storm."

(Hmm) he tapped a wing to his beak for a few seconds. (It sounds like a strong psychic type blocked her memories of last night, kind of like selective amnesia.)

"Do you think you can unlock them if-if we show her the note?"

The Natu nodded. (It might. Sometimes seeing something will trigger lost memories, like in 'Seeking Sean', that movie about the Feebas trying to find his son and he meets up with that Barboach with the memory problem.)

I nodded as I shuddered, my mind still on that horrible vision. We have to save them pronto! I don't that fate to be falling them much less Derek. "I'll be right back"

I raced back inside the house praying to Arceus i'd come out of this alive with the others. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

I sat down at the marble counter and muttered the words as I wrote the note. "Ryan, mom and dad... something. Happened to Ash, storm and Jaden, ... Derek. Had to... go rescue them ... in the forest. Will be back safely. Took apollo and terra with me. Sami"

I put down the pen and looked at the note. They're going to skin me alive when they see this. I might want to kiss any dreams of going on my pokemon journey goodbye. If they only knew what I saw ... I wonder if J ended up killing both ash and Derek? Or Derek and Jaden? From what I saw she looked like the kind of person who wouldn't give a second thought about that. Ohh I hope that we're not too late to save Derek! I don't know how much more he could hold on for if he was poisoned and-

(SAMI!) I flinched as Apollo mentally yelled in my head. (Stop daydreaming and start running! If we don't get to Mrs. K then -

"I'm coming! I'm comin. " I opened the door, shut it and ran for Derek's house like a zubat out of hell.

The end