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Courtney was glaring at Chris when she found out that they were going to be building airplanes and that they actually had to fly them using garbage that Chris didn't find useful at the end of season 3. They were currently watching teenagers dig through stinky garbage and mud while Chris laughed and Courtney just glared.

"What?" Chris smirked "This is funny!"

"This smells disgusting and it makes me want to puke." Courtney held her nose. "Do you honestly expect anyone to be able to build something out of garbage that will fly in like an hour?"

"If they want the million they will." Chris informed her. "Do you want some lemonade?"

"No! No, I don't." Courtney felt sick. "That sounds horrible!"

"Fine, more for me." Chris told her as he screamed at an intern to get him a drink.

"These kids suck at this." Courtney commented. "Look at that Anne Maria...She's trying to blow up a balloon with hairspray! How the hell is that going to work?"

"It isn't." Chris laughed. "But it's really funny when you command them to do stuff!"

"So, is this what you plan to make our family do for fun?" Courtney smirked still holding her nose. "Why am I even here?"

"Because it's fun!" Chris laughed "Hey Cameron! Courtney wants you to break little shards of glass and somehow make them stick to that thing you're making! So, get to it!"

Cameron started stomping on a mirror he found while smiling at Courtney, hoping to somehow please her to win this challenge.

"See?" Chris smirked "They do whatever we tell them."

"Chris, this place smells disgusting and we're hanging out in a dump." Courtney sighed. "If you don't need me to do anything at all here, I'm going to make some lunch in the kitchen."

"Can't you just pretend this is fun?" Chris asked her. "Haven't you always wanted to do this?"

"No." Courtney told him.

"C'mon!" Chris laughed. "Everyone who has ever been on this show wants to do this! You know you want to make them do something stupid..."

"Fine, I admit that I have a few ideas in mind." Courtney sighed. "I don't have time to do it now. Without Chef here someone has to cook the food and I can't do it by myself!"

"Make them do it." Chris handed her the megaphone and Courtney smirked and took it.

"Okay guys these really suck!" Courtney yelled into the megaphone. "So, that means that Zoey, Anne Maria and Jo are out! This means that you three will be making food for everyone else under my supervision!"

"Really?" Jo glared. "Seriously?! That just sounds like a lame excuse to make people cook so you don't have to! Plus, you only picked girls! What about the boys?"

"Fine!" Courtney yelled into the megaphone. "Mike you're out too!"

"That's not fair!" Scott told Courtney "He should be in and I should be out! I'd do anything to be with you! Including risking the shot at the million...Which I won't because you're amazing."

"Whatever." Courtney rolled her eyes. "Then Scott is out and Mike is in!"

"Seriously?" Chris asked her. "You're letting him go?"

"Yeah, why not?" Courtney rolled her eyes. "I'm not into him."

"You said that about Duncan too." Chris smirked at her. "Don't forget our deal."

"I didn't." Courtney told him.

"What deal?" Jo asked them both.

"None of your business." Courtney put her hands on her shoulders and pushed Jo forward. "Let's go."

So Courtney shoved Jo, Scott, Anne Maria and Zoey into the woods, down to the path to Chef's kitchen.

Finally Blaineley and Gwen made it to the apartment and Blainley directed Gwen to go up the elevator and inside. Gwen was looking forward to actually sleeping in a bed that night. When Blainley opened the door, Gwen was surprised to find that Blainley didn't live in a luxurious penthouse like she had originally thought, instead she found herself in an apartment that looked like any other apartment in the city.

"This is your apartment?" Gwen asked her.

"Yeah, it's great isn't it?" Blainley asked her. "You have an amazing view of the fireworks on the 4th from that window over there."

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting this..." Gwen admitted. "You're really rich..."

"So, you expected me to have mansions, right?" Blainley smirked. "I do, but this place is my favorite and the paparazzi has no clue I live in this area."

"So, you can live anywhere you want and you picked here for us to go?" Gwen asked her. "Why would you drive us here for days to come to this tiny apartment?"

"Because this place is special." Blaineley smiled at her. "This is the place I lived in before I was famous."

"Isn't the whole point of being famous to get away from this?" Gwen asked her. "This is really out of character for you. I didn't think you had sentimental moments."

"Sometimes you have to give up a lot to get to the top." Blaineley sighed. "Sometimes, you lose everything you have ever wanted just to get famous and it's not worth it! Sometimes, you give your whole life up to someone else just so he can go and run off with some 16 year old immature, law suit loving, ungrateful bitch who has no clue how lucky she is to even be where she is now!"

"So, I'm guessing this is personal then?" Gwen asked Blaineley "I'm going to regret this...Blaineley, what happened?"

"There was a time when I was a dark and curly haired loser who wore tacky clothes." Blaineley told her. "I was young and stupid and I wanted to be famous with Chris! I was his best friend and I really cared about him! He told me I wouldn't get to be with him...ever! So, I had to out due him all my life, just so he'll always know what he missed out on! Only for him to marry her!"

"So why do you still want him then?" Gwen smirked at Blainley. "I mean I get it, but if you and Chris can't stand each other anymore then why waste your time?"

"Because he's only marrying Courtney for money." Blaineley told her. "If he's going to marry someone that he's going to cheat on anyway, it should be me! After everything he put me through, he can rot in hell as long as our money is joined, I could care less."

"Wait...What now?" Gwen asked. "You're telling me that Courtney only married Chris for money?"

"Obviously." Blaineley smirked. "Did you really think Courtney would have even agreed if he didn't?"

"So, wait...It's her fault that I'm stuck in this mess?!" Gwen complained. "Did Duncan know?"

"Yes, that's why he kissed Courtney the first time around." Blaineley laughed. "Earth to Gwen! It's like a giant puzzle just waiting for you to solve!"

"I don't get it." Gwen admitted. "Why would she do all this?"

"Because she was jealous of you and Duncan." Blaineley rolled her eyes "Now look what you did, you practically ruined her life! I on the other hand would have loved if you would have done that for me. I mean she's 16 and she threw her life away and I'm ready to throw my life away!"

"You're a horrible motivational speaker." Gwen told her.

"Yes, but I'm an amazing gossip reporter!" Blaineley smirked. "That's what I need you to do! You're going to help me make up gossip about Courtney and Chris and Duncan too!"

"So after I gossip about Chris you want me to sleep with him and then...that's it?" Gwen was amazed with how bad this plan was.

"Yes!" Blainleley clapped her hands. "Isn't it the perfect plan?!"

"Why would Chris sleep with me?" Gwen asked. "Especially if I spread gossip about him?"

"Because he's not going to know you're the one doing it!" Blaineley told her. "I'm just going to tell him that one of them betrayed him and it'll drive him nuts!"

"Fine." Gwen sighed. "Does this neighborhood have anything to eat?"

"Sushi down the street and a corner store that only has things written in Spanish." Blaineley smiled at her. "Why don't you go and get us some food?"

"You're a millionaire and I get to eat sushi from some corner?" Gwen sighed. "This is not what I envisioned."

"This is just like my senior year!" Blaineley happily told her. "Here is twenty bucks! Get us some food! We have some gossip to spread!"

Gwen decided to not even argue with Blaineley, she had no choice but to play by Blaineley's rules and unfortunately that meant spreading gossip about Courtney and eating nasty sushi from down the street in a potentially dangerous neighborhood with a woman who obviously had issues with the past.

Courtney was having fun in the kitchen. She was texting Bridgette while she made Zoey make a dessert and Jo made the main course while Anne Maria was supposed to be helping and Scott was being forced to fix the hole that Izzy put in the ceiling. Needless to say, nobody was having a good time except Courtney.

"Okay, this is not what I had in mind." Scott groaned as he told Courtney. "I imagine them making dinner, while you and I took a nice walk in the woods."

"Well I'm imagining you fixing the hole in the ceiling." Courtney told him, not even glancing up from her phone. "I'm also imagining you getting a toxic marshmallow and going home if it isn't fixed!"

"This isn't how I pictured meeting you." Scott smirked at her. "I had this thing for you since season one and I thought you were incredibly sexy that nice when you and Duncan snuck into the kitchen and got the food...Such a Badass!"

"Yeah, Uh-huh." Courtney texted Bridgette back and still didn't look at Scott. "I'm picturing you fixing my ceiling and then possibly drowning in a lake."

"So are you normally this bitchy or are you just pregnant bitchy?" Scott asked her. "I'm really good with kids you know..."

"I'll keep that in mind when crying at 3 in the morning happens." Courtney smirked at him. "Even if I wasn't married and pregnant I still wouldn't be into you. You're just not my type."

"So what is your type?" Scott asked her.

"Money is my type." Courtney told him as she got up from her stool and walked over to Anne Maria. "Why aren't you working?"

"The steam is ruinin' my hair!" Anne Maria told her.

"That's not my problem." Courtney told her. "Go wash the dishes then."

"I'm getting really sick of you." Anne Maria told her as she sprayed her hair.

"I'm getting sick of you!" Courtney grabbed the can of hair spray. "The only thing is, I can so totally get you out of here!"

"Listen, I don't care who ya think ya are!" Anne Maria yelled at her. "I'm not doing this."

"Then you'll be going home." Courtney told her. "Go back to the cabins and I'll be sure to inform the interns!"

Anne Maria stormed out and slammed the door shut, taking Scott's hard work of boarding up the ceiling and completely having it fall on him because he did a shitty job anyway.

"Terrific!" Courtney glared at Scott "Forget the ceiling! You're helping Jo make the food and Zoey you're coming with me! You and I are going to take a walk!"

"Me?" Zoey was scared to death. "What did I do?"

"Nothing." Courtney smirked at her. "Just two friends going for a walk."

"Were friends?" Zoey was confused.

"How come you'll go for a walk with her and not me?" Scott asked as Jo hit him with a frying pan.

"Shut up! I'm not about to lose this game because you won't do what the damn princess wants!" Jo told Scott "Now we're going to do this so I can immunity!"

"This isn't a challenge..." Scott told her.

"How do you know?" Jo asked. "Maybe it is and maybe it isn't! I won't lose!"

"Great!" Courtney gave them a thumbs up as she dragged Zoey outside.

Once outside Courtney didn't waste much time at all and made sure Zoey was a little bit less uncomfortable now that they were alone. She really wasn't and Courtney was running out of time and patience for her so she just pushed her down on a rock.

"You and I need to have a talk." Courtney told her. "I was going to wait until you were calm, but you don't seem to be at all...Do I make you nervous?"

"No..." Zoey lied. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Okay, so between you and me, I did something bad." Courtney told her. "When you do something bad, sometimes people don't take it so well and you have to make up for the bad thing you did..."

"So, what bad thing did you do?" Zoey asked her.

"I didn't do anything wrong." Courtney lied and crossed her arms. She wasn't about to tell Zoey anything she didn't need to. "Anyway, Chris made a big deal out of something and to shut him up I agreed to let him sleep with someone from this show...He picked you! Congratulations?"

"What?!" Zoey instantly stood up. "No...I...I can't...It would be wrong!"

"C'mon Zoey!" Courtney grabbed her and shook her. "You need to do this!"

"I don't remember that being in the rules!" Zoey yelled and Courtney covered her mouth and looked around.

"Okay, so obviously asking isn't going to work..." Courtney sighed and kept her hand on Zoey's mouth. "What if I give you $100?"

"No!" Zoey mumbled and shook her head.

"$500?" Courtney sighed and Zoey still shook her head No.

"$1,000?" Courtney suggested and took her hand off Zoey's mouth. "Okay, just listen! $1,000 and it'll only happen once and it won't be on camera and we can just pretend that this never happened after! I promise you that everything will be fine and you'll be safe with Chris! I'll be right outside the room and I'll even give you a safe word..."

"No!" Zoey told her. "I'm not going to do that! Just because you two have weird fantasies..."

"We don't have weird fantasies." Courtney rolled her eyes. "Well, I don't anyway! Look, I promise you he won't ask you again."

"No way." Zoey told her. "I'm actually creeped out that he picked me."

"Okay fine. I guess I'm playing this you're way and since you can't be bought..." Courtney sighed. "You really like Mike, I know and you know it. Wouldn't it be great if he was into you?"

"Yeah, that would be great." Zoey told her. "I'm just not into Chris like that..."

"Okay, well if you don't want Mike to go home next then you'll do it." Courtney informed her.

"Are you kidding me?" Zoey asked her "Do you think I would sell myself just for a chance to meet a guy?"

"Yes, I do." Courtney smirked at her. "Only child and no friends. I'm guessing you never had boyfriend? It would be a shame to send him packing before you got the chance to know him..."

"Are you seriously black mailing me into this?" Zoey asked her. "With a guy?!"

"Yes." Courtney smirked at her. "For my marriage to work, I'm willing to do it."

"I can't believe I like him that much." Zoey sighed. "Fine. I'll do it."

"I thought you would see it my way." Courtney smirked at her. "So, at dinner time I'm going to hand you a key and you can just come by later around 8ish...Oh, and if you back out of this I'm going to send you and Mike home and then you'll really have nothing."

"So, what's going to happen when I show up?" Zoey asked her.

"Don't worry about that." Courtney assured her. "Just worry about what's going to happen if you don't show up!"

Courtney rolled her eyes. She didn't have time for Zoey to freak out and she needed her to keep it together if she was going to get this to happen. Courtney personally didn't care about Zoey but she needed to pretend for now. Honestly she didn't want to make her do it either, but it was her life of Zoey's and she wasn't about to ruin her life anymore than she already did.