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Chris walked around his private quarters in the plane, He was loving his life and thought it couldn't get any better! He just got offered a deal for season 4 which means that he would still have a job and money making a very happy Chris!

"Chef, Isn't it great to be us?" Chris laughed "Well it's great to be me anyway!"

"Yeah, I guess so" Chef agreed "You successfully completed 2 seasons of Total Drama and were filming the 3rd now and then you get another season….."

"Yeah, I know!" Chris bragged "It's great to be me!"

"I'm actually surprised your okay with the contract" Chef told him as he glanced at Chris's contract

"Why wouldn't I be okay with it?" Chris raised his eyebrow and grabbed the contract

"Didn't you read the fine print?" Chef laughed

"No…." Chris admitted "I just signed the line and they agreed to give me a 4th season and some really nice stuff that was free!"

"You really should have read it…." Chef laughed "You forgot to read the fine print!"

"Lemme see that!" grabbed his reading glasses from his desk

In Order to be granted a 4th season of Total Drama and keep the press interested in you, You Christopher J. Mclean agree that by the time the 3rd season of total Drama ends you will be entitled to be wedded, if you fail to do so then the contract is no longer binding and you lose everything and will not get to host any longer.

"I don't get it…." Chris frowned "They want me to do what?"

"You need a wife" Chef laughed "You only have until the season 3 finale to do it…."

"I can't" Chris told him "I can't just leave this season! Jump on another plane and get some girl to marry me!"

"I don't know what to tell ya…." Chef sighed at his friend

"I don't even know why I need to get married anyway!" Chris told him "I'm better off single!"

"Your agents apparently think otherwise….." Chef told him "So, How are you going to solve your problem?"

Chris smiled and got an idea that would keep him rich and famous, He knew exactly what he was going to do!

"I'm going to marry an underage contestant!" Chris laughed like an idiot and ran out of the room, Chef stood there and shook his head at his crazy friend.

Obviously, Chris can only marry one of them and it's most likely going to be by blackmail, Force or Bribery! I was thinking either Courtney or Heather in the long run even though I plan to have him attempt to get others to agree to it.

If anyone has any suggestions then throw them my way!