Forced Bonding Second Shot: Second Shot Henzie-sama

Forced Bonding
Second Shot: Just Say It
By: Henzie-sama

OKAY! Not only did it take me FOREVER to think of a plot but this is the FOURTH time I am trying to write this! And its seriously not turning out how I want it to =3= Ah well~ Fourth times the charm? I'm pretty sure that's wrong, but whatever xD Anyways, please enjoy! Reviews are welcome! I'll give you an imaginary cookie if you do ;) *I'm trying to keep my beginning A/Ns shorter, but it's really not working o-o;; * Constructive criticism is great, as well! I'm trying to make my stories more mature than I am myself, and its kind of not working o-o;; Lots of things aren't working here o-o;; Anyways, you don't need to have read the prequel to get this one! But the beginning does tie into the end of the other one :) BTW, the only reason I didn't have the whole airport scene thingy was because I've never been to one, so I don't know what its like o-o;; (but I'll be riding one in a year so you'll only have to spend a year with my shitty airport skips) BTW, just wondering, but does it count for the mile high club if you do it but don't actually cum?

WARNINGS! This story contains hard core, gay sex. Anal. Butt-fucking, whatever ya want to call it xD So, please enjoy! Don't like don't read!

The room itself would be awkwardly silent, if not for the muffled noises from the next room stirring the once still air. The two friends looked everywhere but each other as they unwilling eavesdropped upon their boss and two of his guardians.

"Well, I was originally planning on punishing Mukuro for the incident in the haunted house, but seeing as in the end you two got along so well… I guess I'll leave you two alone for the time being," came Sawada's voice, though slightly muffled through the wall. As his footsteps faded down the corridor, soft moans and gasps starting picking up volume, leaving the storm and rain to wonder what their leader had left the former mortal enemies to do.

Yamamoto coughed lightly. "Ahahah, sounds like those two are having fun, huh?" he laughed awkwardly, trying to diffuse the uncomfortable atmosphere.

Gokudera just stared at the wall, a look of slight horror on his face.


"God, I'm going to be scarred for life…" he groaned.

Yamamoto grinned lightly. "Oh yah? And here I was thinking we could go and watch…"

Gokudera's face morphed into a look of disgust, as he turned to stare at the other in disbelief. "Are you fucking serious?"

"Not in the slightest," he grinned.

"Fucker…" he grumbled, before turning back to the files he had been working through before the sounds from their allies had distracted them.

After a couple minutes of silence, a knock at the door interrupted the silence between the duo once more. The sudden sound caused Gokudera to jump, and drop his files, messing up the order.

"Who the fuck is it? This better be good…" he cursed, picking up the files and setting them down on the desk.

Sawada stepped inside, smiling faintly at the storm. "Sorry to interrupt, Gokudera-kun."

A look of horror crossed Gokudera's face. "I'm so sorry, tenth!" he exclaimed. "That was extremely disrespectful of me! I'm sorry!"

Yamamoto laughed good-naturedly as he watched the smoking bomb practically grovel at the feet of the spiky brunette.

Sawada just chuckled faintly. "I have a mission for the two of you."

Gokudera immediately shot up. "Of course, tenth!"

Yamamoto smiled. "What kind of mission, Tsuna?"

Sawada nodded. "I want the two of you to transport this letter to Dino-san," he explained, holding out an informal envelope.

Yamamoto grinned stupidly. "Couldn't you just mail it?"

Gokudera glared at the other. "How clueless can you be you baseball idiot? It's obviously too important for that!"

Yamamoto just blinked. "Too important?"

"Clearly! Why else would we need to send two guardians for such a simple task?"

"Would you mind doing it?" Sawada interrupted, before the two could continue their arguing.

"Of course we'll do it, Tenth! You can count on me!"


Gokudera tossed his back in the trunk carelessly, and yanked the door to the passenger's side open. "Just so you know," he started, shooting a glare at the tan male taking up driver's position, "I am more than capable of driving us to the airport."

Yamamoto snorted. "You displayed your driving abilities last time, almost as well as you displayed your road rage."

"Shut up! That woman seriously had it coming."

"Whatever you say," Yamamoto just smiled, turning the ignition, and once the car was started he proceeded to flick on the radio. "Syllables" (by Eminem feat. Jay-Z, Dr Dre, 50 cent, Cashis and Stat Quo) blasted through the stereo in what was, in Gokudera's opinion, a really obnoxious way.

"The fuck? Turn this shit off," Gokudera shot, glaring at his long time friend.

Yamamoto turned to look at Gokudera, as the car turned onto the highway. "But I like this song."

"But I don't," he glared, twitching.

"I'm the driver~" Yamamoto reminded the irritable storm.

Gokudera flicked the radio off, before pulling out his lighter and a pack of cigarettes.

Yamamoto turned his music back on. "You shouldn't smoke in here," he pointed out.

"I'll do what I want," Gokudera replied, and lit his smoke, before taking a deep breath of it.

Yamamoto's nose crinkled lightly, and he rolled down the windows of their fancy car, though he didn't make another comment.

After another hour, which consisted of many "shitty songs" and "reeky smokes", Gokudera tossed his final cigarette (for now) out the window, and leaned back in his chair.

"I'm going to rest," Gokudera said plainly, and closed his eyes.

Yamamoto just grinned lightly, and continued down the road.


Yamamoto was in a fight with his self control, and he was totally losing. He knew how he felt about his hot-headed friend, but even more than that, he knew aforementioned friend felt the same way about him.

But he also knew that the bomber would rather die than admit it.

He let out another sigh, and took a peak at the sleeping face of his companion from the corner of his eye. Dammit! He looked so… so… irresistible! He was defenseless! He probably wouldn't notice if it was just a little kiss…

'No!' Yamamoto scolded himself in his head, turning back to the road. It was a bad idea! What if he did wake up? He would be in such deep shit!

But those lips were just so soft looking…

Letting out a slightly frustrated growl, Yamamoto pulled their car over, and undid his seatbelt, leaning over Gokudera slightly and watching him. He was so close he could feel his warm breath… and those soft strands of silver hair that feel around his face just so… the slightly open, moist lips that all but begged to be ravished…

Fuck, being that hot should be illegal.

Oh well, Yamamoto was never one to think things through.

So, without a second thought, he leant down and kissed the sleeping Italian. Dammit, it felt even better than he thought it would...


Gokudera's brain was still hazy when he came to.

'Mmm… something feels good...' was about as coherent as his brain could get, before he gently began kissing back.

Wait? Kissing?

Gokudera jerked awake in shock, eyes widening as he felt the lips against his follow the movement. What was that idiot thinking? He tried to push the firm chest away, but to no avail.

A muffled "mmph" was all he was able to get out, before the rain finally pulled away from him.

Panting heavily, Gokudera looked up at the slightly flushed face above his.

Yamamoto just chuckled nervously. "Morning?" he grinned awkwardly.

Gokudera blinked once. Twice. Three times.

"YOU FUCKING BASEBALL IDIOT!" he exclaimed, punching Yamamoto square in the jaw, and watching him stumble back into his seat.

Yamamoto fell back into his seat with a thud, but his smile never left his face. "Haha, cat out of the bag?" he grinned at the enraged storm.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Gokudera glared at him, ready to blow him up if he said the wrong thing.

"Did you honestly not know?"

"Know what?" Gokudera growled, irritation level rising by the second.

Yamamoto looked Gokudera directly in the eye, unwavering. "I love you."

Gokudera's jaw dropped, and he stared (slightly stupidly) at the dark haired male in shock. "What?"

"I love you," Yamamoto repeated, "And I know you love me."

"What the fuck are you talking about, you baseball freak? Don't fuck with me!"

"I know you do," he smirked lightly, and turned back to the wheel, getting them back onto the road. "I'll make you admit it."


Gokudera was so lost in thought, he didn't even notice when Yamamoto got out of the car, let alone that they had arrived at the airport. Chuckling lightly, Yamamoto knocked on his window, shocking him back into reality.

"We're here," he grinned, and lifted his bag over his shoulder.

Snorting lightly, Gokudera pushed the door against the swordsman, knocking him backwards slightly, and got out. "I know that," he lied.

Yamamoto continued to grin. "Sure you did."

"I did!" Gokudera shot, and grabbed his own bag from the back, making his way into the airport.


Yamamoto looked down the aisle of the plane, to the bathroom. Not in use. Perfect.

"Hey, Gokudera?"

"What?" the storm glared, looking away from the window and at his companion.

"Mind coming with me quickly?"

His eyes narrowed in suspiscion. "Why should I?"

He grinned. "No reason," he said, before grabbing the man's pale wrist and tugging him towards and into the washroom.

With the door closed and locked, the place was cramped, and it reeked.

"The fuck? Let me out of here!" the shorter male protested, squirming around lightly,

"Don't want to…" Yamamoto purred into his ear, and pushed him against the wall, pressing his lips hard against the objecting ones.

Gokudera's eyes widened in realization when he realized what Yamamoto had planned. As he opened his mouth to complain, Yamamoto plunged his tongue into the wet cavern, letting his tongue explore the utmost corners of the place.

At the feeling of the other tongue against his, Gokudera couldn't help but let out a low moan, which only encouraged Yamamoto even more to continue. He could feel the other tongue prodding against his, encouraging him to join in, to which he complied after a moment of hesitation.

Moving his mouth against the other's unsurely, Yamamoto let out a low groan of approval, before pulling back, and admiring the sight of the panting and slightly flushed hurricane bomb.

"Say it…" he whispered, half lidded, gazing lustfully into Gokudera's eyes.

"Wha…?" he whispered lightly, gazing back, before coherency found his brain once more. "What? No!" he exclaimed, glaring.

"Why not?" Yamamoto frowned lightly.

"I won't say it," he repeated, and made a move to leave the room.

Yamamoto pushed him back up against the wall, and latched his mouth onto his neck. "Then I guess I'll have to make you…" he purred, and bit down lightly.

Gokudera couldn't help but moan lightly at the rough treatment, fingers weaving their way into Yamamoto's hair.

Yamamoto chuckled lightly against the pale skin. "Not resisting anymore?"

"Shut up…"

"Not until you say it," Yamamoto smirked, tugging the black tie off the neck he was currently ravishing, before moving to unbutton the red top.

"I won't say it," Gokudera repeated stubbornly, stroking his fingers through the short black strands.

Yamamoto just smirked; open mouthed kissing all over Gokudera's upper body, tasting every inch of skin as it was revealed to him. He dipped his tongue into the gasping man's naval, and tossed the shirt aside, before looking up at the flushing male hungrily.

"Say it."


He then moved back up the smooth chest, to a hardening nipple, and took it in his mouth.

Gokudera gasped out loud, back arching lightly, and face heating up. God, why was something like this exciting him? He wasn't a fucking girl! But he couldn't help the moans that flew from his mouth as Yamamoto tweaked his nipples, one with his teeth, the other with his fingers. His back arched when he felt him pull back, letting out a low groan of disappointment.

"Say it now?"


Another chuckle, and he went low again, taking the button of Gokudera's slacks in his teeth, and undoing it, before undoing the zipper the same.

Gokudera was heavily flushed, gasping for air, as he watched Yamamoto undo his bottoms. Had he always been that sexy?

Slipping his fingers into the waistband, Yamamoto tugged Gokudera's pants and boxers down with one swift movement, smirking when he saw the already hard, leaking member before him.

"Say it."

"I won't fucking say it!"

Yamamoto took his entire cock into his mouth, and it took all of Gokudera's self control not to cry out in pleasure (but that didn't stop his breath from hitching and his knees from buckling).

"Oh, god…!" he moaned, pressing the palm of his hand to his mouth in an attempt to muffle his moans.

Yamamoto smirked as he pulled back slightly, only to run his tongue from Gokudera's base to tip, tonguing his slit, before taking him full in his mouth again, sucking hungrily.

The chain smoker tried to buck his hips, only to have them held back by the baseball player's strong, steady hands. He droned lightly (because he would never admit to whining, which, of course, he did not do!) when he felt the other pull back.

"More…!" he pleaded desperately.

"Only if you say it."

Gokudera's eyes narrowed. "I won't say it."

"Then you don't get it," Yamamoto smirked, looking up at him, a slight and unexpected sadistic edge in his eyes.


Yamamoto plunged an un-lubed finger into Gokudera's hole before he could finish what he was saying, causing the latter to let out a gasp and squirm uncomfortably. "W-…Wait!" he protested, trying to squirm back.

"I'm not waiting," Yamamoto said, adding another finger, smirking lightly as Gokudera winced, and scissored.

"D-… dammit…" Gokudera groaned, clinging to the shirt on the tanned man's shoulders. "Mmmnn…." He moaned, in pleasure and pain.

Yamamoto smirked even more, and added a third, roughly thrusting them in and out of the tight and rawing entrance. The hungry, lustful moans the silvernette was making just edged Yamamoto on further, and when he finally pulled the fingers out, he couldn't help but chuckle at the glare Gokudera shot him.

"Give me a sec…" he mumbled, and started to undo his belt and bottoms. He pulled his shaft out ofhis pants and smirked lightly, before slamming hard and raw into the already slightly bleeding entrance.

It took everything in Gokudera not to scream in pain. His fingers dug into Yamamoto's shoulders, eyes squeezed shut, but on the inside he couldn't stop thinking about how much he loved Yamamoto being rough with him.

Giving his long time crush a little while to adjust, Yamamoto gently pulled out of the now bleeding profusely entrance before slamming back into hard, much easier thanks to the lubricant the blood provided. He immediately took up a hard and fast pace, marveling in the hungry moans that came spilling out of the lush lips of the other.

A loud cry of pleasure informed Yamamoto he had found "that spot", and he slammed into it desperately, feeling the tightness of the other's walls around him.

Gokudera's senses were on overdrive, and when Yamamoto started thrusting there, god he was just so close…!

But then it stopped.

Gokudera frowned, and glared at the man inside of him. "Why did you stop?" he hissed.

"Say it," he smirked.

Gokudera's eyes widened. If he didn't say it, Yamamoto wouldn't actually… would he…? "No, I won't," he said, sternly.

Yamamoto smirked. "Then I won't continue."

"Wait, wha-?" Gokudera tried to ask, but before he knew it his clothes were back on, and he was pushed out of the bathroom.

He blinked when he noticed the people were all staring at him. Shit, was he that loud?

He shuffled awkwardly to his seat, trying to ignore the stares (some knowing, some smug, some disapproving) that were boring into him, and felt relieved once he finally at down, and stared out the window.

But dammit he was so forsaken hard it fucking hurt and he couldn't believe Yamamoto just kicked him out like that! Dammit, he said he wasn't going to say it, so he wasn't going to say it!

A couple minutes later, Yamamoto returned, looking content, and smiled at him. "Sorry I took so long," he grinned.

Gokudera's eyes trailed down to his crotch, and he noticed he had taken care of his own problem on his own. The thought both enraged and embarrassed him. "You fucking asshole…" he hissed.

Yamamoto chuckled. "All you had to do was say it~"

"You are such a fucking asshole!"


Gokudera was thinking the god by the time they finally landed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to just sit still, through the pain of a raging erection, while the cause of said erection is smirking at you evilly? Well, if you do, your life sucks almost as bad as his.

"So," Yamamoto smiled, after they had landed, and left the airport. "we still have a couple hours before we have to go back to the hotel."

Gokudera shot him an annoyed look. "And?"

"And we should do something together," he grinned. "How about get some dinner, or catch a movie, or something?"

"Like fuck I want to do anything with you after that," he growled, making it clear he wanted nothing more than to get back to his room and lock Yamamoto right out.

Yamamoto laughed. "Room service it is!"


When they arrived at the hotel, Yamamoto went up to the reception desk and grabbed the keys, before the two of them headed to their rooms.

Upon entering, there was only one coherent thought in Gokudera's head.

He had to get out of here.

"Well, would you look at that!" Yamamoto grinned. "There's only one bed!"

Gokudera glared at his companion hard. "I'll sleep on the couch."

"Don't be like that," Yamamoto laughed good-naturedly. "I won't try anything funny~"

"Like hell you won't," Gokudera snapped. "I'm sleeping on the cough!"

Yamamoto wrapped his arm around Gokudera's shoulder, and purred into his ear. "Come on, you know you want to…"

"The only thing I want right now is to get you out of my fucking hair!" he hissed, and tried to shove the other away.

Failed, of course, but at least he tried.

Yamamoto tugged him over to the couch, and sat down on it, pulling him next to him, before picking up the phone and ordering them something to eat.

'God, I hate my life…' Gokudera groaned in his head, as he was painfully aware of the strong, firm body he was currently trapped next to.


After an unusually uneventful meal, Gokudera felt an arm wind its way around his waist. "What are you doing?" he growled.

"Nothing…" a husky voice whispered into his ear, causing him to shiver.

"Yamamoto," Gokudera hissed, in a warning tone, and tried to pull away.

"Gokudera…" Yamamoto whispered back, though his tone was quite lustful. "Don't you want to continue on from earlier…? You're still hard…"

Gokudera tried to squirm away, face heating up lightly. "Whose fault do you think that is?" he hissed.

Yamamoto just smirked, and pulled him even closer, nuzzling his neck lightly. "Mmm… we can continue, you know… all you have to do is say it…"

Gokudera glared. "I won't say it."

"Say it…"


Yamamoto chuckled. "Well, then I guess it's time for bed."

Gokudera blinked; surprised he got away so easily, when he suddenly felt hands (once again) stripping him from his clothes.

"Wait, what are you-?"

Yamamoto looked up at him through his lashes, and purred lightly. "Getting you ready for bed." After he had stripped Gokudera of his clothes, he proceeded to remove his own. Once they were both naked he smirked, and through Gokudera down on the bed.

"Hey, wait-!"

Yamamoto crawled on top of him, and purred into his ear. "I won't wait…"

Gokudera could hardly suppress a shiver.

Yamamoto then pulled the covers over them and grinned at Gokudera. "G'night." He smirked, before resting all his body weight on top of the lithe bomber, and drifted right off to sleep.

Gokudera blinked. He could believe that idiot just…! Dammit, like he couldn't sleep like this! But that, of course, didn't stop him from letting his fingers weave themselves into the soft, black locks upon Yamamoto's head, and stroke the (who he thought was) sleeping man's hair. So distracted by this act, he didn't even notice the light smile that found its way upon relaxed features as the baseball nut nuzzled faintly into his chest.


He didn't sleep a wink. Like he could sleep when he was distracted by the feeling of smooth skin, soft hair, and warm breath! God, he was tired as shit…

And it was all that stupid, love-sick idiot's fault!

Yamamoto stepped out of the shower with only a towel around his waist, and grinned at the bomber. "Your turn."

"About time…" he grumbled, more for form's sake than anything else, before ushering himself into the bathroom.

Stripping off his clothes and stepping into the bathtub, he leaned against the shower wall, hoping the warm water would help wake him up.

Thankfully, it did. But, his now awoken mind seemed set on playing images of Yamamoto's relaxed, content face, as he lay on Gokudera's chest, sleeping.

God, that idiot's pervert-ness was rubbing off on him!

But he could bring himself to care, as he leaned further against the shower wall and jerked himself off, head now filled with those hungry, lustful looks the swordsman had shown him on the plane.

"Mmmn…. Takeshi…" he moaned, palming himself almost lazily, the way that Yamamoto would surely do, if it were him. And the image of the rain lazily pumping his own cock was enough to get Gokudera to gasp with his orgasm, and cum all inside the shower. He tiredly watched the white cream flow down the shower drain, before sighing, and reaching for the shampoo.


Gokudera leant against the rail of the boat, looking out at the sea. They were now far from the mainland, and probably just about an hour away from their destination, from where they would have to walk another thirty minutes, but whatever. They were fit enough for that.

The sound of his phone ringing made him jump, and sigh in relief that the railing was tall enough where he was to catch him from falling into the ocean.


"Gokudera-kun? How's the mission going?"

"Tenth!" he exclaimed. God, he was so distracted by that idiot he had completely forgotten about the tenth! What was wrong with him? "It's going great," he said, which wasn't a complete lie. The mission itself was going fine. Just not everything else.

"That's good…" Sawada's voice came from the other end of the receiver. "Hey, I have something to ask you…"

But before Gokudera could reply, his jaw thought it would be funny to attach itself to the floor, as his eyes thought the same thing about gluing themselves to someone's ass.

Someone's leather clad ass, I might add.

"Gokudera-kun? Are you alright? Gokudera-kun?"

Gokudera couldn't move his jaw to reply, as his eyes trailed up the bare back, which was littered with water droplets here and there, that had dripped off his soaked hair.


"Ah! I'm so sorry, tenth!" Gokudera gasped. "What was it you wanted to ask?"

A muffled chuckle could be heard. "Its nothing, Gokudera-kun. Bye."

"Goodbye, tenth." He hung up.

"Who was that, Gokudera?" Yamamoto asked, walking over to aforementioned male with a grin on his face.

"The tenth. What the fuck are you wearing?"

"Tsuna? What did he want?" Yamamoto asked, grin still ever present.

"He just wanted to know how th- No! What the fuck are you wearing!"

Yamamoto grinned. "Like it? All my clothes were in the wash, and Mukuro's the only one close to my size, so I asked to borrow something."

Gokudera blinked. "Mukuro let you borrow his clothes?"

Yamamoto laughed. "It took a lot of convincing, but yes."

Gokudera just shook his head lightly. "At least put a fucking shirt on."

Yamamoto just shrugged, and Gokudera sighed. At least the trip was almost over.


After they had docked the boat, Yamamoto pulled a map up on his iPhone to show the path of where they were headed, and they set off.

"So," Yamamoto grinned, as they walked down the road towards their destination. "What do you think is in the letter? Probably something in secret code, right?"

Gokudera just ignored him.

"What do you think it's about? Hmm… probably about the Mancinni family, right?"

"Shut up, you baseball freak! Whatever it is, it got to be important."

Yamamoto just grinned, and continued speculating the entire trip.


Gokudera was so relieved when they finally arrived, it wasn't even funny. From here, they would rest the night, and take a plane from the island directly back to the HQ. He didn't really understand why they had to travel using so many methods to begin with, but seeing as it was the tenth's orders, there had to be a good reason.

Romario opened the door, and smiled at them. "Welcome, you two. The boss is waiting for you upstairs," he explained, and led the way to a living room in the small estate.

"Yo!" Dino grinned, when they walked in. "Finally here, huh?"

"Shut up, Bronco," Gokudera glared.

"Now now," Yamamoto laughed. "It's good to see you again, Dino-san."

Dino smiled. "Good to see you again, too."

Gokudera laughed through his nose, before grabbing the letter out of his bag and tossing it carelessly to Dino.

"Uh-oh," Dino mumbled, reaching forward to catch the letter, but wound up tripping and bumping his nose on the table. "Ouch…" he mumbled.

Yamamoto laughed lightly, and Gokudera turned to look at the door, to notice Romario's absence. "Che," he grunted, before turning back to Dino.

"Ahaha," Dino laughed, slightly ,embarrassed, before picking up the letter and opening it, reading it. "Hmm…" he hummed thoughtfully. "Yamamoto, how about you have Romario see you to your guys' room? I want to talk to Gokudera about something."

Yamamoto paused a moment, before nodded, and grinning. "Alright," he said, and stepped out of the room.

Gokudera frowned. "What do you need to see me for?"

Dino chuckled lightly. "Ah, you see~ Its about this letter…"

Gokudera's frown deepened. "What about it?"

Dino just chuckled, and flipped to show the letter to Gokudera. There, written unmistakably by the tenth, were the words, "Say it".

Gokudera' face went blank, and Dino's chuckle turned into a laugh.

"That… that bastard!" Gokudera exclaimed, slamming the door open and stomping right down the hall, wrenching open every door in an attempt to find the culprit.

It was all his doing! He had set it up, and convinced the tenth to help him! He knew this would happen! That stupid, clueless, bastardly, idiotic, evil, conniving, baseball freak!

When he finally reached his and Yamamoto's room, he growled, stepped in, and slammed the door hard behind him.

Yamamoto remained unfazed. "Yo, what did you and Dino talk about?"

"This was all your doing!" he growled, and grabbed onto the front of Yamamoto's shirt, glaring daggers directly into his eyes.

"Haha, so that's what you were talking about…" he chuckled nervously, but didn't look away from the sea-green eyes that were trying to kill him with their willpower.

"I…! You…!"

"Well," Yamamoto smiled lightly, "you were never one to ignore an order from Tsuna."

The image of the letter, and the order written upon it, flashed through Gokudera's head, and he sighed lightly, looking down at Yamamoto.

"I love you…"

"That's all it took," he grinned, and tugged down the shorter male for a long, passionate kiss.


"Well," Sawada smiled lightly, when his best friends returned from their trip, "how did it go?"

Yamamoto just grinned at him with blindly stupid happiness, while Gokudera coughed awkwardly. "It went… well," he mumbled, looking off slightly.

Sawada chuckled when he saw his best friend take his right hand man's hand.

"At least you didn't had to witness this one," Reborn said, tugging down the lip of his hat.

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