A/N: Alright, I've succumbed to writing a "Shawn actually turns psychic" fic. Sue me. It's short, but if it's worth continuing, let me know.

"Gus, don't be exactly half of an eleven-pound black forest ham."

At first, Shawn doesn't tell Gus.

He doesn't need to, after all. It's not a big deal. It's just that he knew when the phone was going to ring before it did, and that it would be Chief Vick asking where Shawn had hid Lassiter's phone, even though Shawn had only used it to play Angry Birds while waiting for Juliet to get back from a bathroom break and then set it somewhere –

And okay, he also knew that Henry would be at the door before he knocked but those were both things he could have predicted without being psychic.

Psychic. Shawn laughs. For five years he's been pulling the scheme that he's not only a detective, but a psychic as well.

And it's been good. Who can say that it hasn't? He gets sizeable amounts of money for traipsing around, yelling inaudible statements and moving and shaking his way through even the most frightening of cases, while simultaneously managing to flirt with Juliet and make fun of Lassie's hair.

So he doesn't tell Gus that he knows that people are going to knock at the door or that people are going to call before they do. Somehow, some way, all this faux-psychic-ness has rubbed off on him, he decides. That's got to be it. No big deal, nothing major.

He's watching a Cheers marathon one day and Gus is sitting across from him at his desk, filling out some form or other for his "real job" and Shawn has his feet up, eating some Doritos, when there's this flash In Shawn's head and he sees Juliet walking up the pathway to their office. He bolts upright, shouts, "I'll get it!" and prances to the door.

Gus looks on in amusement.

Shawn swings the door open, smiling. "Hey, Juliet," he says in a sing-song tone. He eyes seem to dance as he looks at his girlfriend. She's wearing that peach blouse that she knows he loves on her and her eyes are all done up with that black goopy stuff – mascara! – and she's surprised that he opens the door while her fist is raised, ready to knock.

While Shawn just managed to know that Juliet was going to knock at the door before she did, he was more focused on the fact that Juliet was going to knock. She doesn't knock anymore. Especially not since their relationship started after that uber-rich Declan douche was dumped by her.

And before Juliet can open her mouth to say 1) that that was amazing how Shawn knew she was going to be there before she knocked – she still complimented him, even now – and 2)…

"There's been a murder." Shawn says, knowingly, confidently.

"Yes!" Juliet is surprised. "How did you…?"

"Lucky guess." Shawn shrugs it off and then leans back in the office. "Gus! Grab your coat! We've got a case!"