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Gwen woke up the next morning and glanced out the car window. She actually forgot where she was for a second and turned around and looked at Blainley who was driving. She had no clue where she was. She fell asleep for most of the night and was surprised that Blainley actually managed to drive for that amount of time.

"Are we almost there?" Gwen groaned "I'm getting hungry!"

"Soon." Blainley informed her "If I'm right by around 9 tonight we should be there."

"Then what?" Gwen asked her "You never really told me the plan."

"I have a nice apartment here in New York." Blainley told her "I have an extra room and you can stay with me until you complete your part of the job."

"Okay, about that." Gwen was now more awake "You and I need to go over some ground rules."

"Now you want to make rules?" Blainley laughed "You're not even close to where we started off and you have the balls to make rules?"

"Yes, I do." Gwen told her "I'll flirt with Chris for you and I'll make Courtney mad but I'm not doing this out of the goodness of my heart! If I do this for you then you need to give me some money so I can start a new life here in New York! a place to stay for a few weeks only to have you toss me out is not a good deal to me and unlike Duncan, I think out my plans."

"Okay, so you just proved yourself smarter than Duncan!" Blainley laughed "How much money are we talking?"

"I want at least 5,000 from you." Gwen told her "That should last me a month and get me a decent apartment . I also want you to get me a recommendation to that art school I want to go to, you're famous enough to get me a letter and last but not least you'll get me some decent clothes."

"I admit Gwen, I'm impressed." Blainley told her "You should work for me."

"I don't think so." Gwen rolled her eyes "This is going to be a onetime deal, I don't even want to do this to Courtney this time! If I don't though, I'm stuck with Duncan and I don't want to go back to him or Total Drama...ever!"

"I can do it." Blainley assured her.

"I have a question though." Gwen told Blainley "Let's say I can get Chris to sleep with me. How do we even get him to come to New York without Courtney?"

"That's not a problem." Blainley smirked "Let me handle that. You'll just have to flirt a bit when he gets here."

Duncan headed back down to the hotel room realizing that he was not going to find Gwen. He went to slide his keycard into the door and found that it wouldn't let him in. Duncan tried this for about 10 minutes before giving up and going down to the front desk.

"I can't get in my room." Duncan told the front desk lady and handed her a key card.

"It says that the people in this room checked out this morning." The woman told Duncan "I'm sorry for an inconvenience I may have caused you."

"You're wrong." Duncan told the woman "There was a Blonde woman staying in there and...Urg!"

Duncan stormed out the front door and looked in the parking lot of the hotel to find that Blainley and the car were gone. Duncan had no clue what the hell he was going to do. He let out an annoyed sigh.

"Great, The only people I know who have money to get me out of here all hate me." Duncan told himself. "That means I have to call Courtney...I really really don't want to!"

Duncan wasn't ready to face the facts that none of his actual friends didn't have the money or any way to help him with this mess. He knew he would have to call Courtney to come and get him in the middle of nowhere.

Courtney was actually enjoying herself for once. She was cleaning the cabin to take her mind off not seeing Bridgette for awhile. Chris was as usual being annoying and not doing what he was supposed to be. Chris was supposed to be at a challenge for the day that started over an hour ago. Instead of being at the challenge Chris decided it would be a better idea to pull all of the cushions off the couch.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Courtney yelled at him when she realized he was still there "Aren't you supposed to be at a challenge?"

"Yes. I am." Chris told her "I'm looking for something!"

"What are you looking for?" Courtney sighed and rolled her eyes.

"My wallet." Chris told her "I think it fell out of my pocket."

"Chris, go and do the challenge!" Courtney yelled at him "Who cares about your wallet?!"

"I care about my wallet! What if someone finds it?" Chris asked her.

"You're on an island and don't let anyone have technology..." Courtney told him "You probably left it in your other pair of pants."

"Will you come with me to the challenge?" Chris asked her "Or help me find my wallet?"

"No." Courtney told him.

"No what?" Chris asked "No to the challenge or the wallet?"

"Both." Courtney told him. "You're like an hour late to the challenge!"

"Yeah, but I really don't want to go!" Chris complained "Can't you just go?"

"No Chris." Courtney rolled her eyes "Just go already!"

"Fine!" Chris told her as he stomped out the door "You marry some bitch and she makes you host all the time..."

Courtney waited until she was sure Chris was gone and put the cushions back on the couch and sat down and decided she was going to finally have a day to herself and watch TV. Just as she finally relaxed and found something she actually wanted to watch her phone went started to ring and she answered it thinking it was either Chris or Bridgette.

"Hello?" Courtney answered the phone.

"Princess?" Duncan asked her "Hey I just called t-"

That's as far as Duncan even got with his sentence before she started screaming at him.

"You have a lot of nerve! you left me TWICE!" Courtney yelled at him "Then you almost ruin my relationship and my family!"

"That's what your calling it now?" Duncan laughed in the phone.

"That's because it's what it is now." Courtney told him "I got married and you missed it. Personally I'm glad you and Gothy bailed on it!"

"That's actually why I'm calling." Duncan told her "I'm not sorry for using you. In fact I wouldn't even be calling you if I had a choice! I'm stuck in Texas."

"Good." Courtney laughed "You and Gwen deserve it! I hope you stay there too!"

"Well Blainley and Gwen left me here." Duncan told her "I need you to get me back to LA or Canada or somewhere that's ya know, Not Texas?"

"They left you?!" Courtney busted out laughing. "That's great! You've had it coming for quite some time! Unfortunately I don't help lying ex boyfriends who don't have anything better to do than try to ruin my happiness."

"You can't actually leave me!" Duncan told her "You're a host now! Don't you remember the rules? I'm on your show and I'm here because of your show! Total Drama is responsible for me! until the season ends!"

"You'll need to talk to Chris about that." Courtney told him "I guess you did learn something from me after all..."

"Whatever!" Duncan yelled at her "Just put Chris on the phone then!"

"He's busy." Courtney told him "We're all back at Total Drama filming season 4..."

"Can't you arrange for an intern to come and get me or something?" Duncan asked her "I'm literally stuck in Texas without a damn place to stay! All because Blainley and Gwen decided to ditch me!"

"Fine." Courtney told him.

"Fine what?!" Duncan yelled at her "You're going to leave me here?"

"No." Courtney told him "I'm going to arrange for someone to come and get you and bring you back to the playa."

"Seriously?!" Duncan happily asked her. "That would be great!"

"Just stay where you are and tell me the name of the hotel and I'll send someone out." Courtney insisted.

Duncan told her the name of the hotel and she hung up on him telling him she would send someone out. She called Chef who was in the dining hall making lunch and informed him that Duncan was waiting and he should drive down there to get him and drive him back. It would take a week if Chef kept stopping for the night and Chef was excited about this. He wanted to make this the worst trip ever for Duncan! Courtney told Chef that she would gladly help Chris with the challenges while he was away.

When Chris came back to the cabin at the end of the day, Courtney was waiting for him with Coffee. Chris sat down on the couch and sipped his coffee and that's when Courtney decided she was going to tell him the news.

"I have good news and bad news." Courtney smirked at Chris "You may not like one of these things..."

"That's a horrible way to start a conversation." Chris sighed. "Okay, what it is?"

"First, Duncan called me and told me he was stuck in Texas and wanted to come back to Total Drama." Courtney told Chris. "I didn't want to send anyone to help him but he read the contract and knew we had to send someone."

"Okay, I can always use Duncan as a human target." Chris laughed "What else?"

"Chef." Courtney told Chris "I sent Chef to Texas to personally pick up Duncan because I wanted him to have the worst road trip ever because he was an asshole."

"You sent Chef away?" Chris asked her

"Yes." Courtney told him "Only for a week!"

"You sent Chef away?!" Chris kissed her "Thank god! That's like perfect torture for Duncan!"

"I thought so." Courtney told him "So, you're not mad?"

"No!" Chris laughed "With Chef gone for a week can you imagine all the cool shit I can do without Chef telling me I can't? Have you ever been in a car with Chef for over an hour?! It's torture!"

You would think that with Chris being that happy they would celebrate. Nope. Chris was tired from dealing with kids all day and Courtney was tired from being pregnant. They both fell asleep.